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With Morrison as vocalist and frontman, Elektra Records signed the Doors the following year, and in January the band released its self-titled debut album. It was their second single, "Light My Fire," which catapulted the band to the forefront of the rock and roll world, reaching No. The Doors, and Morrison especially, became infamous later that year when they performed the song live on The Ed Sullivan Show.

Because of its obvious drug reference, Morrison had agreed not to sing the lyric "girl we couldn't get much higher" on the air, but when the cameras rolled he went ahead and sang it anyway, cementing his status as rock's new rebel hero. Combining Morrison's darkly poetic lyrics and outlandish stage presence with the band's unique and eclectic brand of psychedelic music, the Doors released a flurry of albums and songs over the next several years.

Woman Throughout the band's brief tenure atop the music world, Morrison's private life and public persona were spiraling rapidly out of control. His alcoholism and drug addictions worsened, leading to violent and profane outbursts at concerts that provoked the ire of cops and club owners across the country. Morrison spent nearly the entirety of his adult life with a woman named Pamela Courson, and although he briefly married a music journalist named Patricia Kennealy in a Celtic pagan ceremony in , he left everything to Courson in his will.

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She was deemed his common law wife by the time of his death. Throughout his relationships to Courson and Kennealy, however, Morrison remained an infamous womanizer.

His drug use, violent temper and infidelity culminated in disaster in New Haven, Connecticut, on the night of December 9, Morrison was high, drunk and carrying on with a young woman backstage before a show when he was confronted by a police officer and sprayed with mace. He then stormed onstage and delivered a profanity-laced tirade that led to his arrest onstage, which then sparked area riots.

Morrison was later arrested in for allegedly exposing himself at a Florida concert, though the charges were posthumously dropped decades later. In an attempt to get his life back in order, Morrison took time off from the Doors in the spring of and moved to Paris with Courson. However, he continued to be plagued by drugs and depression. On July 3, , Courson found Morrison dead in the bathtub of their apartment, apparently of heart failure.

Before being signed to a record deal, Jim asked the rest of The Doors to try to come up with some songs, focusing on universal images; fire, water, earth, etc. It only reached on the charts. Not exactly what they were hoping for. The only problem is, the song is 7 minutes long with the guitar and keyboard solos, which is, at that time, much too long to be released for a single. After some surgery in the studio, they cut out most of the solos and get the song down to about 3 minutes. The song is released in April of , and it goes to 1 in the U. The Doors agree to change the lyric, but of course, this is Jim Morrison.

What else can he do, other than sing the original lyric? While in New York, right after the Sullivan appearance, some very historical photos are taken of Jim. She is in charge of 16 magazine and apparently fancies Jim. It seems they may have done more than just take pictures that night! Jim is still wearing a bead necklace he borrowed from Gloria the night before. The Doors get to experiment more in the studio and enjoy using the studio as an instrument, getting some really interesting effects.

At the same time, their debut album is still in the top Jim is taunting the cops at this point and the audience is really getting on edge. Finally, the lights come on, and here come the cops. While the music was different, the lyrics were pure Morrison, and had been written some time before the group was even signed.

A short biography on Jim Morrison

Some claimed it sounded like The Kinks. While the lyrics were printed on the inner sleeve, very little of it made it to the album. The scene then shifts to the rest of The Doors walking along the beach without Jim. Even though the networks were showing the bloody battles of Vietnam on tv, I guess the sight of Jim Morrison bleeding was too much for them. Some fans and critics were not happy with the brass and strings on the album. Also, all four singles were written by Robby Krieger.

This album also saw the first time the song writing credits were split. Previously, The Doors wrote all the songs. The Soft Parade took over 9 months to record. Morrison had been going to performances of The Living Theatre, which was very antagonistic, challenging the social mores of the day. Morrison met his long-term companion, Pamela Courson, well before he gained fame or fortune, and she encouraged him to develop his poetry. At times, Courson used Morrison's name.

After Courson's death in , the probate court in California decided that she and Morrison had what qualified as a common law marriage. Courson and Morrison's relationship was stormy with frequent loud arguments and tearful periods of separation and reunion. Doors biographer Danny Sugerman surmised that part of their difficulties may have stemmed from a conflict of having an open relationship and the consequences of living such a lifestyle.

Morrison had numerous short flings with women who were celebrities in their own right: Nico from Velvet Underground, singer Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane, with 16 magazine's editor in chief Gloria Stavers, and with Janis Joplin. In , Morrison participated in a Celtic pagan handfasting ceremony with Patricia Kennealy-Morrison. Before witnesses, one of them a Presbyterian minister, [5] the couple signed a document declaring themselves wed; [6] however, none of the necessary paperwork for a legal marriage was filed with the state.

At the time of his death, there were reportedly as many as twenty paternity actions pending against him and the only person making a public claim of being Morrison's son was shown to be a fraud.

Morrison's grave is the most popular grave in the cemetery and has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Paris, along with the Eiffel Tower , The cathedral at Notre Dame, and The Louvre. Morrison moved to Paris in March , with the intention of taking a break from performing and concentrating on his writing. Hoping to get his life back on track, Morrison lost a great amount of body weight and shaved off his beard, returning to his original stage appearance. His death was reported on July 3, He was 27 years old and found in his bathtub by Courson.

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Throughout Morrison's turbulent career, there had been numerous rumors that he had been killed in an auto accident or had died of a drug overdose. Before the official announcement of his death, the press had been told that Morrison was simply "very tired" and resting in an unnamed French hospital, contributing to the suspicion. The official report listed the cause of death as heart failure. No autopsy was performed because the medical examiner, pursuant to French law, found no evidence of foul play.

The lack of an official autopsy left many questions unanswered and provided a fertile breeding ground for speculation and rumor. According to Stephen Davis' biography of Morrison, it was reported that he had dried blood around his mouth and nose and large bruising on his chest, which suggests Morrison died of complications from tuberculosis. In Wonderland Avenue, Danny Sugerman recounts that he briefly interviewed Courson and said she told him that Morrison had in fact died of a heroin overdose after he inhaled a massive amount of the substance, believing it to be cocaine.

Sugerman added that Courson had also given numerous contradictory versions of Morrison's death. A episode of the French television series, Death of an Idol, interviewed supposed witnesses who were at the Rock 'n' Roll Circus nightclub and supported the heroine overdose story. In John Densmore's autobiography, Riders On The Storm, he reasoned that Morrison had taken heroin with a strong liquor, climbed in the bathtub, and committed suicide. Morrison was quoted to say that when he returned from Paris , he was going to let "bygones be bygones" with his father.

Also within weeks before his death he called bandmate drummer John Densmore and asked how the newest album had been received, and when Densmore replied that it had been doing well in the charts, Morrison replied, "if they like this, wait'll they hear what I got in mind for the next one. In The Lizard King, film director Jerry Hopkins recounts that, well before the Doors achieved noticeable success, Morrison had joked that he should fake his own death in order to generate publicity. According to some of Morrison's friends and band mates, once the Doors had achieved their remarkable success, publicity was no longer seen as being so desirable.

Morrison then spoke of wanting to fake his death and move to Africa in order to escape the scrutiny that surrounded his every move. Mojo Risin. According to guitarist Robbie Krieger and other Doors members, they have yet to receive any letters. Also, in the days preceding the announcement of his death, the press had been told that Morrison was simply "very tired" and resting in an unnamed French hospital, contributing to the suspicion. Some conspiracy theorists contend that Morrison did not die in Paris. The fact that only two people other than the police, emergency personnel, and mortician admitted to the press that they had seen his body has helped keep the rumor alive for over 30 years.

Others contend that Morrison replaced the Ayatollah Ruhollah Mosavi Khomeini, who disappeared in France during , missing three digits, and reappeared four months later, with all ten fingers. This theory was bolstered weakly by a Mike Wallace Sixty Minutes television interview, during which the Ayatollah declared through an interpreter he had never lost any fingers.

Speculation about the cause and actuality of Morrison's death plays a large and continuing role in the Morrison mystique. Rumors still abound that Morrison committed suicide, was assassinated by the Central Intelligence Agency , murdered by a witch, died in a toilet at the notorious Rock and Roll Circus nightclub or any number of variations, including being "disappeared" by his well placed parents.

The "Morrison legend" has taken on a life of its own. To this day, he is widely regarded as the prototypical rock star: Surly, sexy, scandalous, and mysterious. The leather pants he was fond of wearing both on stage and off have since become stereotyped as rock star apparel. The legendary punk prototypes Iggy and the Stooges are said to have formed after lead singer Iggy Pop was inspired by Morrison while attending a Doors concert in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

One of Iggy's most popular songs, "The Passenger," is said to be based on one of Morrison's poems. After Morrison's death, Iggy Pop was considered as a replacement for Morrison. The surviving Doors gave him some of Morrison's belongings, and hired him as a vocalist for a series of shows. Ex-Jane's Addiction frontman, Perry Farrell has unearthed a lost track featuring the vocals of the Doors' Jim Morrison and plans release it.

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In this book, Fowlie recounts his surprise at receiving a fan letter from Morrison who, in , thanked him for his latest translation of Rimbaud's verse into English. Jim Morrison said he walked in the footsteps of French poet Arthur Rimbaud , once remarking, "I am a Rimbaud with a leather jacket. Both symbolized the rebellion of youth against a society's identity-squelching potential.

Both were brilliant individuals torn between their profound, mystical feeling that there is something "beyond" this world that their poetry allowed us to touch, and their inclinations toward their self-destructive inner demons. New World Encyclopedia writers and editors rewrote and completed the Wikipedia article in accordance with New World Encyclopedia standards.

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