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Elizabeth Joh , a law professor at the University of California, Davis, was quick to point out that, by inviting the police into your home, Apple Watch wearers may be opening themselves up to criminal liability. Consider: your watch accidentally alerts the police to check on you: 4th Amend. Nice work, guys. In other words, if police are alerted by an Apple Watch of a possible injury, they do not need a warrant to enter a home under the " community caretaking " exception to the Fourth Amendment. This is the notion that law enforcement officers can enter a private space if they reasonably believe that someone needs emergency assistance.

It's similar to the " exigent circumstances " exception, which allows police to come in if they believe someone is in imminent danger or physical evidence is being destroyed.

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Enlarge Apple In such a situation, the watch would alert first responders, and police officers could enter her home. They might spot a few joints on her coffee table, and the wearer might be subsequently charged with felony drug possession. I'm sure there are nothing but very good intentions behind this change in how this Apple Watch is going to work.

But there are other considerations as well, because every time there is a change of this sort, there will be accidents, and there will be missteps.

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Apple did not respond to Ars' request for comment on the record, referring us solely to this webpage. New York-based criminal-defense attorney Fred Jennings agreed with Joh. He said that he would prefer if the wearer could automatically alert a relative or friend instead of the police.

Would much prefer a feature that can automatically dial a user-determined contact. After hearing how bad Sasai's diet is, Natsu offers to make Sasai dinners each night at his senpai's restaurant. The cliffhanger at Ch. Maki and Hanazawa are a couple who live together.

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A year prior, Hanazawa brought a bunny home and they named her Pyon. They both love making food with each other and chapters feature a recipe page. This series explores Maki and Hanazawa's relationship and what their families think of it. Nanoka When you're young, there's still many things you want to do in life.

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For Mishima, his time gets cut off short when he gets into an accident and ends up at ICU in a hospital. However, his soul seperates from his body and he can't die until his life regrets are settled. Yokota, a fellow art student, is the only one who can help him. Nejiganameta Kousaka suffers from panic disorder that triggers from trains.

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He can't ride on them and has to find different modes of transportation. He tries to hide this secret from his colleagues and contemplates on whether to continue his treatment.

A stranger asks if he's okay at the station and Kousaka brushes him off. Lucky the stranger didn't know him.

Just kidding.