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With the help of another student, Sherman is killed by Rolle, Shale and Brown saves Hetzko by fighting and killing Lacas, learning the full story from the female witness. Shale and his team garrison the school grounds to enter combat against the remaining K. Ultimately, Shale and Joey Six kill all of the dealers and Rolle while ending up as the sole survivors of the battle, walking away from the school grounds discussing future operations as substitute teachers.

A soundtrack containing hip hop music was released on April 9, by Priority Records. Roger Ebert gave the film one star out of four, writing: "I am so very tired of this movie. I see it at least once a month. The title changes, the actors change, and the superficial details of the story change, but it is always about exactly the same thing: heavily armed men shooting at one another.

Even the order of their deaths is preordained: First the extras die, then the bit players, then the featured actors, until finally only the hero and the villain are left. Nevertheless, aside from a lot of only moderately-satisfying violence, The Substitute comes across as rather lame. It's not boring, but that dubious qualification isn't enough to earn the movie a passing grade.

In an article about films about troubled teens, The A. Club stated: "There have been plenty of movies about white people coming into inner-city schools and whipping the students into shape, but nothing quite like The Substitute , which brings the subtly racist, paternalistic elements of those films right to the surface. A more positive review came from Kevin Thomas , who wrote: "There's a sense of shrewd observation throughout The Substitute that makes it come alive and seem quite a few cuts above such usual genre fare. Berenger brings to the role an appealing ruggedness and world-weariness, and Ernie Hudson, as the corrupt principal, is sleazy and elegant.

The script isn't bad, either. The first meeting between Shale and the principal, in which they size each other up, is superb, and throughout the outlandish premise is handled with straight-faced intelligence.

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It also becomes likely to draw the attention of foes. MD GtI. You will get the Substitute status, but every time you use this move, your HP decreases. With the Substitute status, you won't be targeted by enemies, but you can't use moves or items, nor restore your HP naturally. You create a decoy using your HP. You won't be targeted, but you can't use moves or items. When you create a substitute, you won't be targeted by enemies, but you can't use moves or items, nor can you restore your HP naturally.

Super Smash Bros. Deceive with a substitute, and then counter an attack.


This section is incomplete. Please feel free to edit this section to add missing information and complete it. A substitute from Generations I and II. A substitute from Stadium and Stadium 2.

The Substitute - Photographs and text by Dawn Woolley | LensCulture

A substitute from Generation III. A substitute from Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team. A substitute from Generation IV. A substitute from Generation V. A substitute from Let's Go, Pikachu! Artwork from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. The user creates a substitute that resembles it. The substitute fades away soon after. Shaymin creates a clone that looks exactly like itself. It then fades soon after. Shaymin M Giratina and the Sky Warrior.

The Substitute (1993) Mark Wahlberg - Amanda Donohoe - Full Movie

Delcatty creates an exact copy of itself. When it gets hit, it disappears in a puff of smoke. Lila's Delcatty. Battling the Generation Gap! Togepi moves quickly when the opponent is about to attack and creates an afterimage of itself. When the afterimage gets hit, it disappears. A wild Togepi. Accelgor's body flashes white, and a double that looks exactly like Accelgor dashes out of its body and at the opponent. When the afterimage is hit by an attack, it disappears in a puff of smoke.

Professor Juniper's Accelgor. Evolution Exchange Excitement! The user creates a copy of itself. Leafeon creates a copy of itself that disappears after taking a certain amount of damage. Lily's Leafeon.


Into The Hands Of Evil?! Pikachu creates a see-through after image of itself by cutting a quarter of its health. Pikachu can form the substitute to any form it wants. Once the after image gets hit, however, it disappears. Red's Pika. Greninja creates a substitute from its Frubbles.

Y's Croaky. Bids and tenders International issues Customer relations 9. Numbers and finance 9. Design and formatting 9. Presentations and speeches 8. Letters and CVs 8. Videos 7. Quizzes 6. Twitter 5. Graduates 5. Writing for media 5. Advertising 5. Literacy and education 5.

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