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Herrera died at his home in Glendale, Arizona, on November 26, Army Nation of Birth: Mexico. Sent by Ricardo Valverde Herrera men who served in the U. Box , Orange, CA www. Two Herrera's were identified. During WW I , 1, draft cards were filled out by Herrera men. During the Korean War , Sgt. Herrera, California Evenor C. Herrera, Colorado. Another resource is the East Los Angeles Library.

Somos Primos: Dedicated to Hispanic Heritage and Diversity Issues

The library is host to the Chicano Resource Center, established in , My bad for not explaining my intentions more precisely -- and for not including a definition of the concepts of metaphor and satire somewhere amongst my Led Zeppelin posts. For the record: of course I don't believe Ken Burns actually hates Mexicans. Vato may have an issue with over-fried chimichongas as I do or derivative roc en espanol as should everyone , but who knows? When I say "Ken Burns" I don't literally mean the so-called liberal white guy with the dorky bowl haircut who makes tedious so-called "American" documentaries for PBS.

Instead when I say "Ken Burns" I'm talking about the total, whole, and collective so-called liberal white media bloviating across the multicultural landscape. About Latinos, about race and class, about "the other. That is, of course, those few times these well-intentioned do-gooders actually turn their fickle gaze on Brown people.

Indifference being another variation of the "hate" metaphor. And when I say "Mexicans" I mean Raza in general. Brown people. Mi gente. Latinos primarily, but not always. Finally, this is not to say that I don't disagree with much of the Latino criticism of the Burns series, because I don't. For me, a Burns film is like an Ansel Adams photo, middlebrow, pretty to look at, but devoid of real thought or analysis.

But the issues raised by his latest series go much deeper than that. Stepping back for a moment from the metaphoric and into the specific, for me Burns' The War embodies all of the issues mentioned above -- and more. Throughout his long career Burns has constantly talked about his films as being stories about "America. So the series starts on Sunday. I'll be TiVoing the episodes and will have more to say in the week or so to come, but with Ugly Betty starting again, and the finale of Top Chef coming up, no promises.

For now I'll leave you with a couple of reviews and opinions: LA Weekly weighs in here with a brief yet sympathetic nod to the controversy , Carlos Guerra opines from a Tejano perspective here , and for an especially thoughtful piece in the New Yorker which pans the series go here. By Anne Valdespino, contributing writer First there was saccharine. And there have always been a host of natural sweeteners: stevia, sugar in the raw, agave and the favorite of the ancients, honey. But for sheer taste and texture, none could replace that gritty, grainy, shiny blast of heaven known as white sugar.

Until … Zsweet? Foodies take notice: It feels like sugar on the tongue, looks crystalline in the spoon and explodes with sweetness in your mouth, leaving no chemical aftertaste. Open the packet and shake it into your hand as if it's Lik-M-Aid. You'll feel like the kid who sneaked a spoonful from the sugar bowl when no one was looking.

And you might find it hard to believe that with Zsweet there's zero guilt, zero calories and zero effect on your blood sugar. Though its product is made in Minneapolis, Zsweet is headquartered in San Clemente. Its inventor, Tim Avila, 41, lives in Dana Point with his wife and kids. His philosophy? Just because it's good for you doesn't mean it has to taste bad. That's what's driving the acceptance of Zsweet. Zsweet made a big splash with those who sampled it at Expo West , a natural-products show held at the Anaheim Convention Center in March.

Its distinctive taste comes from erythritol, which is derived from fermented glucose. The erythritol is then blended with fruit extracts as flavor enhancers, not carriers that are really sugar, Avila said. Most doctors are telling diabetics to be aware of that. Robert Atkins, when he was alive, was saying watch even packets a day," Avila said. The problem is that consumers think of those products as completely safe and begin to use them too freely, he added.

Avila has no science degree but sounds like a scientist because he gained a lot of on-the-job training while working for a nutrition company called Metagenics in San Clemente. For years he had the know-how to make the product, but he was always looking for someone else to take it on. But in he reached a turning point. His father-in-law's Type 1 diabetes worsened; eventually he underwent amputation and kidney surgery. But it gave Avila the vision and passion he needed to start Zsweet's parent company, Ventana Health Inc.

I had this realization that this was becoming a problem, not only for adults but for children. I looked at the statistics and saw what was happening not just in the minority population especially among Latinos but all across this country and in other Western countries. Zsweet may be socially aware, but it's also big business.

After Expo, Avila was fielding calls from small businesses, grocery chains and big-box retailers. He's developing a no-bulk version with higher sweetening power. Avila says his business is part science and part culinary art. We have a culinary board and a chef, LaLa, who is Cordon Bleu-trained. There are diabetic friendly recipes, too. For Avila, it's all about taste. When I looked at other sweetener alternative options I felt they didn't taste very good and I decided to develop my own. There's no excuse for having something that doesn't taste good.

The Worm in my Tomato Dr. Santos C. Vega, Author. The mother and children were all United States citizens. The father was a Mexican national who had worked in the United States for thirty-eight years. The family stayed together and overcame many obstacles and ordeals caused by poverty and Mexican government policies before they returned to their hometown of Miami, Arizona, Thousands of Mexican Repatriates of the s no doubt can relate to the suffering and hardship endured by the Vega family in the story.

Indeed, the story shows how the Repatriation prompted personal, cultural, psychological and theological decisions. Is the experience of the Repatriation to be repeated again? Please go to the website: www. Thomas Timar, Ph. Getting Down to Facts provides a groundbreaking analysis of the resources needed to adequately educate a child, as well as how our state's educational system can be reformed. I hosted the town hall meeting because it is important for our communities to have an understanding of this information so they can help improve our schools.

I also wanted to hear from you about how you think the state's education system should be improved. Refreshments and hors d'oeuvres will be provided. Our district office is located at E. Let's celebrate our first successful year in the Legislature and discuss ideas for As always, please do not hesitate to contact me at Assemblymember. Solorio assembly. Sincerely, Jose Solorio State Assemblyman. An essential record of the Chicano movement and an important addition to the history of the American social protest.

The first major book on the Chicano movement by one of its leaders, who is also a first-rate scholar. Youth, Identity, Power is certain to be a benchmark for all future work on the subject. This analysis of Chicano thought and struggle in America bridges the movement's involvement between civil rights, social progression and the ever-pertinent history of Mexican-American tensions.

The contribution of such a necessary study from one of the influential leaders of the Chicano movement provides for an empowered and crucial estimation of the struggles confronting the burgeoning Latino community. He was the founding chair of the first Chicano Studies Department in the U. Sent by rgrbob earthlink. Diann G. Sent by Dr. Also, please feel free to forward the application to anyone you know who is interested in interning at the White House next summer or fall.

Thank you. S Latino predoctoral students and postdoctoral and senior scholars to conduct research related to U. Latino history, art and culture in association with members of the Smithsonian professional research staff, and utilizing the resources of the Institution. Pinkett Minority Student Award E-mail: info archivists. The stipend is not taxed and housing and benefits are not provided. Eligible applicants are younger scholars who have received the doctorate, and graduate students.

These grants are available for both program planning and implementation. Title: Mini-Grants E-mail: grants humanitiestexas. The deadlines for receipt of full applications, if invited, are March 15 and September 15 annually. The future of our children depends on our ability to teach them to be culturally sensitive, open minded, and to become people of conscience. These books use word finds, coloring pages, writing activities, and other fun activities to teach kids vocabulary, pride, and Latino history!!!

Cervantes at acervant crsassociates. Angel R. Cervantes, a resident of the San Fernando Vally, has taught elementary school for over 10 years. He is also an adjunct instructor of History at Glendale Community College. Currently, he is serving as a Commissioner for the City of LA. They include the dance-drama of Native Americans and the religious plays and pageants of medieval and Renaissance Spain. During the Spanish colonization of Mexico, Catholic missionaries used plays to help convert the native peoples of Mexico to Catholicism.

Plays were later used to teach mestizo those of mixed Spanish and Native American heritage Mexicans the mysteries and rituals of the church. In the s and s, a hybrid religious theater developed. These plays combined the music, colors, flowers, masks, and languages that were a part of the native cultures with the stories of the Bible. In Mexico and the American Southwest, these plays eventually moved farther and farther from their religious origins. In the end such plays were banned by the Catholic Church.

They were not allowed on church grounds or in church festivals. Because of this separation from the church, such plays became part of the folk culture. The community put on the plays without the help and support of the church. Hispanic Drama in the United States. The colonists brought with them folk plays from Spain and Spanish America. In their camps Onate 's soldiers would entertain each other by making up plays based on their experiences on the journey.

They also put on a popular Spanish folk play. Moros y cristianos was a heroic play about how the Spanish Christians defeated the Islamic Moors in northern Spain and drove them off the Iberian Peninsula. This play eventually spread throughout Spanish A m e ri ca.

It has even been performed in the twentieth century in New Mexico. Moros y cristianos influenced many later Hispanic epic plays about war and conflict. As early as the late s, the Hispanic folk theater in the United States developed into a theater of professionals. This usually happened in areas with large Hispanic pop u lations.

At first, touring groups from Mex i co traveled to California where they performed melodramas and musicals. In the mids regularly scheduled steamships made it easy for these groups to put on plays in San Diego, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Eventually, professional theater troupes could be found in the Southwest, N e w York, Florida, and even the Midwest. By the s Mexican theater productions had greatly increased in the border s tates. Theater companies that had previously only toured in central Mexico began to extend their regular circuits into the United States.

After the turn of the twentieth century, trains and cars allowed these com p anies to reach smaller cities. Between and , many Mexican theater houses were built to provide stages for the traveling groups. Some smaller cities even had their own Mexican theater with a resident troupe of players. Mobile tent theaters, circus theaters, and makeshift groups took plays to small towns and rural areas on both sides of the Rio Grande.

Around the time of the Mexican Revolution in , thousands of Mexican refugees settled in the Southwest and the Midwest. This influx of immigrants sparked an increase in theatrical activity. During the decades of revolution, many of Mexico's greatest dramatic artists and their companies came to the United States. They came to tour and take up temporary residence. However, some stayed permanently. By the s Hispanic theater had become big business. Benson, Micholas Kanellos, and Bryan Ryan. The article above is the first part on the topic, Hispanic American Theater, found in Volume 1, Almanac.

The 4-Volume series is published by African American Publications. Editor: I have searched through both the Elementary School Edition and Secondary School Edition also 4-volume , and have found the information accurate, authoritative, and refreshingly unbiased. For more information, call or email: afriampub aol. Latinos from a purely immigration angle, it's easy to forget Brown people, and in particular Mexican Americans, have been mixing it up in the American cultural landscape since before there even was a so-called "America. From her AP obit: "Mendoza scored her first big hit , Mal Hombre Evil Man , in the s and became one of the era's first Mexican-American superstars by singing to the poor and downtrodden.

Mendoza recorded more than songs on more than 50 albums, including boleros, rancheras, cumbias and tangos for such labels as RCA, Columbia, Azteca, Peerless, El Zarape and Discos Falcon. In addition to pursuing a solo career, she also enjoyed performing with her family.

Mal Hombre , released in on the Bluebird label, became a hit on both sides of the border and was her signature song. Back in the day, I used to work as the assistant for the Theater Program for the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center in San Antonio this when the Center actually had dynamic Chicano programming and nothing like the culturally bankrupt institution it is today. More on that sad story maybe later. Garcia and included live music and many of her songs. As with most people my age, I knew very little about Lydia. And so while the play taught me the facts of Mendoza's life and exposed me to her poignant, sentimental, powerful music, it was the crowds of Raza flocking to the show that made me aware of Mendoza's importance and cultural impact.

Editorial - Niamh Nic Chonmara

For more than a month -- three nights a week and a Sunday matinee performance -- the shows sold out. Lydia herself attended once. By then she was nearly 80, partially debilitated by a stroke, but insisted on attending in one of her signature large and fluffy colorful dresses she wore when performing. Her hair was swept up s style. She waved to the crowd as they gave her a standing ovation. Unfortunately, another lesson learned watching the rich exchange between talented performer and knowledgeable and appreciative audience was witnessing another example of another Secret History revealed, if only for a moment, and, equally frustrating, only within the confines of the Guadalupe Theater.

The careers and talents of performers like Josephine Baker and Billie Holiday are not only well-known to most Americans, but acknowledged as active participants and contributors to the larger story of American popular music. If anyone can lay claim for equal significance to the American pop canon it is Lydia Mendoza. Unsurprisingly, her story remains on the margins of our national cultural identity. Lydia Mendoza - Tejano pioneer Valerie J. Lydia Mendoza, an early star of Mexican American music whose passionate, despairing songs about working-class life on both sides of the border made her a trailblazer for the Tejano genre, has died.

She was Mendoza, whose singing career spanned more than 60 years, died Dec. In , Texas Monthly magazine called her the "greatest Mexican American female performer ever to grace a stage. The words for her first hit came from her girlhood collection of gum wrappers that contained lyrics. She put the words from one wrapper to a tune she had heard in concert in Mexico and first performed "Mal Hombre" Evil Man , a song about false-hearted lovers, when she was After Ms. Mendoza recorded the tango in , it became a major hit in the Spanish-speaking community and started her career.

Accompanied by her signature string guitar, Ms. Mendoza often sang about hardship and rejection in a powerfully sincere style that reflected the music developing along the U. In , she married shoemaker Juan Alvarado and continued to perform in an era when wives usually gave up their careers. By , Ms. Mendoza had recorded more than songs in a wide variety of musical styles that included boleros, rancheras and cumbias. She wrote many of them herself. She performed at the inauguration of President Jimmy Carter and in received a National Medal of Arts, which recognizes outstanding contributions to the field.

At the White House medal ceremony, President Bill Clinton praised her for bridging "the gap between generations and cultures. She was born in Houston in to Francisco and Leonor Mendoza. Her family had come from northern Mexico, and she and several siblings grew up moving between Mexico and Texas. In , her father answered an ad in a San Antonio newspaper placed by a New York company looking to record Spanish-language musicians.

Still needing to find regular work, the Mendozas moved to Michigan to work in the vegetable fields. Upon hearing the family perform, co-workers encouraged them to play in town, and they spent several years working and performing in small restaurants. Back in Texas in the early s, the family often played for tips at an outdoor market in San Antonio, where the host of a Spanish-language radio show heard Ms. Mendoza sing. While the radio show made her popular in the region, the repeal of prohibition in created opportunities for cantina musicians.

Eventually, the family began touring throughout the Rio Grande Valley in southern Texas. Mendoza performed solo while her siblings sang together and put on a variety act. Even after having three daughters, Ms. Mendoza kept performing, but gas rationing during World War II temporarily ended her touring. In , she returned to the road, but the family group broke up in after her mother died and a sister married.

Although her status as an idol had peaked during the s, Ms. Mendoza continued recording and touring as a solo act until a series of strokes forced her to retire in After her husband died in , she married another shoemaker, Fred Martinez, in , and they moved to Houston, where she often performed in small nightclubs. She pulled from a repertoire of 1, songs that spanned almost years.

Now he is part of the biggest and most acclaimed celebrities of the world of Hollywood in Spanish! It is his desire to pass on this heritage to the children of today so that they may take pleasure in passing it on to the children of tomorrow. It was from his tour around the world that he gained the cultural knowledge he now shares with children through his books and recordings. Armando A. Ayala DrChili webtv. It is made up of articles by diverse writers on varied subjects of interest to Mexico. Through our Foundation, we are able to return some of our good fortune to the people and place that we truly cherish.

Keck said. Known as the Sanchez Scholars, this select group is made up of four cohorts. It offers University students one of the best equity trade centers in the nation, featuring both Bloomberg and Reuters news feeds, and gives TAMIU students a robust ability to analyze public and private equity and debt for companies from issuers around the world.

It will better prepare students for job opportunities in the business sector while enhancing faculty research and professional development programs. Equipped with an impressive variety of computer and telecommunications software including three plasma flat-screen monitors, 36 wireless laptop computers, 18 microphones for audience and students, three sensors which track speakers on local and distant sites and three Bloomberg-linked workstations, the Business Tech Center impacts TAMIU course offerings in Finance, Accounting, Economics, Management, Marketing, Management Information Systems and Production.

The Foundation also supports the popular A. Distinguished Lecture Series. A tribute to the late A. Attracting nationally- and internationally-known scholars to TAMIU, the Series has brought lecturers ranging from Nobel Peace Laureates, prominent political figures, and gifted world scientists to award-winning authors and artists. Other local efforts by the A. Housed in existing facilities in Laredo, namely the Gateway Community Health Clinic and the City of Laredo Health Department, this dental care project will bring numerous benefits to Laredo and the Mid Rio Grande Valley by helping address the shortage of dental health care providers and expanding oral health education in the region.

It will not only enhance the training of pre-doctoral students and post specialty residents, but it will also provide long-term benefits to needy citizens of Laredo and the Mid Rio Grande Valley Area. University office hours are from 8 a. Sent by Juan Marinez marinez anr. Thriving Latina Entrepreneurs in America answers a question the author frequently encounters, "How did you take the determination to leave your family and your country to start a business in a foreign land? She tells the stories of seven successful Latinas that inspire and direct you in your journey through the business world.

After learning what these women went through to pursue their passion and achieve success, you will feel like you can accomplish anything. Thriving Latina Entrepreneurs in America is a book that encourages the reader to follow your dreams and succeed. It will also provide you with the tools and knowledge to get your business up and running. And it will save you time, energy and perhaps money. Anti -Spanish Legends. Hispanic Medal of Honor recipients. Sometimes there are stories so powerful that even grown men cry. One of the articles that I wrote and which brought tears to my eyes was the one about Captain Humbert Roque Versace.

Yes, I am not ashamed to tell you that this tough Marine who some people called "Heart of Stone", could not contain his tears. Maybe it was that I remembered the friends that I lost but, mostly I believe that it was because as I wrote the article I placed myself, as a father and grandfather, in the place of his parents.

That is what happened to Versace, he was captured, tortured and executed. His mother, a talented writer whose work inspired the television series "The Flying Nun" spent her life trying to recover his remains to no avail. She then led the fight to have her son recognized with the Medal of Honor, a distinction which she was to never witness because she passed away before Congress gave their approval. In the case of Maximo Yabes, he was already a veteran of 15 years when he used his body as a shield to protect others in a bunker, moved 2 wounded men to a safer position where they could be given medical treatment and destroyed an enemy machine gun position before being mortally wounded.

This is the last of my Medal of Honor series. Try to remember the names of our 43 MoH heroes, because these were men from all walks of life who in some cases made the ultimate sacrifice, so that everyone in this country can enjoy the freedoms which often are taken for granted. He was the first member of the U. Army to be awarded the Medal of Honor for actions performed in Southeast Asia while in captivity. He joined the Armed Forces in Norfolk, Virginia. He graduated in and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant of Armor in the U.

Upon graduation from Ranger School , Capt. Versace attended Airborne School and was awarded the parachutist badge. Captain Versace was then assigned to the 3d U. Infantry Old Guard , where he served as a tank platoon leader in Headquarters and Headquarters Company. On May 12 , , Versace began his first tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam as an intelligence advisor. In May he volunteered for a six month's extension of his tour, planning to attend seminary at the conclusion of his service and join the Catholic priesthood, hoping to return to Vietnam as a missionary working with orphans.

He was able to provide enough covering fire so that the CIDG forces could withdraw from the killing zone. Statue dedicated to Capt. Versace A second government force of about men operating only a few thousand yards from the main fight learned of the disaster too late to help. Versace was captured and taken to a prison deep in the jungle along with two other Americans, Lieutenant Nick Rowe and Sergeant Dan Pitzer.

He tried to escape four times, but failed in his attempts. Versace insulted the Viet Cong during the indoctrination sessions and cited the Geneva Convention treaty time after time. The Viet Cong separated Versace from the other prisoners. The last time the prisoners heard his voice, he was loudly singing " God Bless America ". Versace's remains have never been recovered. His headstone at Arlington National Cemetery stands above an empty grave. She went to Paris in the late s, trying unsuccessfully to see the North Vietnamese delegation as it arrived for peace talks.

Rios Versace expressed her frustration and anguish in poems. Nominations to award Versace the Medal of Honor were initiated in , but the nomination failed and he was posthumously awarded the Silver Star Medal instead. The quest for a Medal of Honor for Versace languished until the "Friends of Rocky Versace" reinitiated the crusade once more in Language added by Congress in the Defense Authorization Act ended the standoff and authorized the award of the nation's highest military decoration for combat valor to Versace.

Bush for his heroism, the first time an Army POW had been awarded the nation's highest honor for actions in captivity. Present were his surviving siblings, Dr. Rank and organization: Captain, U. As the battle raged, Captain Versace fought valiantly and encouraged his CIDG patrol to return fire against overwhelming enemy forces. He provided covering fire from an exposed position to enable friendly forces to withdraw from the killing zone when it was apparent that their position would be overrun, and was severely wounded in the knee and back from automatic weapons fire and shrapnel.

He stubbornly resisted capture with the last full measure of his strength and ammunition. Taken prisoner by the Viet Cong, he demonstrated exceptional leadership and resolute adherence to the tenets of the Code of Conduct from the time he entered into a prisoner of war status. Captain Versace assumed command of his fellow American prisoners, and despite being kept locked in irons in an isolation box , raised their morale by singing messages to popular songs of the day, and leaving inspiring messages at the latrine.

Within three weeks of captivity, and despite the severity of his untreated wounds, he attempted the first of four escape attempts by dragging himself on his hands and knees out of the camp through dense swamp and forbidding vegetation to freedom. Crawling at a very slow pace due to his weakened condition, the guards quickly discovered him outside the camp and recaptured him. Captain Versace scorned the enemy's exhaustive interrogation and indoctrination efforts, and inspired his fellow prisoners to resist to the best of their ability. When he used his Vietnamese language skills to protest improper treatment of the American prisoners by the guards, he was put into leg irons and gagged to keep his protestations out of earshot of the other American prisoners in the camp.

The last time that any of his fellow prisoners heard from him, Captain Versace was singing God Bless America at the top of his voice from his isolation box. Unable to break his indomitable will, his faith in God, and his trust in the United States of America and his fellow prisoners, Captain Versace was executed by the Viet Cong on September 26 , Captain Versaces extraordinary heroism, self-sacrifice, and personal bravery involving conspicuous risk of life above and beyond the call of duty were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army, and reflect great credit to himself and the U.

Armed Forces. Shinseki inducted Versace into the Pentagon Hall of Heroes. Among Capt. Badges: Parachutist badge Combat Infantryman Badge. Tabs: Ranger Tab. Further reading Rowe, James N. ISBN Yabes distinguished himself when he used his body as a shield to protect others in a bunker, moved 2 wounded men to a safer position where they could be given medical treatment and destroyed an enemy machine gun position before being mortally wounded. Yabes, a Mexican-American , was born in Lodi, California, and at a young age moved with his family to Eugene, Oregon where he received his primary and secondary education.

By , Yabes was a First Sergeant with a total of 15 years in the Army. The division had been stationed at Cu Chi, a village northwest of Saigon since January Yabes' company — Alpha Company — was assigned to protect a squad of Army engineers whose assignment was to bulldoze a swath between the village and a plantation. The objective of this assignment was to deny the enemy ambushers and snipers the protective cover of the lush jungles. On February 26 , , waves of Viet Cong , attacked Company A's position, blowing whistles and laying down deadly automatic weapons fire. The Viet Cong, who penetrated the barbed wire perimeter, hurled grenades towards the command bunker.

Yabes ran inside the bunker and covered its occupants with his body, all the while receiving wounds from numerous grenade fragments. Yabes then moved to another bunker and with a grenade launcher fired upon the enemy, halting a further penetration of the perimeter. Yabes then assisted two fallen comrades before he noticed an enemy machinegun within the perimeter which threatened the whole position. Yabes then proceded to attack the enemy machine gun crew. He was able to kill the entire crew before falling mortally wounded. President Lyndon B. Johnson , presented Yabes' wife and children with the Medal of Honor in a ceremony held at the White House.

Rank and organization: First Sergeant, U. Yabes distinguished himself with Company A, which was providing security for a land clearing operation. Early in the morning the company suddenly came under intense automatic weapons and mortar fire followed by a battalion sized assault from 3 sides. Penetrating the defensive perimeter the enemy advanced on the company command post bunker. The command post received increasingly heavy fire and was in danger of being overwhelmed.

When several enemy grenades landed within the command post, 1st Sgt. Yabes shouted a warning and used his body as a shield to protect others in the bunker. Although painfully wounded by numerous grenade fragments, and despite the vicious enemy fire on the bunker, he remained there to provide covering fire and enable the others in the command group to relocate. When the command group had reached a new position, 1st Sgt.

Yabes moved through a withering hail of enemy fire to another bunker 50 meters away. There he secured a grenade launcher from a fallen comrade and fired point blank into the attacking Viet Cong stopping further penetration of the perimeter. Noting 2 wounded men helpless in the fire swept area, he moved them to a safer position where they could be given medical treatment.

He resumed his accurate and effective fire killing several enemy soldiers and forcing others to withdraw from the vicinity of the command post. As the battle continued, he observed an enemy machinegun within the perimeter which threatened the whole position. On his own, he dashed across the exposed area, assaulted the machinegun, killed the crew, destroyed the weapon, and fell mortally wounded.

Yabes' valiant and selfless actions saved the lives of many of his fellow soldiers and inspired his comrades to effectively repel the enemy assault. His indomitable fighting spirit, extraordinary courage and intrepidity at the cost of his life are in the highest military traditions and reflect great credit upon himself and the Armed Forces of his country. Dozens of individuals, businesses and organizations in Eugene, Oregon, donated time, money, labor and supplies to build a memorial to honor Yabes.

They hired sculptor Tim Outman to create the memorial which features a fountain, a flag pole and a bronze bust with the likeness of Yabes set on a granite pedestal. Engraved on the base are the details of Yabes' Medal of Honor exploits. The memorial is located in Oakridge Oregon in the Greenwaters Park. Greenwaters Park is located on the east side of Oakridge, south of highway The city of El Paso, Texas also honored Yabes by naming an avenue after him.

Badges Parachutist badge Combat Infantryman Badge. Stanton Army Combat and Support Forces in Vietnam Stackpole Books. Richard C. Campbell Hispanic Culture. Two Eagles Press. Edward F. Murphy Vietnam Medal of Honor Heroes. Ballantine Books. Ron Owens Turner Publishing Company. List of 43 Hispanic Medal of Honor Recipients. These are the last two men out of a total of 43 Hispanics who were awarded the Medal of Honor. Yes, 43, not 39 or 41 like you may have read in some other website, but Here are once more the names of all the Medal of Honor recipients whose biographies I have included during the last year in the Hispanic Medal of Honor series of "Somos Primos" which started with Part I.

I would like to wish you all a "Happy New Year" and I hope that you all enjoyed reading this series as much as I enjoyed writing it. Remember the names of our heroes. Philip Bazaar 2. Joseph H. De Castro 3. John Ortega. France Silva World War I. David B. Lucian Adams 7.


Rudolph B. Davila 8. Marcario Garcia 9. David M. Silvestre S. Herrera Jose M. Lopez Joe P. Manuel Perez Jr. Cleto L.

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Rodriguez Alejandro R. Ruiz Jose F. Ysmael R. Rodolfo P. Hernandez Joseph C. John P. Baca Roy P. Benavidez Emilio A. Ralph E. Alfred V. Rascon Louis R. Rocco Jay R. Vargas Jr. I also would like to mention that I also admire and dedicate the series to the other group of unsung heroes which are the parents, wives, children and other loved ones of our heroes.

I would like to thank my friend Ercheck and the others who wrote some of the bios.

I would like to wish our readers a "Happy New Year". Next month, I will write about four men who deserve the Medal of Honor. Til then "Que Dios los Bendiga". Patriots of the American Revolution. En ese contexto, ella es la Vida deseable, el ideal de la Libertad en los cimientos de la Tierra.

Es un hecho que experimentaremos. Recuerdos de la Guerra de Independencia Memories from the war of independence. Showing their finest gowns The people of Chepetlan Are celebrating the day Of the fiesta in their name. How the bells chime from The parish church! How the teponaxtle beats Its monotonous count!

Here and there are Casings and firecracker And one hears everywhere An infernal uproar. Under roofs of branches Flavored waters and sandia Are sold, accompanied by The tenacious sound of a harp. Natives and visitors Dance with sweet equality One hears the booming voice From the local lout Another from he with the lottery Calling all to play. Between the arches of flowers Pass fleeting breezes Tempering the ardent fire Of the tropical sun. Zealous groups of the mob Agitate themselves constantly Eager for diversions Craving pleasure. Because Guerrero and his men are surely far away And there is nothing to fear of them At least while one remains at the fiesta of Chepetlan.

As afternoon comes And the sun declines, One hears a strange murmur Unusual and military, And the people are aroused. Yet, without need to explain The cause of the alarm That produces such reaction. Suddenly through the streets On a tall cinnamon horse That champs impatient at the bit And breaths with fire Rides in fast but serene A man of brave soul As noble as he is loyal. It is Guerrero, the indomitable Son of freedom; Followed by his valiant troops.. At the arrival of which Some people in town hide themselves While others come out to watch. Guerrero enters the plaza, And the prideful animal Is reigned and brought To a steady trot.

And the happy fiesta continued With no further interruption; And jacket wearers and insurgents Continued with enjoyable recreation That made for a pleasurable night This night in Chepetlan. Entre los arcos de flores Pasa la brisa fugaz, Templando apenas el fuego De ardiente sol tropical. Transcurren pocos instantes Y comienzan a llegar Unos y otros, prisioneros Los de bando virreinal. Vicente Riva Palacio was a general in a later war against a European power.

The Arch-Duke sought to create his personal Empire of Mexico. Enrique Maldonado Quintanilla former Mayor of Mier, Mexico is a historian and writer who has written many contributions to books, magazines, and other periodicals. He wrote some time ago the explanation for the streets named for my Great Grandfather and Great Uncle in the city of Mier, Mexico founded in so that information would not be lost. Both my Great Grandfather and Great Uncles were Colonels in the Constitutionalist Army, they were wealthy merchants, but they voluntarily left their comfortable positions for the ideals of their constitution and as related by Prof.

Quintanilla they died as valiant heroes in battle for the cause of social justice. I have translated it literally from Spanish to English and it will be featured with some of my other works in the Hispanic Genealogical Society Journal Great Grandfather Jose Miguel Barrera. John, today called Plaza Hidalgo, these two streets honor the memory of two valiant Mier men that gave their lives for the principles of the Mexican Revolution. Photo below Miguel Barrera Guerra The Mexican Revolution was a violent social movement, it began as a response to the abuse of the nation; it exploded with the end of liberties.

The inequalities began to add up and at the opportune moment it exploded with anger. Quickly this movement of social non-conformity spread throughout the nation, like a catharsis of hate that had accumulated in the conscience of the nation, it exploded through the same conscience that had been the victim of the rule of absolute power. At the beginning of the Revolution in the first citizens of Mier joined under the command of Captain Exiquido Gonzalez, afterwards Don Jesus Carranza established a headquarters in the city from to , the infamy of the absurd crimes committed by Victoriano Huerta caused many of the citizens to join the ranks of the Constitutionalists.

What drove the men of Mier to join the Revolution was very different than that which motivated the men of the Central and Southern regions. These were not the victims of the haciendas, of the taskmaster, or of the sweatshop, nor was it the rage of the peon that grew with every lash of the whip, not even was it caused by land arbitrarily confiscated by brute force; here the motives that caused the men of Mier to take up arms were their political differences or their idealism forged by the injustices of the nation.

They went to the Revolution to make effective the three words that in took the French to the conquest of their rights, "Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity". There must be equality in all things in the true exercise of power. When the revolution had seemed to triumph, the betrayal of Victoriano Huerta struck a match that ignited a second phase, from which emerged the fiery figure of Venustiano Carranza. He was able to meld together the different forces of the resistance, defeating all usurpers. Furthermore the differences between the military leaders took this social movement to an ideological confrontation that was the cause of the Aguascalientes Convention and definitely a much more violent revolutionary movement than previously expected was initiated; The individuals Carranza, Villa, and Zapata each were responsible for deep schisms, where each one of them sought to impose their own personal political projects.

Finally, every one of them died victims of their rigidity; this rigidity took to the grave thousands of Mexicans, the majority not knowing with certainty what they were dying for. As Villa went beyond the bounds of the objectives of the Plan of Guadalupe, the conflict between the other revolutionary leaders and Francisco Villa began. Another force formed by Villa was under the command of General Chao, who coming from S. These Villa forces provided the military front against all of Tamaulipas of which Mier was no exception. Gonzalez attacked Matamoros that was being defended by General Emiliano P.

Naffarete with soldiers that were under the orders of Col. Miguel Barrera Guerra, and the Lt. The 27th of March the Villa forces began their assault against Matamoros from the direction of "La Garita" on the road to Monterrey. The Villa cavalry charged several times without breaking the defensive lines. From April 1st to 7th the attacks of the Villa forces had the same unsuccessful results. The 13th of April the defenders of the Matamoros Plaza the downtown center were reinforced by men under the command of the Cols.

Eugenio Lopez and Teodulio Ramirez and they took their positions against the Villa forces. Lamentably the defenders lost the valiant Col. Miguel Barrera Guerra. Enrique Barrera Guerra. Both had joined the Constitutionalist forces. Photo on right: Enrique Barrera Guerra These two heroes of the Mexican Revolution were the sons of Jose Miguel Barrera and Encarnacion, a marriage that had to cry with the sacrifice of their sons immolated on altars made from the wood of their plows used for the new fields of social justice.

Mier made recompense to them in naming two streets that run parallel east to west, precisely in the heart of the neighborhood of their childhood, they ran down those very streets as children. They forever look on them that died for a just cause! Picture of the doors of Jose Miguel Barreras house in Mier. It was the custom when a family built their generational home to inscribe the main beam called in Spanish ,"The Vega". All of the oldest existing houses from the historical district of Mier, Mexico have a "Vega" inscribed with the family name and date.

This is a Spanish tradition of the highest order and mandate as it communicates that the family has established an "ancestral home; casa solariega"! Francesco Quevedo the William Shakespeare of Spanish literature is known for a special quote dear to erudite Spaniards,"What a shame I have no ancestor who died in battle or an ancestral home; casa solariega!

Cualquier Espanol que veino a la colonia de Espana en America deseaba establizersu casa solariega! The Vega was like a cornerstone to the casa Solariega. Attached is a picture of the Vega in Mier installed in the addition built by Jose Miguel Barreras second wife, Encarnacion Guerra, dated June 30, There is another inscribed beam in the room marked Garza shared his goal, "to propagate a vision to help the people of Mier.

La Argentina de Onassis.

Our next project is to reach every school child of 1, in the Mier school system with humanitarian aid! Garza shared childhood memories underlying his desire to contribute to the community of Mier. I was particularly honored to spend some time with a former mayor and present Cronista, Enrique Maldonado Quintanilla.

His writing reflect a classical education. He covers the history, social, flora, and fauna of Mier. It is caled the "Catan" similar to an alligator gar but it is much larger weighing up to lbs! I was so excited to see a picture of one caught near Mier in his book. I remember that in small Mexican towns on the river they would sell "catan chicharrones. For decades I had the memory of the sword on the monument of his grave.

Abuelita Juanita almost raised me as I lived in her house, and my mother worked. When I stood to speak at the Christmas party and I saw all the faces of the elderly, I could not help but reflect on all those wonderful Tias, Tios, Abuelos, and Abuelas that I knew as a child from Mier. It was like giving back to them even though they are all gone. Abuelita Juanita lived through the Mexican revolution in Mier. As a child my grandmother told me all kinds of true stories from the Revolution that she experienced. Their father was Crescencio Canales inheritor to a Spanish land grant that extended to both sides of the Rio Grande River.

Abuelita Juanita told me many stories of the Revolution but I'll start out with this one. All the sisters were blond and blue eyed. My mother's mother was Maria Reyes called Reyita. Abuelita told me a contingent of Pancho Villa's men came into Mier. She said Villaistas were well known to be thieves, liars, and rapists.

Her father Crescencio hid his daughters in his house to protect them from being raped. The house was a prominent dwelling and is still there caddy corner to the plaza and across from the school named after the Canales family. This was a dangerous trip as the men were out drinking and preying on passerbys.

She said the water he brought back tasted horrible. Finally after days of abusing and living off the populace they left. Crescencio Canales was able to go to the well in daylight. The power of an idea or memory is awesome! About 47 years have passed since my grandmother took me to the tomb of Enrique Barrera Guerra. Now I have returned and I am determined to help those people to honor all my Mier ancestors. Larry Garza larrygarza comcast.

Most people have one or two given names, followed by two surnames. The first surname considered the primary surname is inherited from the father's paternal surname, the second is inherited from the mother's paternal surname. Women usually keep their names when they marry. Sometimes the two surnames are separated by the word"y" meaning "and".

Spanish given names are usually taken from the names of saints. See European names. The word name in Spanish is "nombre". Uno de ellos pasa la noche con ella. Loco de rabia, prende fuego a los campos, a su hogar y muere entre las llamas. Determinado a cumplir con su cometido, Mario deja a su mujer e hijos para unirse a los revolucionarios. Cuba, 24 de febrero de Bjorn y Amancio contrapuntean una historia acerca de la amistad, los estereotipos, la aventura y el amor. Sus partituras se han convertido en la banda sonora que alumbra las estrechas y apasionadas relaciones del maravilloso grupo de colegas que ambos comparten.

Su transporte es una antigua motocicleta Norton, de Alberto, conocida como La Poderosa. Durante el viaje ellos entran en contacto con la pobreza y el sufrimiento. Languages: Algunos nunca los traicionaron, Otros nunca los perdonaron. Languages: Spanish A young working class girl falls in love with an upper class boy who is part of the plot to assassinate General Schneider Semben aplica una mirada sabia, serena y colorista a sus personajes.

Cuenta la historia de Jean Valjean que, dura e injustamente condenado por robar una barra de pan, se ve perseguido por la justicia a lo largo de toda su vida. Transcurre en Francia, durante la primera mitad del siglo XIX, en ambientes rurales y capitalinos. Jean Valjean escapa nuevamente para cumplir la promesa que le hizo a Fantine, antes de su muerte, de ir en busca de su hija, Cosette, a la venta de los Thenardier. James Gregory Joseph Fiennes considera a los negros como subhumanos. Habla su idioma y puede espiarlos. Pero ocurre lo contrario.

Haciendo valer su apariencia de inofensivo violinista, Don Plutarco tiene un plan: recuperar las municiones escondidas en su maizal. Se convierte en un excelente cocinero que utiliza sus habilidades culinarias para condimentar la vida de aquellos que lo rodean. Pero el regreso trae resultados inesperados. Fuera de los rigores de una vida entregada al desarrollo espiritual, Thasi empieza a experimentar el despertar a la vida sexual. Estos sentimientos coinciden con un viaje a una villa cercana donde Tashi conoce a Pema, una bella joven de la que se enamora.

Entonces, por primera vez, el joven lama comienza a cuestionarse los valores de su vida monacal en el monasterio. Director Gillo Pontercorvo. El 5 de marzo de fueron trasladados al Reino Unido. En Londres, tras ser interrogados, fueron puestos en libertad sin cargos. Languages: French , during the spanish civil war, at Teruel. The fight of the Republicans with very poor means but David resulta herido y tiene que ser hospitalizado en Barcelona.

En la ciudad, comunistas y anarquistas dirimen su propia guerra interna. Loach te engancha y te implica en la atrocidad del desenlace, pero ya es muy tarde para mi paciencia. Se trata de la lucha de las clases bajas e inmigrates contra los poderes empresariales que les someten. Biography of famed artist Salvador Dali, focusing mainly on his relationship with girlfriend Gala and the time they spent in New York City in and his early days in Spain collaborating with filmmaker Luis Bunuel.

Un grupo de mujeres reclama a las tropas milicianas su puesto en el frente. En nombre de la libertad, las mujeres libran su propia batalla para igualarse a los derechos de los hombres en la lucha armada. Una gozada de trabajo. Lo malo es que la zambullida de Courtois en el thriller no siempre es acertada. El guionista juega bien con el punto de vista para no pillarse los dedos con afirmaciones no suficientemente demostradas.

Los lunes al sol. Es la hostia. Caye y Zulema no tardan en comprender que, aunque a cierta distancia, las dos caminan por la misma cuerda floja. De su complicidad nace esta historia. Verano de , Imperio de Carlos V. De repente, Jota ve caer del cielo a una joven que ha sufrido un accidente de moto. A consecuencia del golpe la joven sufre amnesia total; ni siquiera recuerda su nombre.

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Lo mejor: Stellan Skarsgard, un Goya formidable. Una serie de brutales asesinatos a menores se propaga por la ciudad. Los funcionarios de la embajada, para evitar la avalancha de periodistas, deciden cerrar las puertas, dejando dentro a los ocupas. Planean el secuestro de la hija de un conocido industrial, durante la ceremonia de la boda, pero ello fracasa por la ineptitud de los "mutantes".

Pero ahora la chica, ya deforme, puede entrar en la banda. Don Arturo llega a Cuba cargado de promesas y souvenirs. En su primer polvo con Yoli sufre un infarto por sobredosis de un estimulante sexual. A pesar del peligro y las amenazas, Papito cree que es una oportunidad para recuperar a su amor y acepta el trato. La cultura Rastafari, Babilonia y mucho reggae. Los Wailers la vieron y le pidieron a los realizadores que filmaran sus giras.

Por casualidad Farmer Roots, su locutor de radio favorito, les hace dedo en una emergencia por llevar a su novia enferma a un hospital. Jah Bull y Baboo por sus principios rastafaris, no creen en la medicina tradicional y convencen a Farmer Roots de llevar a su novia enferma a un conocido doctor herbalista llamado Bongo Hu.

Blethyn vuelve a desatar su asombrosa capacidad para representar, con derroches de malicia, el candor, la inocencia y el despiste. Situaciones imposibles, vueltas de tuerca arbitrarias y un final tan sorpresivo que la historia y los personajes parecen otros. After a young actress unknowingly eats her roommate's pot cupcakes, her day becomes a series of misadventures.

Los chicos deciden ganar algo de dinero traficando con ella. Sin embargo, nada sale como estaba planeado y una serie de imprevistos les obliga a separarse. El periodista Kazajo debe viajar a Estados Unidos por orden de su gobierno. Basada en hechos reales.. Languages: English Estranged by the degree of corporate influence within the largest U. Cualquier parecido con la realidad no es pura coincidencia. Vive feliz con su esposa y sus cinco hijas, todas ellas solteras. Una tarde, mientras hace su reparto, conoce a Perchick, un pobre estudiante de Kiev con ideales revolucionarios.

En el interrogatorio, la mujer dice oir voces y ver visiones divinas. Languages: French, German French Resistance activist Andre Devigny is imprisoned by the Nazis, and devotes his waking hours to planning an elaborate escape Lyon, Languages: French Mouchette is a young teenager living in the tough country. Her mother is going to die, and her father does not take care of her Retrato de la triste existencia de una chica que es maltratada por su padre y humillada por la gente de su pueblo.

A mitad del camino de la vida , entre su mujer Gaelle, su joven amante Nathalie y sus principios vapuleados por el vendaval de la historia, Bruno, periodista comunista, no sabe para donde tirar. Carole Bouquet Daniel Massu Category: Franc Bruneau Isabelle Cizar Year:. Daniel Damien Jouillerot is the overweight and socially inept son of Pierre Olivier Gourmet and Genevieve Carole Bouquet , a couple who run a boarding school for troubled kids.

Daniel makes friends with Zygelman Raphael Goldman , but when Zygelman is thrown out of school after an incident involving the undergarments of a female classmate, Daniel falls in with Jean-Claude Franc Bruneau , a student with a criminal streak who brings Daniel in as an assistant in his latest illegal business venture. Basado en un hecho real. Un joven americano desaparece tras el golpe de estado de Pinochet. Un filme magistral y, sobre todo, necesario. Pero dos hombres luchan desde dentro. Languages: Amharic, Hebrew, Frenc Esta conciencia lleva a Frank a luchar contra los despidos.

En defensa de esta idea hasta boicotea la huelga de la que participa su hijo. A documentary portrait of a one-room school in rural France, where the students ranging in age from 4 to 11 are educated by a single dedicated teacher. After the end of the military dictatorship in Argentina in , Floreal is released from prison.

Instead of returning to his wife Argentina, , fin de la dictadura militar. Tigre, encargado del centro, designa a uno de sus mejores hombres para hacer el interrogatorio. Toda una muestra de dominio narrativo" M. A estos otros les mataban. Los textos de Benedetti, Juan Gelman y Oliverio Girondo intercalados con gusto, lo hacen un film interesante, intenso y liberador.

Desde el asado, hasta los maltrechos bares rioplatenses. Procurando sobre todo, prolongar la vida y el amor. En , en Madrid, sus caminos vuelven a cruzarse. Tras el encuentro, se dan cuenta de que, a pesar de que el amor sigue latente, sus destinos discurren por rumbos separados. Basada en hechos reales. Pablo Dictadura militar argentina Echarri Lautaro Delgado minutes.

Languages: Thriller. Ambos forman pareja y cuando son felices, ella muere. Zapa llega a su nueva ciudad. Pero, en apariencia, la vida del hombre que debe proteger no corre demasiado peligro. Lo que alcanzamos a ver de su vida personal es conflictivo. Existe un juego entre lo que el protagonista ve, lo que nos es permitido observar, y lo que pertenece al espacio off. Nada parece unirlos cuando se conocen y nada puede separarlos desde entonces. Encuentran a Ana, una chica sin rumbo ni ilusiones. Desde entonces son tres, amenazados y perseguidos por gente que quiere eliminarles y por otros que quieren utilizar el ejemplo de su aventura imposible.

Una historia donde hay caballos domados y hombres indomables. Nene, Gaucho y El Cuervo son atracadores de bancos profesionales. Durante el tiempo que permanecen ocultos, las relaciones personales entre la pareja Nene-Gauch o se deterioran sensiblemente. Para el delito que desencadena la trama se les suma el Cuervo Pablo Echarri en calidad de chofer.

Corre Obviamente, la cosa se complica. Pero el temporal no pasa. Los documentos falsos no llegan. Imita a un famoso cantante de tangos argentinos Polaco Goyeneche , por lo que la gente le conoce como El Polaquito. Pese a ello, El Polaquito acomete una denodada lucha contra la mafia, sin medir riesgos ni consecuencias, procurando emprender, definitivamente, el camino de amor que ha trazado junto a Pelu. Conmovedora, sincera y realista. Los actores, todos, absolutamente magistrales.

El de la inestabilidad, el trabajo en negro y el miedo a perderlo todo de un momento para otro. Inimaginable Argentina. Todos en el pueblo saben que espera en vano. Languages: Spanish Drama. Mara Caparigua, testigo de los acontecimientos, rememora aquellas dolorosas jornadas. Lutero es un hombre lleno de ilusiones. Ante la constante amenaza de muerte a la que se ve sometido, le ayudan a escapar. Mientras tanto, la postura desafiante de Lutero ha impulsado el malestar de la gente. Su lucha espiritual se ha vuelto sangrienta y los campesinos empiezan a quemar iglesias, a romper vidrieras y a destruir reliquias.

The feared bandit Cobra Verde Klaus Kinski is hired by a plantation owner to supervise his slaves Como lo oyen. Aviso: deja en estado de shock. Languages: Uno es un viejo retirado y eventual Santa Claus, el otro un profesor de historia que acaba de gastarse el sueldo en saldar sus deudas de bebida.

Holocausto nuclear. Languages: Aventuras. Esperamos al menos una pista sobre las causas del derrumbe del Imperio Maya, pero en lugar de eso tenemos a un Rambo precolombino. Years after the assassination of President George W. Bush in Chicago, an investigative documentary examines that as-yetunsolved crime. Si se tratara de John F. Bush, el actual presidente de Estados Unidos.

Macy Languages: English, Spanish Year:. He saw suffering and tried to heal it. He saw war and tried to stop it. Senator Robert F. Kennedy who was shot in the early morning hours of June 5, in the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, and 22 people in the hotel whose lives were never the same. Miles de estudiantes valientes y comprometidos con la causa mostraron su rechazo contra un sistema escolar en el que se encontraban excluidos y tratados de manera injusta.

Eli, camino de clase, convence a una pareja de rockeros para hacerles unas fotos. Entonces comienzan las preguntas El ritmo seduce y adormece una historia seca, sencilla, sin concesiones: la cotidianeidad previa a la tragedia. Nos sorprende mostrando sus acciones al mismo nivel y con el mismo distanciamiento que un chico que revela fotos, o que unas alumnas que charlan en el comedor. Explicar los motivos, detallar los pormenores de los hechos, no entra en la mente del director. Scott: New York Times "Escalofriante, una obra maestra. Una asombrosa aventura del lenguaje.

No obstante, su vida se convierte en una pesadilla cuando prueba el amor prohibido y comete el crimen de pensar libremente. Languages: Nigel Hawthorne Year:. Puesta en escena impactante y turbia. Languages: English "Time brings all things to light. De nuestro pasado. De nosotros mismos. Lo mejor: la intensidad in crescendo del viaje. Lo peor: los aires de grandeza de su primera media hora. A pesar de sus nobles intenciones, consigue que el espionaje resulte aburrido.

Languages: English "Life is more than the sum of its parts. A pre-operative male-to-female transsexual takes an unexpected journey when she learns that she fathered a son, now a teenage runaway hustling on the streets of New York. Pounder 91 minutes Monica Calhoun. Su aspecto inusual y sus maneras parecen sospechosas a Brenda, la exasperada propietaria con problemas financieros. Pero una magia excepcional opera entre las dos mujeres, transformando este solitario desierto en un maravilloso —y popular— oasis. Hope can set you free. Mark Thackeray es un profesor negro de una escuela de los suburbios de Londres donde predominan los estudiantes rebeldes.

Copa Volpi a la mejor actriz Imelda Staunton. Vera Drake vive con su marido Stan y sus hijos, Sid y Ethel. No tienen dinero, pero son felices, y se sienten una familia unida. Vera se dedica completamente a esta familia trabrajadora, pero tiene un secreto: ayuda a jovencitas a practicar abortos, una actividad ilegal. Una noche una tormenta obliga a su marido a traer a casa a un vecino, el Dr. Miranda se ve forzado a un duro cautiverio mientras marido y mujer tratan de descubrir la verdad sobre un oscuro pasado. El hambre reaparece, y con ella la revuelta: las cabezas caen. Languages: Portuguese A cinematographic essay, without dialogues, about the months Nietszche spent in Turin, Italy, with narration quoted by his original writings.

Molina es un homosexual encarcelado por seducir a un menor. El hecho real sobrecoge. Su trabajo comienza a dar frutos y el doctor gradualmente se gana el respeto de los presos. Con el respeto vie-nen los secretos. Una historia choca contra otra para confeccionar un retrato realista de la tragedia social que envuelve Brasil.

Highly symbolic and allegorical, this drama takes the search of a son for his father in the chaotic Languages: Spanish Tepito is a neighborhood of Mexico City, where the dreams of many destitute people become real. Es un orgullo ser Mexicano pero El primero de muchos. Su palabra es ley en Cidade de Deus.

Estalla la guerra en Cidade de Deus. Imprescindible verla en cine y en V. Santiago, ingeniero de clase media, casado y de buena familia, tiene serios problemas financieros. Pero cuando estos mentecatos se enteran de que en la T. Balance, Jerry Minor, Mary Seibel. Languages: English "Welcome to the slammer" When a career criminal's plan for revenge is thwarted by unlikely circumstances, he puts his intended victim's son in his place by putting him in prison Fue estrenada en Estados Unidos en agosto de Han envejecido mucho, es verdad, pero no han perdido vitalidad alguna.

Ahora, tienen un grupo llamado Los Jubilados. Aparca por un rato la salsa y se dedica a vivir al ritmo del son cubano. Aging Cuban musicians whose talents had been virtually forgotten following Castro's takeover of Cuba, are brought out of retirement by Ry Cooder, who travelled to Havana in order to bring the musicians together, resulting in triumphant performances of extraordinary music, and resurrecting the musicians' careers. DVD 1 1. La mujer que llego. Siempre he de adorarte. Chuquiago Marka. Llorando se fue. Al final. DVD 2 1. El arbol de mi destino.

El ultimo amanecer. Tiempo al tiempo. Ave de cristal. Memoria Individuales e Historias de Vida minutes Languages: Documental que recorre las diferentes etapas y aspectos de la vida del Che, desde su nacimiento hasta su muerte en Bolivia. Solanas Year: Fernando E. Un crimen legal Granados y Delgado. Lenin, Joseph Stalin Length: 57 minutes Languages: Russian Three anonymous songs about Lenin provide the basis for this documentary that celebrates the achievements Year: "Musician.

Klish Languages: English "A film of epic portions. Mikael, Robert Monks, Michael Moore, Year: Documentary that looks at the concept of the corporation throughout recent history up to its present-day dominance. Days That Shook The World: 2.