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It was also the town where Hesse lived for 22 years. The plot and pacing of Carnality owes much to the novels of Stephen King, while the whimsical language is inspired by Tom Robbins, the literary devices come from JT LeRoy, and the character development is in the vein of Zadie Smith. The Carnality series touches on themes of apocalypse theology, psychotropic drug use, childhood trauma, anti-government survivalists, sexual politics, Christian rock music, mental illness and its influence on religious texts, dog psychology, the death of the sixties, the Jesus Freak movement of the seventies, Native American genocide, and showtunes.

Cameron, Sebastian and I had all started running together, every morning, around the beginning of the tour. The idea was mine.

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I thought it would be a nice bonding experience for Cameron and Sebastian who rarely spoke to each other outside of rehearsals , and it would keep us in shape for our shows each night. Music helped.

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But that humid afternoon in , I was sick of smiling. So much personality was asked of me on stage, at meet and greets, in interviews—always expected to reflect the joy of living for the Lord. I wanted music I could channel a panic attack into, putting all of that confusion, rage and desperate need into my legs. For a while I convinced myself that I was listening to it the same way Cameron and I did any other secular record: Looking for ways to translate the music and style into a vehicle for spreading the gospel. And it certainly was a big influence on our show in that way.

But I found myself slipping the cassette into my Walkman so often, sometimes four or five times a day, eventually I had to admit that I was listening to it simply because I liked listening to it. The ascending rhythm of the guitars was so spooky, it made you feel like something was coming up behind you. Which was a fantastic sensation so long as nothing actually was coming up behind you. I was jogging along the southern stretch of the lake, down a gravel road that ran alongside the wetlands; the same swampy, uninhabited stretch of land where Cameron discovered me five years earlier.

I could read now, and I was famous, making loads of money. I guess there was Cameron. Someone to comfort me, someone to check in on me, someone who genuinely cared if I lived or died. Sebastian was the reason I was jogging down a gravel road, passing through a mosquito festival in humid, 95 degree heat. His behavior had only been getting weirder in the last few months.

At first he was only grumpy and distant when Lizzy Simpson started hanging around, but then he started getting jumpy and paranoid.

Paul McCartney concert takes Phoenix fans on emotional journey from the Beatles to his latest work

Just like Zach in his later years. The color was slowly disappearing from his face, as his eyes seemed to recede into dark caverns of his sockets. Not even Samson. Some of the bunkhouses were still under construction, but the amusement park and the chapel were finished. And there was a Hell House built near the lake, which would be open to the public closer to Halloween, but was operational for the grand opening.

Not because I was worried about him.

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I could only imagine how excited they would be to come across me, alone, miles away from town, my mom and my dog. I had to walk across some fallen trees to avoid the mud and ponds, but I eventually found him, standing on a small pontoon boat tied to the dock. I felt like twenty pounds had been lifted from my chest once he appeared.

Being alone in the wetlands was giving me spooky flashbacks.

The boat looked vintage, like something the Brady Bunch would vacation on, which I absolutely adored. He just stood there, silently, as the tiny waves bobbed him up and down, his long white hair blowing in the summer breeze. As soon as I hopped in Sebastian hit the accelerator and the pontoon sped away, still not saying a word. Which, eventually, he did. They lived in underground huts with grass roofs so strong and camouflaged, you could walk across them and never know a whole family of people were beneath your feet. Other tribes feared them because they only came out at night, and were known to descend on small groups of travelers from the trees, or spring out of the middle of the lake onto unsuspecting boats.

They believed in the healing power of laughter, and sought it out whenever they could. Tricksters despise authority and get off on breaking the rules. Sometimes the trickster is trying to steal food, or have sex, or sometimes the trickster just likes to cause trouble.

Typically, though, this mischief leads to some greater lesson for everyone.

Crystal Phoenix - Dark Shadow (with lyrics) prog from Italy, 1989

Sebastian turned and looked at me for the first time that day, a patronizing grin on his face. We pay good money to have this experience today with bungee jumping, scary movies or hot sauce—we want simulated dangers with no actual risk. When the Suka tribe would descend on a small camp at night—silent as a creeping fog—and then scare the shit out of everyone, their victims would be certain they were about to die.

For a few seconds, their brains would resign themselves to this being the end of their story. And then, when they were still alive, it felt as though they were given a second life. It dropped down a steep descent of tracks, then speed back up through a double loop, the cheering voices carried miles across the lake by the summer breeze. They sounded pleasantly terrified. Then I gazed down at the murky water of the lake, imagining what it would be like if a team of painted ghosts rose up out of the darkness and stormed this boat, screaming and blasting loud music at us. To be honest, I felt that kind of terror all the time, every day, and never considered myself better for it.

The coyote is the most common trickster in all Native American mythology. The Suka were descended from the Lakota tribe, but only in part.

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They had the same dark skin that all native people had, but also had cotton white hair and blue eyes, which came from Nordic explorers to this land in the 10th century, many of whom stuck around the area and raised families with the Lakota. Loki could be male or female, or both at the same time, a concept that made sense to Native Americans. Nearly every Native American tribe recognized people of multiple genders, considering them holy shamans.

Whether you grew a baby in your belly, or slayed a buffalo with a spear, neither of those made you a man or woman. There were multiple factors at play, and multiple genders—most of which was determined by the person themselves, and their journey with the gods. Were there really people here, on Red Lake, a thousand years ago who worshiped such evil things?

Carnality: Sebastian Phoenix and the Dark Star - Suspect Press

My head was beginning to feel overwhelmed with questions, requiring me to work overtime to keep them at bay. I could see the remaining shell of a building poking through the trees the closer we got, eventually seeing the words Hotel Fyodor in brick letters once we got close. Sebastian lit a dried stalk of sage when as we walked onto the sand, which smelled sweet when it burned. It also made the mosquitos back away from us like vampires to a crucifix, and we were able to walk onto the island unmolested. He was carrying a large picnic basket as he kicked off his shoes and walked across the sand.

I was eager to explore the hotel and the rest of the island how have I lived here for seventeen years and never set foot on this island? He unscrewed the lid of a mason jar and poured a dark green liquid into two paper cups, handing one to me. When he heals Violet, they are connected through his fragment.

Phoenix uses this as a bargaining chip when he can use the healing action to re-open her wound at any time of his choosing. Wind- super speed, but faster than any other exile. He can become the wind and travel at its speed. Strength- supernatural strength that all Exiles posses, but stated to be stronger than others due to his heritage. Adam Father - Is the first man on earth, back when humans were more like angels. Shows how Phoenix inherited his compassion and love to be human or at least mostly normal.

Lilith Mother - Is the great mother of darkness. Shows how Phoenix inherited his darkness, both in powers and in temptations. At first, he avoided her for millennia but then he resurrected her in the volcano in Greece by following the sacred exile scripture. But this only leads to Lilith's sole desire to destroy the daughter of the woman, Evelyn Eden , that locked her in the pits of hell.