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Are Energy Drinks Really Bad For You?

This cannot be combined with any other offer. Item s must be must be purchased in the same transaction. Entire order must be shipped to a single address. Offer is not applicable towards the shipping costs for returned items. Diabetes can occur when your body no longer is able to produce insulin, which gets rid of sugar in your body. That means that there are potentially toxic levels of sugar in your blood, and it's a very serious problem.

The high amounts of sugar in energy drinks means that your body is constantly flooded with sugar - from both natural sources like food, but also these added sources like energy drinks and sodas. If you're at risk of getting diabetes or there is a history of it in your family, you should stay away from these energy drinks, and consult your doctor before consuming them. After drinking an energy drink, it seems natural that your heart rate would increase because it's giving you more energy, but studies have shown that it also thickens your blood , which makes it harder for it to make its way around the body.

High levels of taurine and caffeine can stop your arteries from dilating properly, which can reduce blood flow to the heart and cause a heart attack. An overdose of caffeine can trigger an anxiety attack, or make people more nervous and jittery because of the excess and unwanted energy in their system. This study showed that over a certain amount of time, participants that self reported anxiety attacks, and those that held the gene for panic anxiety were more susceptible to reacting badly to caffeine.

The caffeine in energy drinks may trick our bodies and brains into thinking that we're awake and alert, but this can have long term consequences on our bodies. Your brain is unable to rest and recharge properly if you consume caffeine too close to bed time. When the time comes to fall asleep, you might find that you're actually unable to. Taking an energy drink can cause you to have warped sleep patterns, and the inability to fall asleep when you need to.

According to some studies , high consumption of energy drinks can lead to increased risky behaviour, especially amongst teens. Of course, teens shouldn't even be drinking these energy drinks in the first place, but for those who do, there is a visible correlation between those who drink energy drinks and take drugs, show violent behaviours, or drink alcohol. This may be because of a couple of reasons - you might be allergic to some ingredients that you haven't tried before in an energy drinks, or you might even develop an allergy to these ingredients after being exposed to them.

The allergic reactions might be from ingredients that you haven't been exposed to before, or from consuming too many vitamins over and above the recommended daily values. Over the years, it has been suggested that energy drinks can also increase the risks of kidney failure. Taurine is seen as a potential culprit in this, as accumulation of taurine in the kidneys can have damaging consequences.

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The potential effects range from acute renal failure, or also taurine accumulation with excess intake. As mentioned in my Rip It article, the US Military is scarily dependent on energy drinks to function and be alert during operations, but that also comes with its own side effects. Energy drinks can exacerbate PTSD symptoms, and can actually make fatigue worse rather than better, especially if the sleep debt is not paid off.

Soldiers who drank a lot of Rip It energy drink also reported increased symptoms of fatigue, mental health problems and aggression. If you frequently drink energy drinks, you might find that suddenly, after stopping, you have really bad migraines and headaches. Those are mostly associated with withdrawal symptoms. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds.

More Videos Put down that energy drink! A study published Wednesday in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that caffeinated energy drinks altered the heart's electrical activity and raised blood pressure. The extent of these electrical changes -- which signal the heart's chambers squeezing and relaxing -- is "generally considered mild," according to study author Sachin Shah, a professor of pharmacy at the Thomas J.

However, people who take certain medications or have a specific type of heart condition could be at increased risk of a fatal arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat, he added. The American Beverage Association stands by the safety of energy drinks, indicating that many of their ingredients are also found in common foods and have been rigorously studied for safety.

But health experts like the World Health Organization say they "may pose danger to public health. Still, the global energy drink market continues to grow. So what exactly is inside these drinks, and how do they impact your body?

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Over the years, concerned experts have been getting closer to answering those questions, said Dr. Most energy drinks typically contain large amounts of caffeine; added sugars; vitamins, such as B vitamins ; and legal stimulants, such as guarana , a plant that grows in the Amazon; taurine , an amino acid that's naturally found in meat and fish; and L-carnitine , a substance in our bodies that helps turn fat into energy.

What's in your energy drink?

Energy Drinks: Why Are They Sending So Many People to the ER?

Higgins, who has led multiple studies on energy drinks and health impacts, agreed. With the caffeine, sugar and stimulants, Higgins previously told CNN that more research is needed to determine how those ingredients could interact to cause negative health effects. We really don't know a lot about them," Higgins said of energy drinks. When energy drinks contained real radioactive energy.

Rachel Hicks, a spokeswoman for the American Beverage Association, previously issued a statement from the group that said many people around the world have safely consumed energy drinks for more than 25 years.

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