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Cartoon fire breathing dragon with thought bubble

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Sign in! By submitting this form, you accept the Bublish Terms of Service. There is no crystal ball or the luxury of time travel to help them on their quest. The group must rely on each other, their own humor, intelligence, ingenuity, and a mischievous new friend named, Shenanigan O'Toole, to find and figure out the clues left by other princesses from centuries before and solve this riddle.

Prologue: The princess felt her entire body shaking as she hid behind the large flower bed, frozen in fear, with a hundred panicky questions swirling around in her head. Could she trust her new friend not to give her away? What was going to happen to her if she was discovered? What if she never got home?

If she did not get back home, how would her family ever know what happened to her? Why did she believe she could do this? Tears welled up in her eyes as she considered the consequences of her choice to embark on her big adventure.

Cinder the Bubble Blowing Dragon by Jessica Anderson

Oh my, what had she done! We need to start this story at the beginning. Growing up, it was the challenges and triumphs of friends found on the pages of books that convinced her, that with perseverance happy endings are always possible.

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As a mother, Nita was active volunteering in Parent-teacher organizations, scouting, and non-profits. She served for many years as a librarian at her children's elementary school.

Cartoon Fire Breathing Dragon With Speech Bubble

At almost fifty, she called upon her creativity and sense of humor to create a unique successful enterprise. Nita shares her expertise with others wishing to own their own lawn greeting business.

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Despite failing sight, at eighty years old, Nita has started on a new path.