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This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 16, Paul rated it really liked it.

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The story and characters were captivating. But, you need to get a better editor though, because if I found typos the they must have been obvious but other than that it was a great read!

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Dec 02, Jason rated it it was amazing. Coming of age story with a lot of potential This a very interesting beginning to a new series. I look forward to the sequel. A hunter with a heart. Dec 26, Deneisha rated it it was amazing. Great book! I enjoyed this so much! Can't wait to read more. I loved that it was a long story.

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Starting out nice and slow whilst keeping my attention the whole way through. Danny Wilkerson rated it did not like it Dec 05, Renee rated it liked it Dec 19, Heleena Story rated it it was amazing Mar 18, Donald Clark rated it it was amazing Dec 07, Mike rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Melissa rated it it was amazing Dec 20, Bindy rated it it was ok Dec 09, Witchy is currently reading it Nov 29, Isabel Flores is currently reading it Dec 04, Dawn Dean is currently reading it Dec 11, Deborah Gordon added it Dec 13, Amanda marked it as to-read Jun 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

He turned toward the door. He had always intrigued her, as he was sheer power in its rawest, primal form. Even with his gritty appearance and mysterious persona, he had an air about him, a regal demeanor, that left her feeling as if she were standing in the presence of something majestic, otherworldly. Cornelius extended a hand. Ignis will be here shortly. No more waiting.

The time has come. She covered her mouth with her hand, certain he would blow her cover. Instead, his attention turned to the left where footsteps sounded. Either way, she breathed a sigh of relief. His attention was diverted for the time being. When he stepped into her line of sight, his red hair was disheveled, and his young face was covered with a myriad of emotions. The smirk on the side of his mouth was misplaced, but he was always up to something nefarious.

He was handsome in an ageless way. Ignis was a friend to her father but, unfortunately, another blemish on his holy reputation as well. The very idea of befriending a man of magic was only tolerated because her father was held in high regard. No one else knew Ignis was a mage. And they kept it that way.

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The mage wore a black robe that made him look like a member of the priesthood and not the misfit mage who had come to the church seeking asylum two years before she was born. I thought it was more than a fair trade. For me at least. I need someone committed to the cause, fully committed. Cause we should have drilled down a little more on our understanding of the specifics and probably offered more than a partnership with you.

Risk and reward, Ethan. Risk and reward. Ethan ignored him. She had overheard their conversations for months, along with the confessions that Ethan had shared with her father: talk of bloodthirsty monsters and shapeshifting beasts. All she had ever dreamt of was being a warrior, a part of the army like her lifelong friend, Atticus. But women were not allowed to fight. At least, not as a Roman soldier. Her stomach tightened and her eyes leaked thinking about her dear friend, her betrothed. It was the last thing Atticus had forged, and he had made it for her.

The blade, which he had named Stella, was made as a companion to his own dagger, a pugio he had created for battle—Luna. Luna had been lost in the war, taken by whoever had slain Atticus.

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Her life was as good as over, too. Being a woman of twenty, she was supposed to have married Atticus and started a family. It was either that or give her vows to God. She may as well be locked away in a cell or cold in the catacombs. Rebekah swallowed the hard lump in her throat, knowing she only had one way out, but first, she had to convince the others. The other two men prepared for a fight. Ethan gripped his sword, ready for what he assumed was an attack, and Ignis held his hands in front of him, blue fire crackling at his fingertips.


Ethan sheathed his sword. Whoever she was, she was either brave or bat shit crazy. She knew she should be ashamed, but the desperation inside of her burned so fiercely that she had no room for useless emotions. She stood her ground, her chin held high. I will be in later to talk to you about this outburst. Ignis took a quick breath. Twas a high possibility. She turned to Ethan. I know of your plans to create a stronger army; your elite group of hunters. How you need someone to test his spell. It will be my honor to do it.

Please let me do this. With the one endearment, the secret that had been kept from all but her parents and Ignis was out. This girl is your blooded daughter? He turned back to Cornelius. I have to say, this is interesting. To do so is a grave offense and punishable by death. This is my only chance! Cornelius shook his head as he returned his attention to his daughter. I even bested him a time or two. She turned to Ignis. Her father would never listen. Ignis rolled his eyes.

Rebekah was his secret miracle, and also his shame, but he loved her more than anything in the world. He could not bear to send her to a certain death. You will live a long, safe, and happy life. Rebekah had been pushed to the edge, and it was time to jump. She pulled the dagger from beneath her tunic and held it to her chest. Her voice trembled. I will choose my own path, one way or another. She was tall for a woman, which Ethan liked. He imagined how nicely they would fit together once horizontal. Under her flowing tunic, which was tied and cinched in all the right places, he could see the swell of her ample breasts and the graceful lines of her long legs.

Her features were as sharp as her dagger, her eyes the same color as its steel. Sexier still, they looked like ice in contrast to her long, black hair. You cannot ask this of me. Ignis paced the floor. The heavy robe he wore rustled around his feet. I think we should allow it. Better she dies for a cause than for spite. No, he was lusting after her, so much that the Hunter had even wiped the corner of his mouth. Cornelius had protected her since the day she took her first breath, keeping her as a ward of the Church, all the while allowing her to know her true self.

She is of noble blood, blood that is mentioned in an ancient prophecy. Ethan jerked his head around, regarding the priest. I was the first. The only. I am the original. He was used to roaming the earth from one camp to another, country to country, wherever the battle took him. The idea of settling down made his skin crawl. Not even a beautiful one like this.

Rebekah knew a concubine was not looked down on in her society, but with the agreement, Ethan would be able to warm the bed of any woman he wanted.

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Can I bear that? She looked down at the blade and knew she could. As long as she was allowed to fight, her life would be fulfilled. Ethan had spread his seed across every country, so he could not see a good reason to refuse. Besides, bedding the woman, who was no doubt a virgin, would be worth it. If he said no, she would plunge the blade into her gut. Cornelius let out a breath. Ignis, please try not to kill my daughter in the process. As Rebekah put her dagger away, Ignis smiled.

His plan for the girl was for his benefit as well. He needed the hunter to see him as useful. He had never intended on staying in the Church for as long as he had, and now he would have a way to keep on the move and a greater purpose for his own existence. He had taken certain precautions to make sure Rebekah would survive the metamorphosis.

She and the others believed his magic alone was powerful enough to effect the change, but in secret, Ignis had procured shifter blood to heighten her instincts and the purest vampire blood to aid in her transformation. If everything went according to plan, he would not only make Rebekah a strong hunter, but also indestructible enough to keep her safe.

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He only hoped it would work as planned. Lucky for him, he had the storm to feed the magic. Its power was a strong conductor. I was there the night of your birth, and now, I shall be here for the night of your rebirth. Rebekah squeezed his hand. Ignis had proven himself time and time again as an honorable friend. Ignis smiled and reached out his hand. I need a dagger and something personal of yours, so this seems appropriate.

She took Stella from its scabbard, and after kissing the four-pointed star on its blade, she passed him the weapon. She squared her jaw and lifted her chin. They gathered at the altar, and Rebekah thought it fitting. She was giving herself to Ethan, and although it was no marriage, she knew it was going to join them together and make her his counterpart.

Two hunters, fighting for the same cause. One from the church and the other born at the dawn of time. If it worked, she would be the first of an entire army of superhuman hunters, and she would be able to live her dream of being a warrior. She would see the world with Ethan by her side. Ethan grabbed hold of the blade and quickly sliced it through his palm. Blood dripped down his thick fingers, staining the stone floor.

Ignis reached into his robe, revealing a vial. Then he nodded to Father Cornelius, who moved to hold his daughter. Ignis raised his hands, blue fire crackling from his fingertips as the lightning and thunder intensified outside. On his command, a bolt of lightning shot down through the glass from the dome of the cathedral and into Stella. The blade glowed as hot as the day it was forged. The etched star brightened like the power of the universe itself was contained within it.

The blood sizzled, bubbling with magic. Ignis raised the blade and brought it down quickly, stabbing her through her tunic, through her flesh, nicking the bone as it penetrated her ribs and planted itself into her heart.

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Excruciating pain filled her center and stole her breath. A thick warmth permeated every cell in her body, changing her DNA. The temperature escalated quickly until it pulsed under her alabaster skin. It increased until it was so painful, it stole sight from her eyes. Ignis and Ethan lunged forward as both Cornelius and Rebekah fell, but neither made it in time. Now, that trust had killed the poor bastard and his pretty daughter. He felt for her pulse and listened.

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