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About Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Since , she has worked full-time in the paranormal, researching, investigating and writing. She has done extensive field work investigating haunted, mysterious and sacred places, and has had numerous strange and unexplained experiences. Rosemary lives in New Jersey, and spend much of her time traveling the spooky byways of one of the most haunted states in America, Pennsylvania. Books by Rosemary Ellen Guiley. Trivia About The Quotable Saint.

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No trivia or quizzes yet. Bestselling Series. Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Notify me. Description A collection of excerpts from the lives, thoughts, writings and sayings of the saints. More than quotes cover a wide range of topics, including daily life, work, family, marriage, relationships, the afterlife, the soul, and more. A Xavier graduate also competed. Former Judo Olympian Marcelline Mkpegue, held several one-week sessions teaching the martial art form in June.

Seventeen kids attended the first two weeks. Mkpegue has won two U. Students at Ss. Simon and Jude had an early introduction to the Olympics. They competed in their own games April May 1. Shopping at a St. Vincent de Paul thrift store is always an adventure. We have 17 locations throughout central and northern Arizona to serve you. Your purchases help fund our programs for those in need. So get shopping! Thrift store locations: Apache Junction W. Arizona Ave. Fir St. Phoenix N. Bell Rd. Lake Havasu City N. Lake Havasu Ave.

Watkins Rd. Beale St. The Arizona Catholic Conference is appreciative that Gov. Jan Brewer has signed into law an important measure we initiated HB pertaining to religious liberty. While there were many distortions from our opponents about this bill, HB simply exempts religious employers from being coerced by the government to pay for abortifacients and contraceptives in their insurance plans if doing so violates their faith.

With the passage of HB , Arizonans will now be better able to assert their rights by suing the federal government over the HHS contraceptive mandate, and if it is overturned, religious freedom in Arizona will be much better protected. The ACC is most grateful to Rep. Debbie Lesko for sponsoring HB and her unwavering support in the face of the tremendous national attention garnered by the bill. In addition to HB , a number of very substantial religious liberty and pro-life bills were also passed into law this session, including conscience protections for various professionals SB ; a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy HB ; and a prohibition on any taxpayer funding passing through the state to abortion providers HB Similarly, the ACC initiated another very important bill SB that became law and is aimed at keeping abortion providers out of public and charter schools.

Under SB , any discussion of abortion during class time must present childbirth and adoption as the preferred options. Huge school choice victories Pertaining to school choice, there was a huge victory when SB was signed into law by Gov. In order to further help save the state money, the new money will be primarily targeted to those switching from public to private schools.

It is expected that an even larger number of needy students will now be able to attend the school that best fits their needs under this law. Additionally, the Empowerment Scholarship Account program enacted into law last year for disabled students is now expanded under HB to include primarily students from failing public schools.

Under this program, students leaving a public school are allowed to take 90 percent of the funding that was allocated for them and use it for other educational purposes, including tuition at private schools. Problematic bills for immigrants, vulnerable defeated Similar to last year, all of the problematic bills with regard to vulnerable populations were defeated. Included among these measures was an effort to deny birthright citizenship to undocumented immigrants from Arizona, as well as bills requiring hospitals and schools to inquire about the citizenship status of those that they serve.

Efforts to eliminate or suspend tax credits for people donating to charitable organizations serving the working poor were also thankfully defeated as were efforts to eliminate tuition scholarship tax credits primarily benefiting low income children. Last, but certainly not least, was the defeat of very problematic bills relating to the provision of morning-after pills and violations of conscience rights.

Conclusion The ACC is grateful to House Speaker Andy Tobin and Senate President Steve Pierce for their assistance this session as well as all of the people and groups who supported our efforts through prayers and e-mails. We look forward to always continuing our work on the issues of greatest importance to the Catholic Church. Paul VI, in the face of enormous pressure from both outside and inside the Church, reiterated in this historic encyclical the constant teaching of the Church that every act of marital intercourse must remain open to the possibility of a new life from God.

This duty resides especially with wives and husbands, and is exercised when they carefully discern, aided by the teaching of the Church, what means are ethical and which are not when seeking to welcome a child into their marriage. Unitive and procreative At the heart of Humanae Vitae is the teaching that the marital embrace, the act of intercourse, is given by God to the human race as a great good.

This good has two natural, God-given purposes: it is procreative babygenerating and unitive spouse-bonding. These two purposes, which naturally result from the marital act, can never be separated without a resulting injustice. A separation of the two, e. On the other side of the coin, it is also gravely wrong to seek to conceive a child by means that are separated from the marital embrace of his or her parents, as some Assisted Reproductive Technologies ART do. Some infertility interventions are legitimate, but those that bypass the marital embrace are gravely illicit. In vitro fertilization and artificial insemination are two such examples.

Tragically, when a technologically advanced civilization accepts sexual intercourse without babies, it will also ignore the moral concerns of producing babies without intercourse. Is the Church saying that Louise Brown, or the thousands of other children produced since then by such technological interventions, are somehow less than human, lacking in human dignity? Absolutely not. Hilgers has painstakingly analyzed the root causes of infertility and developed treatments that are not only faithful to the teaching of the Church but, not coincidentally, more effective than ART in helping couples conceive.

James Statt and Dr. Deidre Wilson. They also help bring about a renewal of the culture of life in health care, a courageous and sacrificial renewal desperately needed in our time. For an example, see the wonderful accompanying article from Lisa McDaniel, P. And if all licit treatments fail? In a mysterious way this interior freedom and joy often arise from the uniting of our own sufferings with those of Our Blessed Lord. Only in the Christian view of life can one find a tradition of fruitfulness mysteriously connected to human suffering. Couples who, despite great desire for children and seeking all licit means to overcome their infertility, still find themselves facing an empty crib and a feeling of incompleteness in their married lives, need not, indeed must not, give in to despair.

Feedback: letters catholicsun. Box , Phoenix, AZ twitter. Unfortunately, most medical providers see infertility as a diagnosis and stopping point, instead of a warning sign that something has gone wrong in the chain of fertility. Short for Natural Procreative Technology, NaPro puts procreation back in the bedroom by identifying and correcting underlying hormonal imbalances and diseases that most specialists leave undiagnosed, some of which can cause serious harm to women if untreated.

Countless friends and patients have conceived using NaPro, after specialists advised them that their only chance of conceiving was with IVF. Hilgers noticed that women suffering with infertility, miscarriage and other gynecological problems had abnormal charts, yet each condition had its own unique abnormalities. He proposed that a woman could actually identify infertility and other medical disorders before she even developed symptoms, simply by charting her cycles. I have 13 year-old patients doing. Jim Hrovat Peoria. But NaPro is not just highly successful in treating infertility, it also treats diseases like endometriosis, PCOD polycystic ovarian disease , postpartum depression, PMDD premenstrual dysphoric disorder as well as correctable hormonal imbalances that cause symptoms like painful periods, acne, PMS and ovarian cysts.

There is literally no gynecological problem that should be treated with birth control. Another life-altering disorder NaPro treats is postpartum depression, currently treated as a psychiatric disorder with anti-depressants and antipsychotics. But in actuality, it is caused by low progesterone, which I have seen corrected in my patients in less than an hour with an in-office injection of progesterone, not unlike getting the flu shot.

Women deserve to be healthy. They deserve to have their problems discovered and treated properly, not covered up. For more information on NaPro, check out www. To find local NFP-only medical providers, check out www. Caution: Side effects of NaPro Technology include self-knowledge. Sept World Health Organization. Poll conducted by telephone March among adults nationwide. Error due to sampling for results based on the entire sample could be plus or minus three percentage points.

He infers by his lack of balance in his critique of our government that the Democratic administration is the problem and not the Republicans in Congress. One has only to listen to Mr. Clearly Democratic values fall short in the area of life issues and freedom. Unfortunately, the Republican Party has many weaknesses in the life and freedom areas as well. This came out all too clearly during the current election cycle. My heart aches for a candidate from either party who holds the values I believe are core to who I am as a Catholic. Sadly, even Catholic politicians in either party rarely hold these values.

Some areas where Republican positions differ from Catholic teaching are immigration, capital punishment, rights to collective bargaining, universal health care, preemptive war, federal minimum wage increase, and welfare for poor families. Unfortunately he seems blind to his fellow conservatives hostility to the poor, the undocumented, the men on death row, and the hourly workers of America. It is time for our Catholic faith to make the difference when our party affiliation does not.

Deacon Paul Hursh Mesa. This way of viewing people, places and things in our pagan society is what I refer to as the diabolical reversal. Not only did they shudder at the mention of Plutarco Elias Calles, but my Nana likewise abhorred the memory of Benito Juarez himself. For it was he who instituted the Masonic anti-clerical constitution.

I am a minority of minorities because I steadfastly oppose illegal immigration, since we all know deep inside that Mexico would never tolerate Americanization being imposed upon her. To portray the tyrant so would be like portraying Abe Lincoln without a beard. Gonzalo Martinez Celaya Phoenix. Thomas More.

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But neither should we be indifferent to, or flippant about, the 21st-century threats to religious liberty that surround us. The first arm of the pincer aims to reduce religious liberty to a privacy right: a permission slip from the government to engage in certain recreational activities considered matters of personal taste. Between the two arms of the pincer, religious liberty is being subjected to a slow but steady wasting disease.

Recognizing that disease is essential; so is an accurate diagnosis of its causes. What are the sources of this new assault on religious freedom in full? The pressure comes in part from a newly aggressive American secularism that is sadly similar to its counterparts in 21st-. There, secularism is not benign, tolerant and pluralistic, asking only that secular views have free play in the public square.

Rather, 21st-century European secularism is intolerant, hegemonic and anti-pluralistic. It demands the entire public square for itself and tries to use the coercive power of the state to drive religious conviction to the far margins of society and public life. It is, in the pungent term deployed by the international legal scholar Joseph H. Nonetheless, contemporary American secularists of the sort found in prestige law schools and the U. Department of Health and Human Services are quite like their European counterparts: they do not seek an open public square in which all points of view.

And they are quite prepared to throw some sharp elbows in getting what they want. How has this new cultural phenomenon gotten a beachhead in our public life? Wittingly or not, the Supreme Court has often aligned itself with the hegemonic secularists and the anti-pluralists, bringing its moral authority into play on their side of the debate.

The Fortnight for Freedom has now concluded and some serious work is before us: serious cultural work, serious legal work and serious political work. The next thing I knew, a travel itinerary was delivered to my inbox. Just before departing, a devout Catholic friend told me I should be visiting Fatima or Lourdes instead.

[Read book] The Ever Illuminating Wisdom of St. Thomas Aquinas (Proceedings of the Wethersfield

He questioned the authenticity of the apparitions in the former Yugoslavia. Another dear friend, a priest, forwarded an anti-Medjugorje article from Crisis Magazine that featured a picture of a wolf in sheep clothing. I knew even before making sure my seat was in a fully upright and locked position — it took five planes and a twohour van ride to reach our destination — that the Church has neither officially condemned nor approved the activities at Medjugorje, other than saying that parishes or dioceses should not sponsor pilgrimages. Allow me to cut to the chase: I did not see the Blessed Virgin Mary during my week-long visit.

The links on my rosary beads did not turn to gold, nor did I see the sun spinning. What I can say is that I was absolutely stunned by the outpouring of faith and heartfelt devotion I encountered. Our visit took place during the 31st anniversary of what the reputed visionaries say was their first encounter with Our Lady back on June 24, The village was inundated with. Masses were jammed and reverent. Every night at 10 p. Even with such an enormous crowd, there was utter silence as the King of Kings was venerated. We knelt there in the gravel and I felt myself overcome with emotion.

In the midst of such a huge crowd, packed with the sick and infirm, pilgrims of every age, and religious sisters from around the world dressed in their various habits, it seemed I was just a tiny speck, entirely insignificant in this vast sea of faithful. It was then that I felt the Lord whisper a word of love to me that I — I who am so undeserving — am indeed precious. I found it! Our youth can lead the way in the Culture of Life, living chastely now and preparing to live in healthy, holy marriages, as priests or religious, or single lay persons.

Teens will meet 4 times per year for 3 school years, complete 15 volunteer service hours, and attend a spiritual retreat. A love beyond understanding filled my heart as tears streamed down my cheeks, so that even now as I write these words, I am brought back to that moment of profound peace. Our God loves us in spite of ourselves. I saw fellow pilgrims climb barefoot up a 1,foot peak, praying the Stations of the Cross, oblivious to the sharp rocks they trod. One man was missing a leg and was making the climb using metal crutches. I met a pediatrician and her dentist husband, who met during the Bosnian war in the s when they both worked to save the children coming out of the refugee camps.

I listened to former drug addicts who live in a community dedicated to helping men and women break free from the bondage of addiction. The message of Medjugorje is simple. Fast on bread and water on Wednesdays and Fridays or perform some other penitential act. Read the Bible. Receive the Eucharist frequently and go to confession monthly. If more Catholics lived that way, we would surely have more peace, stronger families and an increase in vocations.

Rocca Catholic News Service. Pope Benedict made it clear that he was acting in part to promote reconciliation with the disaffected traditionalists of the Society of. Pius X, who had broken from Rome to protest some of the teachings of Vatican II and subsequent changes to the liturgy. Last month, following three years of on-again, off-again talks, the Vatican announced that the traditionalists had been offered formal terms of reconciliation.

The reform of the Roman Missal. During an interview, U. Cardinal Raymond L. Cardinal Burke is pictured in the chapel of his residence at the Vatican June 6. Other features of the Tridentine Mass that the cardinal would welcome in the newer liturgy include the priest softly reciting the prayers. Of course, for the two forms of the Mass to enrich each other, both must be available.

But after half-century of neglect, the cardinal notes, there is a shortage of priests with any knowledge of Latin, not to mention experience with the older liturgy, a problem which he says calls for revising seminary curricula.

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Fortune-tellers, seers, and prophets — in the non-Biblical sense — have always been among our favorites. Characters stand for that teaching by the way they live their lives, despite all failings, and among events that mirror the very real issues embroiling Catholics and other Christians today. The genius of this novel is that the teaching and issues will suddenly.

The main character is Fr. Dante is a compassionate and charitable person, taking his vows and beliefs seriously and using almost every waking moment to evangelize. He even faces a moment of political-correctness, which he properly diverts and turns into evangelization, a skill we all could use in our everyday lives.

One day, after his mother, Elina, passes, his fellow priest hands him a note from her written days before her death, a kind of deathbed confession that she could not reveal to Fr. Dante prior. In this, she mirrors other saints. Francis of Assisi, St. Dominic de Guzman, St. Thomas Aquinas, St.

Saint Vincent de Paul A Man with a Mission

Albert de Groot the Great , and St. Catherine of Siena. Instead, Fr. Armed with this information,. Rossana Menna, D. Corner of E. Williams Field Rd. Visit us at www. Mary Catholic Church. Dante desperately seeks out the man mentioned in the letter. He finds him and, through a great deal of persistence and compassion, makes his way through the levels of secretaries and administrative assistants to finally meet him. Dante tells the story of his mother and soon the man realizes that he might be Fr.

Dante and tells him about the heart problem. The main flow of the story and all the back stories, sub stories, sideline stories, and stories in passing, is the movement from ignorance to enlightenment as Fr. Dante wins some of his battles and loses a few. His real goal becomes the lifting of his father from the depths of secular ignorance to the heights of salvation.

Loss highlights the twists and turns of the story, loss of friends, family, and other loved-ones who point us ever toward the cross, the passion, and redemption in Christ. Instead of the tone being depressing or negative, the tone is triumphant, bolstered by Catholic teaching that creates a unified worldview and a way of life filled with hope that takes us thoroughly beyond the mundane. The title, not about doves as we might expect, refers to the shoe lost by Mateo and found by Elina, ala reverse Cinderella.

Instead of a princess with a fairy godmother, however, we have faithful Catholics who find salvation as the fact of their lives. Magnificent read, highly recommended. Audiences remember those films. The acting is nuanced, the story is entertaining, the effects are spectacular — but the remake came too soon. The film lets the leads be high school students. This is what a typical high school student would do if he suddenly gained these superpowers.

The best scenes involved Garfield, as Parker, interacting with Stone, as Stacey, in a way that feels authentic. Garfield in particular does a wonderful job being an anti-. Some material may be inappropriate for children under He uses his powers to torment a bully, shows off for his girlfriend and eventually discovers why he should be a hero. He is more selfish than selfless for most of the film — which pulls the audience in more deeply. The film comes up a bit short in terms of a clear moral message.

A scientific discovery is hidden from the general public for fear of immoral use. This is the heart of the battle with the villain — a mild-mannered scientist, Dr. Curt Connors, played by Rhys Ifans. Connors is taken over by his scientific discovery and turned into a lizard that is not mild-mannered at all. The message here is the priority of human life and wellbeing over scientific discovery. The limits of scientific inquiry, particularly when such discoveries could be used to harm or improve lives, requires serious consideration.

It felt like a more authentic take on the Spider-Man series — a little less superhero and a little more amateur. Comments are welcome. Send e-mail to letters catholicsun. And love? Each word counts. Phone numbers count as one word. Rates include online posting at catholicsun. All claims, offers, guarantees, statements, etc.

Owned and operated by a Catholic. Beautiful home, private rooms, excellent care. Peter bronze statue. ALTCS provider, affordable rates. Located at W. Cactus Rd.

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Call or Mary's Care HoMe. Assisted living, state. Muriel Dr. Metrocenter area. Visit www. Jim Santa Cruz, M. Individual, marriage, family and teen counseling. In-home counseling anywhere in the Valley. Ty Weckerly, MA. Diocese of Phoenix. Americare Hospice and Palliative Care is owned and operated locally by a Catholic family of registered nurses. We believe human life is sacred, for every person, at every moment. End-of-life care, Catholic priest for sacraments. Medicare certified, Valley wide. Call or visit www. Joseph Shrine premier area.

Plot 42, row 1, space 3. Includes vaults, marker, vase and extra lettering. HoLy redeeMer CeMetery, companion. Call or email kdavison specmkting. Queen oF Heaven CeMetery, mau-. Single niche includes urn, vase and emblem. Queen oF Heaven CeMetery, compan-. Timothy section, wall A, tier 5, niche 3. Corridor , row 2, space Miscellaneous Cars Wanted we Buy Junk Cars with titles and good running vehicles at a reasonable price. We also remove junk cars at no charge. Need a business? Search Us!

Got a business? Join us! Sleeps 4, dishes, linens, hi-speed internet, cable. Near the wine country and family attractions. Don't miss fall grape harvest and Lucy grape stomping festival. Northwest Valley, Faustina and St. Maximilian Kolbe as they visit Marian sanctuaries. Mike would visit Poland at least once a year. Training salary first 30 days then draw plus commission. Medical, life, dental, optical, prescription, b and pension plan etc. Excellent opportunities for women and men interested in sales career and helping people.

Advancement opportunities available for hard-working, focused individuals. Must be willing to work some evenings and weekends when our client families are available to see us in their homes. White or email to tvarela diocesephoenix. Oportunidad excelente para mujeres y hombres interesados en carrera de ventas y ayudando al pueblo.

Oportunidad para avanzar para personas trabajadoras y enfocadas. Prayers Prayers tHank you For prayers answered to St. Joseph, St. Jude, St. Engelmar Unzeitig, St. Therese, Poor Souls and Divine Mercy. Living Krakow formed a partnership with a year-old pilgrimage company. This partnership enables Living Krakow Cultural Pilgrimages, inspired by the life, teachings and travel of Blessed John Paul II, to travel to any of the countries where he traveled as pope. Airmate Com is Catholic owned and operated.

Southern Ave. Business and residential. Parishioner and choir member. Scottsdale Technology Solutions, Call , Get your daily rate sheet by visiting www. Service and installation, licensed, bonded and insured, hours, 7-days per week. Cleaning House CLeaninG. Experienced and dependable.

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