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This stunning original novel will tell an all-new story set in the world of the new film, featuring Aladdin and Jasmine. Its twists and treacheries kept me guessing until the very end. Princess Hesina of Yan has always been eager to shirk the responsibilities of the crown, dreaming of an unremarkable life. With the future of Yan at stake, can Hesina find justice for her father? Or will the cost be too high? Esha is a legend, but no one knows. Kunal has been a soldier since childhood, training morning and night to uphold the power of King Vardaan.

His uncle, the general, has ensured that Kunal never strays from the path—even as a part of Kunal longs to join the outside world, which has been growing only more volatile. As the bonds that hold their land in order break down and the sins of the past meet the promise of a new future, both rebel and soldier must make unforgivable choices. Even ordinary-amazing.

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Like potatoes—because they make French fries happen. Like the perfect fries Adam and his mom used to make together. Like the fact that there are hateful people in the world. Intent on keeping the memory of his mom alive for his little sister. Alone, Adam and Zayneb are playing roles for others, keeping their real thoughts locked away in their journals. Even worse, his parents are annoyingly, smugly confident they could find him a better match.

So, in a moment of weakness, Ash challenges them to set him up. The Patels insist that Ashish date an Indian-American girl—under contract. Kill him now. How is this ever going to work? Ashish and Sweetie both have something to prove. Can they find their true selves without losing each other? Fatima lives in the city of Noor, a thriving stop along the Silk Road.

There the music of myriad languages fills the air, and people of all faiths weave their lives together. However, the city bears scars of its recent past, when the chaotic tribe of Shayateen djinn slaughtered its entire population — except for Fatima and two other humans. Now ruled by a new maharajah, Noor is protected from the Shayateen by the Ifrit, djinn of order and reason, and by their commander, Zulfikar.

But when one of the most potent of the Ifrit dies, Fatima is changed in ways she cannot fathom, ways that scare even those who love her. Oud in hand, Fatima is drawn into the intrigues of the maharajah and his sister, the affairs of Zulfikar and the djinn, and the dangers of a magical battlefield. Nafiza Azad weaves an immersive tale of magic and the importance of names; fiercely independent women; and, perhaps most importantly, the work for harmony within a city of a thousand cultures and cadences. For seventeen-year-old Opal Hopper, code is magic.

She builds entire worlds from scratch: Mars craters, shimmering lakes, any virtual experience her heart desires.

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When he disappeared after her tenth birthday, leaving only a cryptic note, Opal tried desperately to find him. And when he never turned up, she enrolled at a boarding school for technical prodigies and tried to forget. Until now. The one she always believed might know where he went.

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The one who maybe even murdered him. What begins as a small data hack to win the contest spirals out of control when Opal goes viral, digging her deeper into a hole of lies, hacks, and manipulation. Kimi Nakamura loves a good fashion statement. What begins as a trip to escape her problems quickly becomes a way for Kimi to learn more about the mother she left behind, and to figure out where her own heart lies.

Starting a feature where we list all the Amazing Asian Reads coming out! But we missed posting about the winter Asian reads, so this first post will be a retrospective! Definitely check out all these books and grow your TBR! Two sisters become unwitting rivals in a war to claim the title of Emperor in this sweeping tale of ambition, sacrifice and betrayal for readers of Sabaa Tahir and Alwyn Hamilton. Sisters Lu and Min have always understood their places as princesses of the Empire. Then their father declares their male cousin Set the heir instead—a betrayal that sends the sisters down two very different paths.

Determined to reclaim her birthright, Lu goes on the run. She needs an ally—and an army—if she is to succeed. Her quest leads her to Nokhai, the last surviving wolf shapeshifter. Nok wants to keep his identity secret, but finds himself forced into an uneasy alliance with the girl whose family killed everyone he ever loved….

But Zavier, leader of the terrorists, has a bigger plan—to bring back the lost god of time. As new threats emerge, loyalties must shift. No matter where the Prometheus goes—Prague, Austria, India—nowhere is safe, and every second ticks closer toward the eleventh hour. The city is on the cusp of industry and power, and the Exposition Universelle has breathed new life into the streets and dredged up ancient secrets. A historian banished from his home. A dancer with a sinister past. And a brother in arms if not blood. What they find might change the course of history—but only if they can stay alive.

They must appear human at all times. Min feels hemmed in by the household rules and resents the endless chores, the cousins who crowd her, and the aunties who judge her. She would like nothing more than to escape Jinju, her neglected, dust-ridden, and impoverished planet. When word arrives that Jun is suspected of leaving his post to go in search of the Dragon Pearl, Min knows that something is wrong. Jun would never desert his battle cruiser, even for a mystical object rumored to have tremendous power. She decides to run away to find him and clear his name. It will involve deception, lies, and sabotage.

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She will be forced to use more fox-magic than ever before, and to rely on all of her cleverness and bravery. The outcome may not be what she had hoped, but it has the potential to exceed her wildest dreams. Luckily, only a few more months stand between her carefully monitored life in Seattle and her new life at Caltech, where she can pursue her dream of becoming an engineer.

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Her parents are devastated; being gay may as well be a death sentence in the Bengali community. They immediately whisk Rukhsana off to Bangladesh, where she is thrown headfirst into a world of arranged marriages and tradition.

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Rukhsana realizes she must find the courage to fight for her love, but can she do so without losing everyone and everything in her life? A music-loving teen with OCD does everything she can to find her way back to her mother during the historic race riots in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in this heart-pounding literary debut. Melati Ahmad looks like your typical moviegoing, Beatles-obsessed sixteen-year-old. On the evening of May 13th, , racial tensions in her home city of Kuala Lumpur boil over. The Chinese and Malays are at war, and Mel and her mother become separated by a city in flames.

When the Demon Queen shows up in her bedroom, smelling of acid and surrounded by evil-looking bees, twelve-year-old Kiranmala is uninterested. But after a call to action over an interdimensional television station and a visit with some all-seeing birds, Kiran decides that she has to once again return to her homeland, where society is fraying, a reality show is taking over, and her friends are in danger.

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However, things are a lot less clear than the last time she was in the Kingdom Beyond. Kiran must once again battle witches, solve riddles, and avoid her evil Serpent King father — all while figuring out who are her true friends, and what it really means to be a demon. Therefore it often falls sometime between the middle of January and the middle of February.

It is celebrated in many places all over the Asian continent. Some celebrations include fire works like we see during the new year our Gregorian Calendar is based on. But aside from celebrating a new year, the Lunar New Year is often closely tied to family. Yes, some people call it Chinese New Year. But no, it is not just called Chinese New Year.

Indeed, the holiday spread throughout Asia and was absorbed in Asian customs for centuries. The first day of the Lunar New Year begins on the new moon that appears between the 21 of January and the 20 of February. Traditions include reunions with family as the holiday has strong ties with honoring family , cleaning the house, firecrackers, food, and receiving money in red envelopes.

It is also a national holiday that is closely tied to family. Published by: SelfMadeHero. Available HERE. Daniel, Josephine Baker was a fascinating woman. Her life was one of incredible highs and even more unbelievable lows.

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As an African-American woman growing up in St. But Baker was a transcendent star far from the institutionalized hatred of the South.

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  8. Her light shone brightly in the theaters of Broadway, and Baker became a towering figure on the world stage when she moved to France in order to pursue her career. All of this intense real-world drama would make for a spellbinding graphic novel exploring the ideas of racism and international relations, or broken marriages that lead to massive adoptions, or the story of the rise and fall of an incredibly talented woman, or all kinds of fascinating stories people have told over the years about Josephine Baker. J osephine Baker by Catel and Bocquet is an illustrated Wikipedia article, a dutiful and occasionally charming chronicle of an important life presented in a plain and ordinary manner, with high moments and low moments all chronicled with the same sort of steadfast monotony and midlevel distance.

    We want to get inside the head of this most marvelous musician, but instead, this graphic novel actually distances the reader from Baker. It makes her more mysterious and less relatable. We watch these events happen, but we are placed far from them, as if writer Jose-Luis Boucquet is having Baker parade across a stage, reciting facts and incidents about her life, but ultimately never revealing herself to the reader. The back of the book is filled with a timeline of events we just read about and an eye-popping eighty yes, eighty! I was scratching my head at the pointless placement of these sketches.

    Instead, I was dreadfully bored by it, as if I was watching a performance by a second-rate Josephine Baker imitator who narrated her songs rather than singing them to me. Jason Sacks JasonSacks. Sacks, you may have been dreadfully bored, but I was just exhausted by the end of this thing. A biography should inform you about the subject, enlighten you to the inner workings of the mind of this individual, and give you insight into how the forces of history helped shaped their accomplishments. As you have pointed out above, Sacks, this book has the pacing you need to climb a mountain -- slow and steady -- and yet it never offers the rewards of a magnificent and expansive view from the top.