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The stamps, which bear the traditional colors of Germany, were among the first steps the newly reunited government took to commemorate its reunion. Nikolai Church and both German Reunification stamps in mint condition, along with archival-quality mounts.

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Only 0. Some Saxons do more than shout.

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While other Germans welcomed Arab, African and other refugees pouring into the country this summer with sweets and flowers, neo-Nazis attacked asylum centres near Dresden. For two nights in the town of Heidenau, where several hundred refugees were being put up at a former home-improvement store, they fought street battles with the police. Families with children turned out to support the thugs. The images on television were so disturbing that politicians began visiting Heidenau as though it were the site of a natural disaster.

Heidenau restarted an old debate: are eastern Germans, and especially Saxons, more xenophobic than other Germans? The leaders of the five states that once made up East Germany warned against stereotyping and pointed out that most easterners are tolerant.

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And attacks on asylum centres have occurred across the country. All true. Yet far-right violence is more common in the east. Saxony is a particular hotspot. Voting patterns tell a similar tale.

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  3. Chemnitz, Saxony and Germany grapple with far right.
  4. Wir sind das Volk! Peaceful Revolution and German Reunification.
  5. Chemnitz: 18 people injured in demonstrations.
  6. But it is represented in the eastern state parliament of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. Another xenophobic but less extreme party, the Alternative for Germany, also polls strongly there. But Saxons have also historically nurtured a sense of victimhood and suspicion toward outsiders. They loathed the Prussians to the north, even entering a disastrous alliance against them with Napoleon. Dresden mourns its destruction—by Allied firebombing in —more solemnly than any other German city.

    Along with Egon Krenz and others, he had been instrumental in removing the old communist regime led by Erich Honecker.

    IGS podcast: "Wir sind das Volk": 1989 and East German Memorials.

    As the conference wound down, he interrupted a reporter in the middle of his question to call on a journalist from the Italian news agency, Riccardo Ehrmann, who shifted the question-and-answer session to the issue of the new travel law. Some 20 years after the events, Ehrmann admitted that he had received a mysterious phone call encouraging him to ask the question — though he did not want to say who he thought it might be from. But at the very least, what little we know suggests that he may have been rather more in the loop than his image as a hapless bureaucrat would suggest.

    Low pay, earnings mobility and policy — Manchester, Lancashire. Edition: Available editions United Kingdom. No slip-up?