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The broken tower is located near the lichyard and the First Keep. The top third has collapsed inward and the lower level is full of fallen stone and ruined beams. The tower was once the tallest watchtower of Winterfell, but it was ruined by a lightning strike at least a century before the birth of Eddard Stark and was not rebuilt.

Since he is supposed to leave Winterfell and accompany his father, Lord Eddard Stark , to King's Landing , Bran Stark decides to climb to the top of the broken tower one last time. Jaime tosses Bran from a First Keep window, [1] crippling the boy. After waking from his coma, Bran resents being unable to climb the broken tower and feed crows. While much of the castle is damaged during the sack of Winterfell , the broken tower seems no worse for wear.

The Tower Broken by Mazarkis Williams

Crows from the tower and ravens from Maester Luwin 's turret feast on corpses below. Somewhere off in the distance, a wolf was howling. Need help with Acronyms?

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His favorite haunt was the broken tower. Once it had been a watchtower, the tallest in Winterfell. A long time ago, a hundred years before even his father had been born, a lightning strike had set it afire.

The Broken Tower

The top third of the structure had collapsed inward, and the tower had never been rebuilt. That is what we are told from Bran. I'm guessing the Starks just have not had the time or money to rebuild it. Other more important things such as war which has been pretty regular for the Starks the last century and winter has swallowed up the available funds.

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The Starks have been in winterfell for how long? Since the last long night like six thousand years ago? Seems like there should be much older parts of the castle in ruins. It's weird that this tower was destroyed only a century ago.


The broken tower was built to defend the first keep. Since then the castle was gotten much much bigger and so the broken tower is now nowhere near the outer wall. The most important fortifications are the outer walls and towers so maintaining those was much more important than some obsolete tower.