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Ejercicios de anclajes. Las submodalidades. Pasado el tiempo les pedimos que nos digan cuantas cosas verdes vieron. Idem con un acontecimiento desagradable. Ejercicios de submodalidades. Los procesos. Cuentos para vivir mejor. La lengua de las mariposas. El Club de los Poetas muertos. Emperator Club. Los Chicos del coro. Cuadernos de autoestima, inteligencia emocional y habilidades sociales de Ed.

Dufour, M.

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Cuentos para crecer y curar. Eline, S. Tranquilos y atentos como una rana. Fontana, D. Luces de amor. Cuentos para leer a tu hijo e infundirle calma confianza y creatividad. Ford, J. Inteligencia Emocional. Greenberg, L. Hay, L. San Francisco California. K abat-Zinn, J.

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Padres Conscientes, Hijos Felices. Un Manual de Inteligencia Emocional para padres. Madrid Ed. L antieri, L. Inteligencia Emocional Infantil y Juvenil. Marina, J.

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A Aprender a vivir. Barcelona Anagrama. Aprender a convivir. Melendo, M. Ed Sal Terrae. Nadeu, M. Nagaraja, D. Cuentos budistas para ir a dormir. Oaklander, V. Santiago de Chile. Cuatro Vientos. Shapiro, L. Inteligencia Emocional para padres y educadores. Sola, D. Educar sin maltratar. En la web se pueden descargar los materiales del programa, documentos, actividades, etc En la misma web se pueden encontrar numerosos recursos y programa en E. Ideal para E. Se trata de tener a un click las definiciones de las distintas emociones y poder combinarlas y conocerlas.

Se presenta en forma de taller para el trabajo con profesionales con varias sesiones perfectamente estructuradas y con materiales audiovosuales de apoyo. Con esta breve charla a los adolescentes tal vez consigamos que recupere algo de empuje. Se ha desarrollado en el I. Lo he experimentado tanto en Primara como el Secundaria con muy buenos resultados. Transcribo un resumen de los contenidos para un mejor conocimiento previo. La inteligencia emocional 2. Las emociones y el proceso emocional 3. Los diferentes tipos de emociones 4. La autoconciencia emocional 5. El manejo de las emociones y estrategias para su control.

Las habilidades sociales II. Test para evaluar la inteligencia emocional. El diario emocional Frases para promover la autoconciencia emocional. Ejercicio para el desarrollo de la asertividad. A todos gracias por vuestra generosidad. Esta obra se centra en el desarrollo de las habilidades emocionales en la infancia y la adolescencia.

Los padres. Vuestra obra desgrana los beneficios que obtenemos de un manejo inteligente de las emociones. Sin embargo, como cualquier otra habilidad, por. Filter 3. All Auction Buy it now. Sort: Best Match. Best Match.

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Binding: Paperback Language: english. Will be clean, not soiled or stained. Author:-Emma Lewis Author. Book Details. Author:-Sender, Ramon J. Genre:-Modern fiction. Then for a great time it is disordered, and it disorders the whole.

Sometimes one is stained with dirt or with colour; and not only does the stain run on further than the spot of contact, but it discolours other of the threads. And remember that the threads are living — are like electric wires, more, are like quivering nerves. How far, then, must the stain, the drag awry, be communicated!

But eventually the long strands, the living threads which in their unbroken continuity form the individual, pass out of the shadow into the shine. Then the threads are no longer colourless, but golden; once more they lie together, level.

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Once more harmony is established between them; and from that harmony within the greater harmony is perceived. This illustration presents but a small portion — a single side of the truth: it is less than a fragment. Yet, dwell on it; by its aid you may be led to perceive more. What it is necessary first to understand is, not that the future is arbitrarily formed by any separate acts of the present, but that the whole of the future is in unbroken continuity with the present as the present is with the past. On one plane, from one point of view, the illustration of the rope is correct.

It is said that a little attention to occultism produces great Karmic results.

The first rule for the student of real Occultism is to renounce the search for any personal advantage. That is because it is impossible to give any attention to occultism without making a definite choice between what are familiarly called good and evil. The first step in occultism brings the student to the tree of knowledge. He must pluck and eat; he must choose. No longer is he capable of the indecision of ignorance. He goes on either on the good or on the evil path. And to step definitely and knowingly even but one step on either path produces great Karmic results.

There is only the path of goodness and of the ethical Law. The mass of men walk waveringly, uncertain as to the goal they aim at; their standard of life is indefinite; consequently their Karma operates in a confused manner. But when once the threshold of knowledge is reached, the confusion begins to lessen, and consequently the Karmic results increase enormously, because all are acting in the same direction on all the different planes for the occultist cannot be half-hearted, nor can he return when he has passed the threshold. These things are as impossible as that the man should become the child again.

The individuality has approached the state of responsibility by reason of growth; it cannot recede from it. He who would escape from the bondage of Karma must raise his individuality out of the shadow into the shine; must so elevate his existence that these threads do not come in contact with soiling substances, do not become so attached as to be pulled awry. He simply lifts himself out of the region in which Karma operates. Wise men get rid of the lower levels of Karma, only.

The Law is omnipresent. Every degree of liberation attained by a great soul occurs in strict accordance with the Law and constitutes an expression of the Law. He does not leave the existence which he is experiencing because of that. The ground may be rough and dirty, or full of rich flowers whose pollen stains and of sweet substances that cling and become attachments — but overhead there is always the free sky. He who desires to be Karma-less must look to the air for a home; and after that to the ether. He who desires to form good Karma will meet with many confusions, and in the effort to sow rich seed for his own harvesting may plant a thousand weeds, and among them the giant.

Desire to sow no seed for your own harvesting; desire only to sow that seed the fruit of which shall feed the world. You are a part of the world; in giving it food you feed yourself. Yet in even this thought there lurks a great danger which starts forward and faces the disciple, who has for long thought himself working for good, while in his inmost soul he has perceived only evil; that is, he has thought himself to be intending great benefit to the world while all the time he has unconsciously embraced the thought of Karma, and the great benefit he works for is for himself.

A man may refuse to allow himself to think of reward. But in that very refusal is seen the fact that reward is desired. And it is useless for the disciple to strive to learn by means of checking himself. The soul must be unfettered, the desires free. But until they are fixed only on that state wherein there is neither reward nor punishment, good nor evil, it is in vain that he endeavours.

Every effort generates lessons. In fact, Good is that which is in harmonious syntony with the Law of Karma and Equilibrium. As the whole universe is made of action and movement, or Karma, nobody can act without harvesting due results. He may seem to make great progress, but some day he will come face to face with his own soul, and will recognize that when he came to the tree of knowledge he chose the bitter fruit and not the sweet; and then the veil will fall utterly, and he will give up his freedom and become a slave of desire. Therefore be warned, you who are but turning towards the life of occultism.

Learn now that there is no cure for desire, no cure for the love of reward, no cure for the misery of longing, save in the fixing of the sight and hearing upon that which is invisible and soundless. Begin even now to practise it, and so a thousand serpents will be kept from your path. Live in the eternal. The operations of the actual laws of Karma are not to be studied until the disciple has reached the point at which they no longer affect himself. The high levels of action transcend only lower levels of karma, not the Law.

All divine intelligences act and move according to the One Law. The initiate has a right to demand the secrets of nature and to know the rules which govern human life. He obtains this right by having escaped from the limits of nature …. There is nothing and nobody outside the limits of Universal Nature, or beyond the reach of its Law.

The sentence is not totally wrong if referring only to the outer and blind aspects of human life. He has become a recognized portion of the divine element, and is no longer affected by that which is temporary. He then obtains a knowledge of the laws which govern temporary conditions.

Therefore you who desire to understand the laws of Karma, attempt first to free yourself from these laws; and this can only be done by fixing your attention on that which is unaffected by those laws. By self-purification the student of theosophy can change his karma for the better according to law.

This he attains by fixating his attention in that which is most universal, elevated and noble, and by acting accordingly. The Fraternity of Religions Mahatma Gandhi rejected pseudo-theosophy, but he kept his admiration for the authentic theosophical philosophy. CCA Karma M. V ] The mass of men walk waveringly, uncertain as to the goal they aim at; their standard of life is indefinite; consequently their Karma operates in a confused manner.