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Come and discover the techniques of light vibration surgery, to use the methods of the doctors of the stars and to master this source of the universe, to be finally accessible. The teachings of the 2th day are: - study and practical case application - cleansing of the body etheric and elimination of negative emotional sources - energy surgical techniques on major joints shoulders, elbows, knees Predict a bottle of water, a floor mat, a plaid and a sharing meal for the lunch break.

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Knowledge organizes with Franck Vandenbrouck: Friday, July 12th: Day of appointment individual and sessions of crypts of crystals care of Atlantis Travel Cosmotelluriques. Details on www. Information and registration: Contact Marie Laure: Fr www. When we are moving into this earth world we are already impregnated with a multitude of conscious and unconscious feelings that influence our state of being, our behaviors and our choices in the experimentation of life.

During the moment of your design in your mother's belly you live exchanges with your mom's soul, with her positive and negative emotions, as well as physiological exchanges of her existence as a human being during her pregnancy. Not to mention the presence, the emotional and physical interactivity of dad. Everything Mom experiences that she is the plan is also lived by the child to be born.

In addition to the way it is going to unfold physically, psychologically and emotionally your rite of the different steps and passages from the inside of the womb to the outside life will also and fully influence in a conscious or unconscious way your state of being and your attitude in the Experimenting with your earthly karma. Also, do parents in becoming have multiple responsibilities, both in food, energy environment to optimize the construction of its body body, their emotions, their thoughts, and their spirituality to optimize the process Global of the incarnation.

The fetus is a long-lived memory. You have recorded in your unconscious during these 9 months of synchrony with your mother and during the rite of the birth of negative and limiting emotions that influence you in an unconscious way in your current life. During this workshop you will finally the them, take knowledge of them, discover them by putting words on your evils and transcend them in constructive and positive emotions to make your existence optimum and more fluid. M - presentation and meditation mudra.

M - conference and question answers on: 1 how is the choice of your parents for your soul before you embody yourself? M lunch break. M - session Renaissance session and individual feed-back. M A Analysis, understanding of the emotions lived during the renaissance. B Set-up of the unloading of negative emotions lived and Repro-programming of the new positive being and your full potential.

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M - Energy Meditation care of the chakras. Second day of the workshop Sunday July 14th: The inner child Don't leave your inner child in loneliness. You realize and know the importance of benevolent communication in your earthly, social, sentimental, professional activities And yet live to you even you don't apply it.

When is the last time you have talk with love and compassion with your inner child? And the last hug of sweetness live with you? Never forget your outside world is the reflection of your inner world. How to accept and love the universe around you, if you don't speak with love to your interiority.

The inner child is always there, present at every breath of our existence. We all know difficult times in our lives, and many of us have been disturbed at various degrees during childhood. And we can spend years and years neglecting our inner child hurt and leave it in this suffering.

Commander of your states of soul and your way of thinking and acting, come and find out how it works, How it influences the quality of your existence, And the means to make him happy and emotionally fulfilled. During this day you go: - learn simple techniques to talk again in l love, compassion, and benevolence with yourself. Pourquoi Accepter le Rejet? Two dates: In Paris on 20th and 21th of July. In nice on 10th and 11th of August. Whether you are beginner, medium or energy therapist, it is essential in your everyday practice to possess developed, refined, sensitive senses to hear, see, and feel the information of beings and energies on the other side Sailing and the universe.

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We are all and all medium and energy of birth, these skills are an integral part of our nature. But often we must rediscover it or develop it to know a better connection with the other world and that of energy. This training allows you to find the fundamentals of the mediumship in awakening in you, to open, to increase your faculties of readings of the energy bodies and learn concrete techniques to increase your donation of perception of the messages of the beings of light or even of the Physical and etheric body of your patients. Understand how extra sensory perception channels work and remove doubts, fears that can curb your natural gift of psychic perception, your awakening to spirituality are also the goals of this day in the magical world of our amazing talents.

During the training: - you will find the fundamentals of the mediumship in awakening in you, open your channels of the Claire-audience and the Claire-Psychic. First day: - conference on the mediumship and the rules of spiritual connections: understand how extra sensory perception channels work and realize why until now you doubt what you hear or see.

Second day: - revision and deepening of the techniques learned the day before. Become Self-reliant and confident in reading and interpreting messages from beyond. Discover, develop, narrowly interpret messages and signs are the goals of this day in the magical world of our amazing talents. Beginner or confirmed the training training brings you a new clear and precise path to better live your extra-sensory abilities. Aora: develop these extra-sensory and para-Psy abilities. Training Training with franck vandenbrouck Develop your extra-sensory and para-psychological abilities!

Dates and location: August 10 and 11, at glue on wolf 06 Schedule: 09 pm pm Beginner or confirmed this workshop brings you a new clear and precise path to better live your extra-sensory abilities. Angel Gmail. Com Website: www. The workshop allows you to find the fundamentals of the mediumship in awakening in you, to open, to increase your faculties of readings of the energy bodies and learn concrete techniques to increase your donation of perception of the messages of the beings of light or even of the Physical and etheric body of your patients. Understand how extra sensory perceptions channels work and remove doubts, fears that can curb your natural gift of psychic perception, your awakening to spirituality, are also the goals of this day in the magical world of our amazing talents.

During the workshop: You will find the fundamentals of the mediumship in awakening in you, open your channels of the Claire-audience and the Claire-Psychic. Understand how extra sensory perception channels work, and realize why until now you doubt what you hear or see. Learn concrete techniques to increase your vibration rate to develop your donation of mediumship, and energy care. Perceive and learn to interpret the messages of beings of light, guides, and guardian angels. Remove doubts, fears that can curb your natural gift of psychic perception, your awakening to spirituality.

Answer from the end of the workshop to questions asked by a person without even knowing the question. Sunday's day: - revision and deepening of the techniques learned the day before. Life Tips and love. Testimony: the soul angel joy. Congratulations on your beautiful evolution! See what your month of birth reveals about you: January People born in January have an exceptional attitude towards work, and do not hesitate to make their opinions known.

They are stubborn, persistent, and do not tolerate good that people tell them what to do.

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They are very good leaders because of their persistence and determination to succeed, but sometimes it happens to them not to be enough listening to others. You have a natural ability to teach others, and they listen to you with ease and with a will to learn. February If you were born in February, you probably have great creativity and like to work on new projects. Do you like to have intellectual discussions, and don't like to maintain yourself with people who might look superficial. We sometimes define you as a free spirit, and you don't like to live according to the rigid rules of society.

Do you like to travel, take the plane or train every time you have the chance, discover and explore the world because it gives you the joy of living, and doing your best in the company of other dreamers and free spirits. You are a friend and an honest and very faithful partner. March People born in March are also very creative and are endowed with great imagination, but they tend to be more calm and have more introspection.

They often live in their own head, creating masterpieces in their mind. They use art in order to express their emotions, and like to enjoy the time alone to recharge. You are kind to people, but tend to hide most aspects of yourself to others. Most of the time, you like to live in serene and peaceful environments in order to get away from noisy places.

April Those who were born in April terribly need love and attention at every moment spent under the spotlight.

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They don't take orders, prefer to do things in their own way and guide others. The young people of April are looking for new adventures, and are constantly on the lookout for an adrenaline rush.

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  5. They act first and reflect next, living day by day, observing where the wave takes them. They are sometimes known to be strong and unpleasant, but express their opinion and have no problems to express their feelings. May People born in may tend to be very fickle, wanting one thing yesterday, and something totally different today. They express themselves well, and love to talk to people of all the horizons of life. They have an active social life, and don't like to spend a lot of time alone.

    They also love smart, stimulating conversations but need so much fun and excitement. They are easily tired, and are constantly looking for new ways to entertain themselves. June If you were born in June, you are someone very sensitive and benevolent to the feelings of others. What people really appreciate at home, it's your sweetness and your reserved side. You have a creative mind, and consider the future in relation to your distant creations and how to give life to your ideas in this world.

    Although you do not always express what inspires you, there is a whole world that lives inside of you, and so you want to discover how to give it life. July People who are born in July have many traits similar to those born in June, except that they are a little more spontaneous and outgoing. They live for adventure, and just want to have a good time. Externally, they seem to be confident and joyful, but inside, they are home to a large number of obscure secrets, and hide their pain to others. People born in July have a lot of energy, and as a result, people love spending time with them.

    August The people of August are natural leaders, they are not afraid to defend and assert their own opinions. They can be bossy and killed, but below this shell, they have a big heart. They can think too much, but also lock themselves in a rigid long-term plan.

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    They will tend to have an methodical approach of life if they don't pay attention. People born in August get good results in the careers that involve critical reflection and analysis, because they see life as a logical step-up. They do not express their emotions, and therefore, it can be difficult to see their "human" side at some times.

    September Those who are born in September are waiting for many of the others, that is why they are easily disappointed. They have a stubborn side developed, and keep old grudges if you type them on the nerves. They are perfectionists, and place very high their ideal as well as that of others.

    They are also sensual, creative, kind, and always want to help others as soon as they can. Watch it now before our technological overlords force you to. Four seasons available. Bloodline The first season of this Netflix thriller, nominated for an Emmy in , is really one of those that ushered in the second wave of original series success for the streaming service.

    They all play members of a Florida family caught up in a web of lies and betrayal. Their friends across the pond sure knew what it was as Bodyguard was the biggest hit over there in over a decade. One season available. All that and a talking dog named Mr. Peanutbutter too. The other two not so much. Eleven seasons available. The Crown. Catch up before they get to Princess Diana. Dead to Me Christina Applegate does the best work of her career and Linda Cardellini nearly matches her in this mystery-comedy about grief, forgiveness, and murder.

    Applegate plays Jen, a Californian whose husband was recently killed in a hit-and-run. Dexter At the peak of the anti-hero, Showtime gave us one for the ages, Dexter Morgan, a serial killer with a code. Played by Michael C. Hall, Dexter is a Florida man who feeds his urge to kill by making sure those he dispatches deserve to die. Eight seasons available. This clever fractured fairy tale is buoyed by incredible voice work from Abby Jacobson, Eric Andre, Nat Faxon, and a cadre of Groening veterans.

    Documentary Now! The End of the Fucking World The darkest of dark comedies, this BBC import stars Alex Lawther as a kid who is kinda considering becoming a serial killer when he runs into a force of nature named Alyssa, unforgettably played by Jessica Barden. Airing for five seasons on the cable network, Episodes is about a couple of Brits who get mired in the quicksand of the Hollywood TV system. Everything Sucks! Created with Stephen Merchant, Extras stars Gervais as, well, a professional extra.

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    [ HD 720p ] An Uncommon Grace (2017) Hallmark Movies & Mysteries 2017

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