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Archived from the original on 1 February Retrieved 6 February Archived from the original on 6 June Retrieved 11 February Retrieved 4 April Los Angeles Times. Retrieved August 15, The Guardian. Guardian News and Media Limited. Dunlap and Serge F. Kovalevski September 27, Retrieved September 27, Tania Head's story, as shared over the years with reporters, students, friends and hundreds of visitors to ground zero, was a remarkable account of both life and death.

A leading representative of Holocaust survivors in Spain has admitted to being "an impostor". September 16, Retrieved September 16, The Independent. Scams and confidence tricks. Confidence trick Error account Shill Shyster Sucker list. Con artists Confidence tricks Criminal enterprises, gangs and syndicates Email scams Impostors In the media Film and television Literature Ponzi schemes.

Categories : Deception Impostors Lists of people by legal status. Image available for photo prints HERE. Healing Crystals and Stones. Medicine According to Cherokee Legend. Cherokee Inspired Natural Remedies product. Medicine Bags or Bundles. Native American and Other Ancient Remedies.

Native American Dances. Native American Inspired Healing Products. Native American Rituals and Ceremonies. This is the Indian theory of existence. The healing traditions of Native Americans go back for thousands of years, as the many indigenous tribes of North America learned that by mixing herbs , roots, and other natural plants, that they could heal various medical problems.

But, remedies were not the only part of the Native American healing process. While there were no absolute standards of healing, most tribes believed that health was an expression of the spirit and a continual process of staying strong spiritually, mentally, and physically. This strength, as well as keeping in harmony with themselves, those around them, their natural environment, and Creator, would keep away illness and harm. Each person was responsible for his or her own health and all thoughts and actions had consequences, including illness, disability, bad luck, or trauma.

Only when harmony was set right, could their health be restored. The herbs and other natural products used in remedies, were generally gathered from their surrounding environment, resulting in a wide variety of cures. However, sometimes items that were unavailable locally were traded over long distances. Herbs and medicinal plants were often seen as deeply sacred. Many of the various practices have been passed down orally from generation to generation and never documented in writing, which leaves many of the healing remedies a mystery.

Only rarely did the healers, such as the Cherokee , who developed a written language, put their formulas or practices in writing. When early Europeans arrived in the United States more than years ago, they were surprised to see Native Americans recovering from illnesses and injuries that they considered fatal. Their name for themselves is Issi. My 9th great grandparents were killed by a group of Catawba raiders in near Hiawasee Georgia or Running Water Tennessee.

The children were left alive.

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They were Shawnee and the children were raised by a Cherokee chief. I love learning about my history. I have family from Alabama who are Creek. I was wondering if you may have a clue about 2 names I had trouble tracing 1 is cosar. I was wondering if Warledo may have been a Spanish name for Walter? I was curious if you knew anything about these names. Cosar could well be derived from Kusa. The Spanish equivalent of Walter is Gualtierre. Warledo sounds like Pigeon English for War Leader.

Yes, it can be true. Your last name is the actual name of the tribe that became the Miccosukee-Seminole. Many Seminoles moved to Cuba. There is a Soque River in northern Georgia. Yes, that is the same people. They moved south during the Creek-Cherokee War and then again when much of North Georgia was secretly given to the Cherokees in the Treaty of Augusta. I am originally from SC but have resided in Montana for ten years. Would love to send you photos. After having it many years, my mother looked at bottom.

It seems to have etched in it when made the name Selocta. During researching my Creek ancestors, I saw their was a Chief Selocta. Naturally I began looking for info on Creek pottery. I was wondering if any pieces were made in his honor, or if there is a way I can email you photos and you can help me find its origin.

I have researched for several years and cannot find any information. Thank you for any help you can offer. Many Blessings,. Hey Anita As soon as the Southeastern Indians had access to cast iron and copper cooking ware, they stopped making very much pottery. If the piece has a rough outside texture, it is probably earthenware from the late s or s.

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Originally, Native Americans did not autograph their pottery. Most likely the name on the bottom is a more recent piece of pottery. You can contact us at PeopleOfOneFire aol. I am a cherokee citizen. All the birth places of them on ancestry. Can you tell me what that means? There was also Hawkens surname but idk where they were born. Thank you. Cherokee — Georgia means that your ancestors were from the part of the Cherokee Nation that was within the State of Georgia.

The Principal People and Vol. Walker will probably tell you exactly where your ancestors lived. They are hard to find, because the author died several years ago, but there may be some still for sale in the Museum of the Cherokees in Tallequah, OK or perhaps, the museum shop at New Echota State Historic Site in Georgia. Halito nakini. I continue to learn so much from your research and writings. It has been very difficult to find my ancestors that lived in Georgia and in Alabama. I was always told that we came from Creek people. I found some relatives on the Dawes Roll and our surnames on the Henderson Roll but I can not find where they are buried.

After that I lose all contact with whatever happened to them. Then my GG grandfathers brother Dan Moore was said to have his acre farm which is where my grandmother was born and raised. Can you tell me anything about the Moore and Chappell family. I think they died in Alabama but I can not find their resting places.

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Also my mother and aunt were given aboriginal names of Arrissia and Flutchie which I have been unable to trace. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am not a genealogist, but everything you said sound like your family is legitimately Creek. You are even in the right part of Alabama. Thank you for your reply. Many have been very rude at gathering events assuming that I am another culture vulture and they do let me know that I am an outsider. I truly value and appreciate your work because you examine and verify before accepting the status quo no matter who is standing by these false doctrines.

You got ripped off by that lab. Hi Richard! Are you familiar with the Crittenden name in Georgia Cherokee history? There are Crittenden on the dawes rolls. My Crittenden family can be traced back to elbert co. All the Crittenden were enrolled as Cherokee. Also, what area would have been considered Cherokee nation east?

Are Native Americans Part of the Ten Lost Tribes?

Thanks richard! During the peak of their power, the Cherokees claimed Northeast Georgia, but only lived in the extreme northeastern corner. In , the British Army estimated that there were only 25 Cherokee men of military age in the entire Province of Georgia, which then stretched to the Mississippi River. There is still the remnants of a Creek Community between Elberton and Ruckers Bottom, but almost all of the Creek descendants born in the late 20th century have left the county because of the drug-related crime and the lack of economic activity.

Crittenden is an English name! Almost all Southeastern Indians obtained an English name, when a white trader married an Indian woman. There are also Crittendens on the rolls of the Muscogee Creek Nation. Great site! I am also a Crittenden from Mississippi, but my line comes from Elbert Co. Georgia as well. Would you happen to know of any way that I can access info such as the Muscogee Creek rolls?

Have you checked the Seminole rolls. You might try contacting them. They are more likely to respond to a phone call rather than an email. My fathers people descended from Creek and my mothers were from the Cherokee. I have learned a lot just reading this. Is there more. I was told that I had Indian ancestry in my family too. Instead of being celebrated, they were apparently a deep, dark secret that my grandmother, who was probably about a quarter to an eighth Indian, had no clue about. Then I realized, from a number of clues, that his mother was almost certainly Indian in identity and appearance, if not unmixed already.

To be honest, it never even crossed my mind why her father looked so, well, brown in old photographs even though he had a strictly indoor occupation and why all of his children had jet black hair and broad jaws. Another line, I traced back to a part Cherokee woman from contemporary sources , but from there…nothing!

No clue about her parents. I just like the story of my family to be clarified. THREE different women with THREE loose connections, all from the 19th century, is very frustrating when I can trace practically every one else back to the s or far earlier than that! It appears that as a child he moved to eastern Tennessee. As an adult he moved to near Eatonton GA and farmed. My grandmother always told us he was of Indian descent. Where is a reputable DNA testing lab that I can send a sample to for testing? So automatically your test will not be accurate. I am not an expert on genetics, so my recommendation is to look at the reviews about any labs that you are interested in.

DNA Consultants, Inc.

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Their owners are reputable, but there are probably also other labs, who can be trusted. This is fascinating! Their last name was Jacobs. Anyway, this posting has me convinced that perhaps she was on to something, since you mentioned Sephardic Jewish could have been in the general area. Thank you! Actually, Christen, while former National Park Service Director, Roger Kennedy was supporting my research in western North Carolina, I found very old stone ruins near Sylva and Dillsboro fairly close to the Tuckaseegee River which I strongly suspect are the ruins of Sephardic villages.

He seems to have sprung from the ground. Renewing my interest in this line, recently, I started reading about the area he was supposedly born in. It is listed as Jasper county Georgia. But in when he was born, there was no Jasper county. In fact that area was still part of the Creek Nation, not the United States! That got me wondering. Could he have been descended from European fur traders a big business in those days and perhaps a daughter of the Creek nation?

That might explain why there seems to be absolutely NO information out there about his parents. I wonder if there are any records which might show such a union among the history of the Creeks. Long shot, I know. Thanks very much for this article. It is one more bit of understanding I can take with me as I search.

There are no marital records inside the Eastern Creek Nation. However, by , the majority of Creeks in Georgia were living outside the boundaries of the Creek Nation. Baldwin was created in Originally, Jasper County was named Randolph County. Randolph was cut out of Baldwin. That might help you some. Would there be a resource you could reference that might help me figure out this high percentage of Iberian?

Bunch is a Melungeon family name from NE Tennessee. I am happy to have stumbled across this blog. However, my maternal side all carries a small amount of Native DNA as per the reliable testing platforms like Ancestry and 23andMe. Using a combination of methods to rule out the possibility of a lab misread as well as tracing one of my Kentucky lines further back in time, I found out my 6th great grandmother was likely a woman named Go-Sda-Ya, who married a white trader named Sam Green in North Georgia place unknown.

They later relocated to North Carolina, where their daughter Delilah followed suit and married another white man, Joseph Case. She then went with him to Bourbon County, Kentucky, where they remained. In the late s, their descendant, George Case, applied for tribal membership in IT in Oklahoma, and was denied.

He then appealed to the Indian Court and was ruled Cherokee by blood, but not eligible and rightly so for membership on the technicality that none of this ancestors resided in Cherokee land after , and none appeared on the Henderson rolls or any rolls thereafter, as they were living in Kentucky instead. No evidence of her in Georgia or NC. I know she outlived her daughter, dying around Do you have any additional lines of research I could pursue?

The People of One Fire is not involved at all in genealogy. The thing you have to remember is that with the Cherokees, you are not going to see a high percentage of Native American DNA, even among enrolled members of the tribe. Many Native descendants in South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and northern Alabama will call themselves Cherokee, when it was actually another tribe.

These people had no political rights in the Cherokee government, but were forced to call themselves Cherokee in order to remain on their land. Many eventually moved to Alabama. She lived in northern Alabama in the s. Two people I went to college with had similar family folklore.

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We always took this information it at face value. This dumbfounded everyone because we were certain there were no Jews in our family. About a year later, I also took a DNA test. Soon after that when researching something else, I came upon information about Sephardic Jews in Southeastern North America, and I began to suspect that our Cherokee grandma was actually Jewish.

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  • Her last name was Naylor or Naler, I have seen both spellings. He originally believed he was only of German and British Isles descent. Oh I can answer that! A large group of immigrants from the Balearic Islands off the coast of Iberia were allowed to settle in the upper Savannah River Basin. However, your ancestors could have come even earlier.