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Protecting the innocence of children

Information for those who are affected by any form of child abuse. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children: Report suspected child exploitation or missing children at or through the cyber tip line. Additional support and resources for victims and family available at this link. Tips on keeping children safe online and additional resources available at this link.

Why It’s Important To Protect The Innocence Of Children

Call or visit this link for more information. Visit this link for more information. Additional resources available here. The team, which is part of Homeland Security Investigations, tracks down the worst pedophiles and rescues the children and infants who are their victims.

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See It, Share It. Your reactions have a powerful influence on vulnerable children.

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  • Think through your response before you suspect abuse. All Rights Reserved. Fast Facts: Experts estimate that one in four girls — and one in six boys are sexually abused before their 18th birthdays. This means that in any given classroom or neighborhood full of children, there are many who are silently bearing the burden of sexual abuse. The median age for reported sexual abuse is nine years old. Most child victims never report the abuse. Those who sexually abuse children are drawn to settings where they can gain easy access to their prey; such as sports leagues, faith centers, clubs, and schools.

    Step 1: Minimize opportunity. Understand that abusers often become friendly with potential victims and their families, enjoying family activities, earning trust, and gaining time alone with children. Choose group situations when possible. Think carefully about the safety of situations in which older youth have access to younger children.

    Ways to Protect Your Child's Innocence - National Center for Fathering

    Make sure that multiple adults are present who can supervise. Drop in unexpectedly when the child is alone with any adult, even trusted family members. Make sure outings are observable, if not by you then by others. Ask the adult about the specifics of the planned activities before the child leaves your care. Talk with the child when he or she returns. Tell the adults who care for children that you and the child are educated about child sexual abuse. Be direct.

    Step 2: Think like a child The abuser shames the child, points out that the child let it happen, or tells the child that his or her parents will be angry. The abuser is often manipulative and may try to confuse the child about what is right and wrong. The abuser sometimes threatens the child or family member.

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