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While the vampire community originally focused on simply making themselves look like romantic representations of child-eating zombies , things quickly shifted and got taken to a level of lulz that is typical of alienated teens and occult practitioners. Though doctors and medical professionals are aware of these haematophiliacs and self-proclaimed psychic vampires , few studies have been conducted on the subject. This has resulted in the phenomena being brushed aside and being dubbed ludicrous.

This is because those supposedly afflicted with this faggotry know that they are batshit insane. They know that there is no doctor worth their degree that won't see past their bullshit , so of course they don't submit themselves for analysis. Most claim that their reasons are because of concern for their privacy, but this is obviously a lie as most of the people claiming to be approached are making their lively-hood off of duping people by regaling them with fanciful stories about their condition.

Those that have submitted to physical testing, such as Don Henrie , have only proven to the world that the culture and individuals involved are fake and only playing a part to cope with the desolate waste land that is their lives. Also on an unlulzy note, vampires are technically real. There is a disease called Porphyria where the symptoms are pale skin, receding gum line, over-stimulation of hair follicles werewolves , and a need for regular blood transfusions due to the disease affecting red blood cells. The whole garlic thing is that chemicals in garlic make the symptoms worse. Psychologists are becoming more and more aware of vampirism also dubbed "Renfield's Syndrome" [4] [5] thanks in part to the flamboyant and self-righteous display these people make of themselves.

If Renfield's syndrome is mentioned in their presence, most vampires like to counter-troll by insisting that since it isn't in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , it is not a real condition, thus they aren't crazy. In the same breath they will tell you that they refuse to admit their behavior to any medical professional because they know they will be locked up.

They will turn that around into them being persecuted by the hyoomans. The above is, of course, all just public relations. Among their own kind, most vampires will freely admit to having more mental illnesses than Twilight has retarded fangirls. Then why do they get upset when other students start a clique of Vampire Hunters and snap these little fags with a bullwhip on the ass every time they see their quarry? Aren't they only playing by the rules of these so called vampire's own game or are we, as PC dictates, forever forced to play the role as the cattle in their fantasy because they can only get along in society when they are not expected to obey their own rules.

Previous Video Next Video. Kawaii vampire TV-Series but with more understandable content and digestible story in contrast to western movies or series. Almost all Japan approved this TV Series while it made many enemies of Kawaii so jealous and shed some light about the relation between the Vampire Boy and Satan himself trying to turn the boy to a blood sucking devil forever.

Most vampires can be found on DeviantART. Black Swan Typical Strigoii worshiper cumming as she holds a silver-bullet gun to keep Mexican vampires away. Don't you wish. Keep looking, fangirls. By the way, this actor makes out with a guy in an episode of Torchwood. Jump to: navigation , search. You don't need to feel bad if you stroke your dick to her, she's over years old. Ah shit. Loli Vampires make no promises about teeth. Proceed at your own risk. Awakening occurs when feeling particularly butthurt after not getting a date for the prom, or maybe having your ass handed to you by the football team and deciding to put on your sister's makeup and hiss at strangers.

House was a show on Fox about a pill popping doctor until FOX was castrated by parent groups and sent the good doctor to rehab because drugs are bad MMMkay, completely ruining the show by destroying what was a brilliant character with a deus ex machina solution because we are still compelled to portray drugs as a dead end decision. Also another word for an individual cult.

Think of vampires as the writers that ruined House and falcon punch them immediately upon introduction if you ever happen to be so unlucky. Vampire Hunter is every basement dweller 's worst fear: someone who hunts real vampyres!! Posers and Losers are all encompassing terms for the vampire community. Vampire , a douche Vampyre , pretentious douche Whampyyre , a cunt Donor or Black Swan is someone who the vampire stalks, rapes, and steals blood from. Blood meth , crack , cocaine , etc. Prana , Chi , Energy , Cum , Your life force which they suck out to make you one of them.

Mundane , a sane person Cattle or Food , The cock that they crave. Sire is one who has converted someone to vampirism, because using twelfth-century terminology and spelling makes everything real. See also: Magick Strigoi is the typical Romanian , middle-aged faggoth who pretends to be a vampire to get laid by high-school rejects.

All these douches have to do is google up a couple of phrases in Romanian, put on a black trench coat and they're set. Vlad Strigoii is the name of a song by Ostrogoth, the most homoerotic gothic band out there, and a bunch of authentic vampires out there have adopted the alias, thinking it to be the REAL name of the REAL Dracula. Strigoii noun 'Strigoi' with definitive article 'i', both forms can be used in singular and in plural is supposed to be the conglomerate of all Romanian vampires and their descendants.

Whilst real sane Romanians don't give a shit about Strigoi, view them as the equivalent of ghosts, not vampires, angsty American faggoths masturbate daily to the idea of feeding them. Vampire Council is the goth equivalents of David Koresh, but with moar herpes. Meetings are held at Denny's at 2 in the morning while drinking "only coffee, black" and making long angry stares at the wait staff and leaving no tips. Said people are never, ever employed and try to convince their impressionable fifteen-year-old "initiates" that sex with them would create a higher spiritual bond and advance their dark powers.

A Semenarius who is doing it wrong. Id rather live in in big society who is like minded instead of a million little societies where each individual believes in their own vampiric laws. In order for communities to thrive, there must be a system to follow. Otherwise why do we call it a community? Many of these games are just good fun. People get to act out playing a creature of the night, and good times are had by all. Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that some of these games are a bit more than they seem.

It turns out that some of the Game Masters are real psi-vamps. All a 'psi-'vamp' is, is someone that can manipulate emotional surges in people. Similar to Empaths, they get the energy 'high' when they bring someone's emotions to an extreme. But psi-vamps then drain their victim of their emotional energy. But we have observed that there are a few of these GMs that know they are psi-vamps. An incredibly rude and derogatory well, at least disrespectful Lilith :.

History's first recorded feminist, she was the first wife of Adam, and created as an equal. When she declined to submit to Adam as his subordinate, he went whining to God, and God cast her out of the Garden of Eden, then created Eve, allegedly from Adam's rib, and therefore supposedly subordinate to him; apparently she was, as he didn't whine for a third wife but since this is not about Eve, I won't elaborate. Lilith was later demonized by patriarchal societies who felt threatened by female equality; still later, she was deified by others.

Meet the VampChix

Not a bad job for a lady, eh? It is theorized by some that this strain is where vampires come from. If this is so, then it could explain why vampirism seems to run stronger in some family lines, yet appear spontaneously or only sporadically in others. The name for the festival celebrated on the Winter Solstice. Occurring in mid-December, this night is the longest night of the year, and many households and covens gather together to celebrate this. It is a festival of community where everyone relaxes and socializes.

It is also the traditional night to recognize new members of the community or a coven or to perform rites of passage. Mentor :. A guide and teacher to a new or inexperienced vampire; the one who helped him or her through the awakening. See also "sire". This term is, at best, misleading because it implies that vampires are "immortal". Mundane :. A term used to distinguish those who are not vampires from those who are. This is, I feel, more accurate that "mortal" or "human", and serves to distinguish those who are merely living normal, mundane lives and unencumbered with the life of a vampire.

It is not a disparaging term. The need to feed.

Not of this world: An otherkin primer | Spiral Nature Magazine

When experiencing the Hunger, one is said "to be in Need. See also "feeding", the "hunger", the "thirst". A term sometimes used to refer to someone as being a vampire. Otherkin :. Someone who identifies with something other than their human side, such as a particular animal, mythological or fantastical being. He or she takes on the astral form of the animal or being when they are in the astral plane. Often, otherkin have physical attributes, mannerisms or thought-patterns identified with their particular being, such as fae having an elfin appearance, or wolfkin having a pack mentality.

Types of otherkin include therians were-beings , fae or faeries, dragons, elves, angelics, and so forth. Some consider vampires to be otherkin, while others do not. Parasite :. A completely insulting and derogatory term to refer to or call a psi-vamp or emotional vampire, implying that they are thieves and have no honor.

Porphyria :. An acute medical condition which has been postulated by some scholars to have inspired the vampire myths of the past. Sufferers of porphyria have pale, flaky skin and are very sensitive to sunlight. Their gums often recede excessively, giving their teeth an elongated and possibly fang-like appearance. Porphyria is caused by a deficiency in the enzyme which helps produce heme, a constituent of the blood which helps carry oxygen through the body. David Dolphin was the first to suggest that porphyria was the inspiration for at least some of the Mediaeval vampire myths, contending that some of the sufferers may have been driven to drinking blood in order to relieve their symptoms.

As a result, the condition has come to be known in modern times as "the Vampire Disease". This appellation is very misleading, however, as porphyria only superficially resembles the vampirism of folklore and there is no supporting evidence to Dr. Dolphin's assertion that porphyria sufferers have been driven to drinking blood by their disease. Poser :. Someone pretending or claiming to be a vampire who is not, with the intent of deceiving others, by making false claims as to their powers, abilities, lifespan, etc.

See "chi", "psychic energy". Primus :. A vampire, almost always an elder, who founded or is the leader of a large family or coven of vampires. Psi :.

VAMPIRE - "Blood Drive" - Crypt TV Monster Universe - Short Film

A general term for the life-energy which is found within and throughout all living things. Also called prana, chi, pranic energy, psychic energy, etc. The life-force that surrounds and is contained in living things. This is the life-force that energy and psychic vampires feed upon. This energy is also contained in the blood and is believed by some to be an integral part of the transfer which occurs between a donor and a sanguinarian. See also "chi" and "pranic energy". Psychic attack :. Any type of unwelcome paranormal or ethereal intrusion intended to cause harm or disruption to the recipient.

Psychic vampire attacks are considered a form of psychic attack, especially when forced upon an unwilling victim. See also "psychic vampire attack". Psychic energy :. See "chi" and "psi". Psychic vampire , Psi vampire psi-vamp , for short :. Someone who "drains" life-energy prana, chi, life-force, whatever rather than blood from others. Psi-vampires may or may not consume blood as a means of extracting pranic energy. Though the two terms refer to the same being, they do so with different meanings in mind.

Some insist on calling psychic vampires "psi-vampires", and insist that "psychic vampire" is incorrect, and then proceed to "prove it" by splitting etymological hairs. I disagree. There is a distinction which needs to be made between the two terms. However, it could be argued that psi is the auric or life-energy where as "psychic" is actually now thought to be shared thoughtwaves from a collective consciousness.

So "psi-vampire" refers to what they feed upon, whereas "psychic vampire" refers to how they feed. Not infrequently, psi-vamps may also experience the Thirst in varying degrees of intensity, and in fact, there are many similarities in condition between the psi-vamps and the sanguinarians, with the main difference being, so far as I can see, the psi-vamps' need to drain pranic energy, and ability to do so. A psychic vampire, in psychiatric terms, is someone who drains emotional energy without giving anything back, and can make the other person very tired, depressed, emotionally unbalanced, or worse, if too much is drained; an emotional vampire.

Katharine Ramsland discusses this in depth in her book, Piercing the Darkness, Harper Prism, , pp. See also "psychological vampirism". Psychic vampire attack :. An uninvited and unwelcome draining of one's vital energy, or chi or pranic energy. A psychic vampire attack occurs when a psi-vampire targets someone and feeds or attempts to feed. This can be done from casual contact, from across a room, or even through dreams. These attacks are not always just for draining; they can also be an attack on the mind itself, causing the target to hear, see, and feel things.

Attacks of this nature can range from mild to very severe, sometimes leaving the victim despondent or even physically sick from being drained so. It's debated whether one can become a psychic vampire from repeated severe psi-vampire attacks. In general, though, this seems only to produce a condition known as sympathetic vampirism.

See also "sympathetic vampirism". Psychological vampirism :. These individuals often have a histrionic or narcissistic personality disorder and they are constantly drawing attention to themselves. They usually create dramatic situations and then demand emotional support from those around them.

These individuals are emotional vampires. There is nothing metaphysical or spiritual in their condition, it is a simple psychological disorder. Yet it leaves the victims of these clingy, whiny people emotionally and mentally drained after dealing with them. These individuals are not to be confused with psychic, psi or energy vampires. See also "psychic vampire", sense 2. A somewhat derogatory term for one who has developed an undue fascination, obsession or bond with a vampire and follows him or her around, trying to gain the vampire's attention or approval, and fawning over him or her, in a manner not unlike a puppy dog follows his or her master around.

See also "blood bond". It does NOT include the abilities to change shape, fly, command others' wills, heal instantaneously, accomplish superhuman feats of strength or speed, etc.

Blood Drive

Rogue :. A vampire or blood-drinker's former donor or source who parts company on hostile terms and causes trouble;. Renfield's Syndrome :. Renfield's Syndrome is described as having four stages: a trauma or 'critical incident' in childhood in which the patient discovers that the taste and sight of blood is 'exciting' or attractive; 'autovampirism', the drinking of one's own blood autohemophagia ; 'zoophagia', or the consumption of blood from animals; and finally 'true vampirism', in which the patient must have human blood, and may resort to stealing blood from medical facilities, or serial murder.

Apologies to Vyrdolak, whose site is the only site I could find with any information regarding this. So far as I know, this is not an officially recognized mental disorder. Roleplayer :. Someone who engages in role playing games RPGs. RPGers are also associated with posers and other fakes who dress the part and pretend to be something they are not. See also "poser" and "wannabe".

Sangomancy :. A form of vampyrecrafte, or vampiric magick, which specifically involves the use of blood in the rituals. See "vampyrecrafte". Sanguinarian :. Someone who has a physical thirst, need, craving for blood which is non-erotic in nature in more significant quantity than is generally required or desired by other blood-drinkers. Sanguinarians a word from the Latin root "sanguinarius", meaning "bloodthirsty" apparently do not get the benefits from pranic energy, or else they are unable to feed psychically like psi and energy vampires, for whom blood and pranic energy are apparently interchangeable.

The network of like-minded organizations, events, businesses, websites, individuals, havens nightclubs and resources for the greater vampire and vampyre lifestylers communities. Inspired by the "vampire connection" of vampire bars, nightclubs and safehouses founded in Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, the Sanguinarium serves to bring this vision to life as a real "Vampyre Connection". Many real vampires frown upon the Sanguinarium because of the non-vampiric lifestylers it attracts and the artificial pomp and aristocratic hierarchy it endorses. Note: The Sanguinarium is not to be confused with Sanguinarius Organization for Real Vampires, which is the author's effort to help real vampires, blood drinkers and vampiric people.

These are shortened forms of the term "sanguinarian". See "sanguinarian". Sanguinese :. All the language: jargon, slang, doublespeak, plays on words, etc. Sanguivore :. A term that I am seeing more frequently, used to define sanguinarians, but which I feel is inaccurate, as sanguinarians do consume more than just blood. I would strongly recommend using the term to refer to those who consume only blood, and nothing else, as their main source of sustenance. I have not encountered any tangible proof that such individuals do exist, and I feel that this is highly unlikely.

The "scene" is a general term for the social aspects of the vampire subculture including nightclubs, havens, events, businesses, societies, and even the online part of the subculture. Many vampires and vampyre lifestylers are a part of the vampiric community , but do not go out and socialize. Most of the current scene revolves around the Sanguinarium. Seeker :. Unlike a wannabe, the seeker has a more thoughtful approach to vampirism and is willing to learn all he or she can about the condition before jumping head-first into it.

A psychological condition which has apparently begun to grow among American youth. Sufferers of SMS, also known as cutters, feel the need to cut into their flesh and watch themselves bleed. Some sufferers of SMS also drink the blood drawn out this way, although this is not standard for the disorder. Some eventually get involved in body art and blood fetishism. See also "clinical vampirism", "Renfield's Syndrome". Sexual vampirism :. A form of psi-vampirism where feeding is done primarily from sexual energy, or energy generated during sexual activity, with or without the exchange of blood.

A common term for female vampires who feed exclusively through sex is "Succubus", a word which originally denoted a Mediaeval demon which was believed to visit the dreams of men and tempt them into sexual misconduct; the male version of the word, although not as widespread, is "Incubus".

See also "incubus", "succubus". Sigil :. The identifying symbol of a house, haven, coven, or individual. The sigil often has ritual or symbolic significance for the individual or members of the household. For example, the Sanguine Ankh represents members of the Sanguinarium. Sin nomine :. Latin for "without name". A vampire who has been stripped of his or her name and recognition within the community for having committed some great crime in the eyes of the community.

See also "excommunicated" and "Invisibles". Sire :. A term from Vampire: The Masquerade roleplaying system that has crept into general usage meaning the one who turned or awakened someone who is a vampire. See "mentor". Slayer :. A loud-mouthed dumbass that makes public and obnoxious claims of killing people who are or who the slayer thinks are vampires. Just like hit-men for the mafia, those who may be real vampire hunters or slayers are NOT going to publically announce what they do, as that's a surefire way to the Big House, or the Happy Hotel.

At any rate, they'll get investigated. If they are posers, then they will continue to remain free and flap their lips a lot; if they are real, then the Law will deal with them accordingly. Whatever the case may be, Sanguinarius urges you to report these individuals to the proper authorities.

Maybe being investigated will put a reality check in their miserable lives and cause them to tone down their racist shitspeak. See also, "hunter". Whether they are harming or killing people, or desecrating graves and corpses, or conducting illegal interstate commerce ex. I believe conducting illegal interstate commerce is a felony--? Solitary :. A vampire who chooses not to be involved with a coven and has little if any interest in interacting within the community.

Source :. Someone from whom a vampire will get blood. This is a neutral term that I prefer to use; I feel that it's more accurate than "donor", as the blood's not always a donation Strigoi Vii :. A term meaning "living vampires" in Romanian folklore, it is used by some to refer to the condition and philosophy of being a vampire. The movers and shakers of the Sanguinarium have appropriated the term for their use in describing their more spiritually oriented path, the Order Strigoii Vii.

Succubus :. The plural is succubi. A female sexual vampire. Supplier :. This is a neutral term; I feel that it's more accurate than "donor", as the blood's not always a donation Sympathetic vampirism :. A condition which sometimes occurs in individuals who have been fed from too frequently. This most often occurs in the donors or sources of energy vampires but can manifest itself among the sources used by sanguinarians as well.

In general, the victim's resources become so depleted that they have to resort to vampirism themselves in order to replenish them. In addition to a need to feed, the sufferer of sympathetic vampirism may manifest symptoms commonly associated with real vampirism, such as heightened sensitivities and sensitivity to sunlight. Often, this condition causes some real vampires to mistakenly assume that their donors, -- or the donors thinking that they, themselves, -- have somehow been turned or awakened.

But the condition is hardly permanent. This condition may last for a few weeks, although sometimes it can be drawn out for months or years. The best course of action is for the vampire or vampires who feed from the person to stop completely. Without the constant depletion of resources, the person's system should gradually correct itself over time. Tease-the-Vamp :. A cruel "game" that non-vampires, or even other vampires, sometimes play where they tease or taunt a blood vamp with either thoughts of blood, or actual blood, which they have no intentions of giving to the vampire being teased.

While it might be amusing to watch the vamp's reactions, this "game" causes misery for the poor vampire, and can result in his or her vamping out or worse, if it's not stopped. The craving, need, desire, urge to drink blood, experienced as an intense thirst-sensation and withdrawal-like symptoms. To say the least. This manifests not unlike an addiction, and is very difficult and annoying to have to deal with. See also "the Hunger, "the Need", "Feeding".

The Thirteen Rules of Community :. See "The Black Veil". To make someone into a vampire. This is most likely a misunderstanding or misconception of the awakening process. See also "awakening", "latent vampire". Turned :. Another term for becoming a vampire. Some groups believe that ordinary people can be turned into vampires, but this is most likely a misinterpretation of the awakening process.

The method for this turning varies from group to group, but generally involves a rite of blood or energy exchange between the vampire and the person to be turned. If someone appears to have been turned, he or she was most likely a latent vampire to begin with. Twoofing :. An alternate, less blatant, and less cheesy-sounding, term created as an alternative for the phrase "vamping out". See "vamping out". Vampire :. A much-disputed term with many meanings, depending upon whom you're talking to.

See also the definitions of "sanguinarian", "blood-drinker", "blood fetishist", "psychic vampire", "Vampyre Lifestyler", and "Vampiric Community". Here, it is used to encompass all of the above-listed groups into a general category. Also, here, it is not used to define any of those as some sort of supernatural or superhuman beings or someone who has returned from the dead excluding being revived by medical procedures , and so forth.

Anyone who makes those sorts of claims, is lying. Vampdar a. Vampire radar :. A humorous play on the word "radar" and inspired by the gays' term, "gaydar", this term is used mostly by vampires who are experienced in meeting other vampires live and in person to describe the particular feeling they get. It's not something that can really be described well to others, but if you've experienced it, you'll know.

Vampire aesthetic :. The art and style associated with the vampire. Scenes of crypts, abandoned castles, and shadowy landscapes abound in artwork that appeals to the vampire aesthetic. Vampire bait :. A poser or wannabe who is just screaming for a vampire to come after them. What they get may be an entirely different situation than what they hope for or expect Vamping out :.

Experiencing an acute flare-up of the thirst. This also involves a change in the person's manner, breathing, pulse rate, thought patterns, etc. This is a real thing, not a fantasy thing, and I won't let anyone else who does not really have this as a real occurrence claim it; to do so makes a mockery of those of us who really do have to deal with it! If they don't have it and they claim it, then I wish it on them; let them have it!

Vampiric community :. The community of people who identify with or have been identified with the label "vampire". This includes blood-drinkers, psi and energy vampires, and Vampyre lifestylers. The community also includes donors and sometimes the friends of vampires.

See "vampire". Someone who incorporates fictional vampire imagery and trappings into his or her personal life, often cultivating a "Vampyric" physical appearance, including but not limited to a very pale complexion, a wardrobe made up predominantly of dark clothing, a style of dress which is modeled on Victorian or Renaissance fashions, black or blood-red lipstick, sunglasses, fangs, FX contacts, and a generally melancholy or lugubrious air.

Lifestylers often form alternative extended families and social structures modeled on the "covens" or "clans" of vampire fiction and role-playing games. Many also utilize lingo and terminology taken from vampire fiction and RPGs. Some are real vampires in the sense of craving blood, while others are blood fetishists, and still others are just drawn to the "Vampyre aesthetic".

This is an outgrowth of, but distinct from, the Gothic subculture. Vampyrecrafte :. In general, this is the magick practiced by vampires or vampyre lifestylers. Many of them are pagan and follow the old ways, and the ways of magick are an integral part of their beliefs. Most vampires or vampyre lifestylers practice numerous techniques associated with energy manipulation. Many also practice some form of magick, most oftenly ritual magick or chaos magick. Vampyrecrafte refers to magickal techniques specifically designed by vampires and vampyre lifestylers to take advantage of their unique abilities.

Vampyrecrafte often has a dark flavor to it, although in general it is more of a balance between dark and light techniques. Wannabe :. A slang term, a contraction of the words "wants to be". Derogatory term for someone who wants to become a vampire, usually with unrealistic expectations of what it would be like. Most wannabes have a very romanticized vision of vampirism, and they seem to think it would improve their lives somehow or make them more interesting. Many are attracted by a false vision of a vampire's powers.

They usually fail to look at the practical side of becoming a vampire, such as necessary changes in lifestyle, finding sources to feed from, and trying to hold a job while balancing one's vampiric nature with daily life. This document was created in its original form in by Sanguinarius. Since then, it has continually been updated to reflect the accuracy of terms and to add new terms.

Many have adopted and adapted various versions of this document, subsequently making their own independent revisions, additions and deletions, but the terminology document and copyright belongs to Sanguinarius and Sanguinarius. Sanguinarius alone reserves THAT right, should she choose to do so. The same goes for extracting the text of the definition s ; give Sanguinarius credit www.

Such vampires are usually strong willed, confident and very independent. Often they choose this path after becoming disgusted with or otherwise tired of the politics of the community. The name of Abbon is useful for related Households or Orders to make alliances and show respect for each other and for select individuals who choose not to or are not interested in making a formal commitment to join a group for any reason.

An alternate term in the Eclipsan system is Avavago. Acolyte formal, Sanguinarium, House Eclipse 1. Sanguinarium Someone who is a member of the Synod and helps run administrative tasks such as moderating elists, checking spelling, helping with programming, etc. House Eclipse An assistant or helper in any religious organizations associated with vampires and mundanes for that matter. For example, an acolyte would ensure that an incense burner was in place for a ritual or rite, filled at all times and moved as needed.

An acolyte may also handle ritual implements, bringing them to ritual participants and putting them away when no longer needed. The Adra is responsible for teaching their Nadja or Gevanma Apprentice the ways of the community or of a specific group including the Black Veil or other behavioral codes and the contents of the Scrolls of Elorath in the OSV system. In other groups, a mentor is called other names, such as the Eclipsan term Pibliar. In many groups the teachings depend on the Apprentice or Gevanma's personal interest and specific safety requirements.

Also see sponsor. Adna formal, House Eclipse In the Enochian language, this is the word for service. It is the formal term used by House Eclipse for those who choose to serve others in whatever way, including as non-vampiric Kitra. Usually an OtherKin person who chooses to support and aid a leader or ally rather than leading themselves. Often bonded to the one they aid by blood or magic. These vampires act as supporters and aides for other vampires, and also work as a check on the vampire in a leadership position's ego.

Ageless House Eclipse The vampires of legend in whatever form or type. Sometimes thought to be spirits, deities or angels of a sort and revered by many vampires as guardians or protectors similar to the Christian angels and saints. Also seen as the nonhuman or superhuman creatures the original legends of vampires referred to These beings, since they are sometimes seen as astral, and always more than human, do not age and usually do not require any mundane items or comforts.

AmakhBlades Formal, House Eclipse An award given for a vampire who has directly saved lives or helped others by defending them. This is often given to vampires who work as paramedics or EMT's, Firefighters, Police or doctors, volunteers for groups such as the Guardian Angels or those who work as big brothers and big sisters for children. These are a set of matching blessed or enchanted daggers that are worn on formal occasions, and a Mundane counterpart for them is often also worn.

These daggers are never used in combat save in an absolute emergency to defend one's life or the lives of others. This is extremely unlikely and they are primarily a badge and sign of honor. The word Amakh is a transliteration of the Ancient Egyptian word for Honor. Amakhi Formal, House Eclipse One who has earned the honor of wearing Amakh blades by defending another in combat and being of the warrior caste. This can be physical defense, as with a bodyguard or police officer, defending and fighting for another's life, such as an EMT or Firefighter or fighting spiritually, such as a person who acts as a Big Brother or Big Sister to youth in trouble.

Essentially, they are awarded for extraordinary service in aiding others. Also a formal term for a member of the Warrior caste of Tabaan level or above who have usually earned this honor. Ardetha formal, Sanguinarium Vampires who have been awakened through sympathetic vampirism, a magical system or ritual or by an epiphany or near death experience. Some vampires are said to have been made vampyres through a ritual or by another. The ability to do this is questionable, as most mentors are only known to be able to help someone come to terms with their vampyric condition, Ardetha are rare case, as the ability to "turn" another is a great gift or a rare ritual.

Also referred to as Salbrox or Made vampires. Also a Companion who is trained to balance the energies of several members of the priest caste. They usually sit in the center of a ritual and many times assist one priest in the workings of magic. Ananiel formal, House Eclipse A word to designate those who have potential for vampirism but are dormant. Unawakened vampires who may or may not be Awakened purposefully or Awaken on their own. This was created by Raven OrthaeVelve of House Eclipse and is used in many of the rituals in the system of sanguine vampiric magic created and published by her on the House Eclipse website.

It is extremely complex, time consuming and demanding to make. These are capable of appearing as whatever the being wishes, from ancient gods to totemic animals, such as wolves, bats or hawks, to archetypes such as the Dragon or Griffin. Also may refer to the belief that the Ageless exist somewhere and still guide sanguinarians. Thus the Greater Ageless are also referred to as the Ancients, or seen as lesser descendants and assistants to the Ancients.

Apprentices are seen as children and all of their actions are considered to be those of the mentor. If an Apprentice makes a mistake, their mentor fixes it and takes responsibility for it. As Apprentices are legal adults, their actions outside the House are their own to deal with, and the mentor assumes no responsibility. Mentors may separate from Apprentices in case of a severe disagreement though this is traumatic for both parties.

It is the Mentor who declares an Apprentice ready to survive and act within the community on their own before the House and asks that the Apprentice's rank be raised. Often Mentor and Apprentice are lovers or close friends. Autovampirism: Medical, Sanguinarius The drinking of one's own blood. Very dangerous for a vampire to do for reasons of self control and health. Avavago formal, House Eclipse This is the polite term for an independant vampire who has achieved recognition and respect without the help of a House or other organization.

Such individuals are extremely strong, wise voices in the community who aid us in looking beyond the "group only" mindset most vampires posess. Examples of people who have earned such recognition are Sanguinarius, MemoryandDream and Nitallica. They on occasion ally themselves with Houses though their actions and beliefs will always remain uniquely thier own. The term comes from the Enochian word for "The Thunders of Increase" and is meant to pay homage to the strength of character and independance posessed by such people.

OSV and Sanguinarum This occurs when someone awakens to their latent vampire natures. These changes often include an increased sensitivity to light particularly to sunlight , a growing affinity for night and darkness, switching from a diurnal to a nocturnal to a diurnal sleeping schedule, and experiencing the first symptoms of the thirst.

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Also refers to the dawning awareness of becoming a different type of Otherkin or adopting that archetype as a part of one's persona lity. Sanguinarius The physical and mental changes that occur when someone awakens to their latent vampire nature. See also "turning" Ayahtiaru formal, House Eclipse Originally a fiery, blood drinking serpent in Ancient Egyptian mythology that helped judge the sins of the spirits of the dead.

Now used as a respectful honorific before the name of a vampire for example, in a formal setting or letter, Ayahtiaru Jonathan or as a respectful name for a sanguine vampire. A high priest or priestess within the group called the Synod. It supposedly translates from the invented language called Elorathian to mean, "The Old Ones", and is a term for the old-school vampires that predate the modern vampiric internet community.

Most of these Azralim are supposed to have ties to the old covens of New York City and one can hope, to other places.

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  7. According to OSV, it is they who passed on all their traditions to the vampire community as well as their philosophies and teachings via the Sanguinarium, who of course claim to be the only ones to recieve this "Wisdom". Most vampires know by the fact of being intelligent that the OSV is a new group attempting to make itself lookimportant with ties to older things, which is a classic tecnique in religious groups and magical orders.

    Those who have spoken to vampires who predate the explosion of the community in the 90's have come away with the impression that such older vampires are disgusted by such claims and to be polite consider them patently false. The beacon seems to exist to attract other vampires to their potential so that they may instigate the awakening process. Some believe that the Beacon is actually a type of pheremone or other such chemical that is recognizable on a subconscious level by other vampires.

    The strength of the Beacon dictates what level of experience a vampire is. Thus a subtle Beacon usually signifies a latent vampire and a strong one a full member of the community. Sanguinarius A particular feeling or energy signature generated by vampires in general, but latent or potential vampires in particular. This is the primal, instinctive and animalistic side of the vampire.

    In some traditions the beast is seen as only a small part of being a vampire, while in others, the beast is seen as the very personification of the vampire nature. The Beast is the overwhelming desire for blood or energy which arises when one hasn't fed recently. Learning to cope with and control the beast is an integral part of balancing one's "Nightside" or vampiric existence with one's "Dayside" or ordinary life. The ending leaves some great questions and possibilities for where all these relationships are headed. This world is intriguing and Traci Houston absolutely know how to write a story with a great mix of action and mystery.

    October 27, - Published on Amazon.

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    I was immediately drawn to this book because it set in Miami, that's my hometown. The cover was also very intriguing. It really draws your attention to the book. I was excited when the publisher contact early on about reading Blood Drive and giving my critique on the book. Trace Houston is definitely a author to watch for. Blood Drive shows her potential in story building. In Blood Drive Traci has written in detail this new world of hers set in Miami with some Vampires and detectives.

    What is the strongest point in the book, I can say its the action. You can easily picture all the action sequences in your mind while reading. Being a first book in the series and a debut novel. I believe their was a lot Traci left off to leave for the next book in the series. There are parts of the books they seems to lack a bit of luster but I figured it was to leave room for the next one. I would have enjoyed the scenes better if Traci could have elaborated more detail about Miami or its surroundings.

    So I'm curious to know what happens next after the cliff hanger in this book. Blood Drive follow Cara Evens, she is a police office for Miami. She is not your typical police office. She is psychic and her abilities help her in her line of duty. Cara and her partner get called to go check out a triggered alarmed at a blood bank. Well the call which they though would have been a regular call, ends up taking the life of her partner. Danny is murdered and Cara find a odd object she takes with her without reporting it.

    She is sure this will help her find who murdered her partner.

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    The process begins for Cara to find the killer, she begins interviewing suspects including the owner of the blood bank, which what do you know end sup being a Vampire. This marks Cara and now Johnathan's enemies begin to track her.