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The siege of Perinthus BC was an unsuccessful attempt by Philip II of Macedon to defeat a wavering ally, and was conducted alongside an equally unsuccessful siege of Byzantium. Both sieges took place in the period just before the Fourth Sacred War. The siege of Byzantium BC was an unsuccessful attempt by Philip II to defeat a former ally, and was begun after his siege of nearby Perinthus ran into difficulties. Both sieges came in the build-up to the Fourth Sacred War. Death of Alexander the Great begins the Wars of the Diadachi. Settlement at Babylon, the first attempt to divide up power within Alexander's empire.

Start of the Lamian or Hellenic War , an attempt by an alliance of Greek cities led by Athens to escape Macedonian control. Siege of Lamia sees alliance led by Athens trap Antipater in the town of Lamia. Death of Athenian general Leosthenes. Truce between Antipater and the Aetolians ends the Lamian War. Death of Craterus in a battle against Eumenes of Cardia.

Settlement at Triparadisus second attempt to divide power in Alexander's empire. The battle of Lautulae BC was the second major Samnite victory during the Second Samnite War, but one that didn't produce any long term advantage. End of Third Diadoch War from BC , ends with all of the main contestants back where they started. Follow DrJohnRickard.

Pentathlus' Expedition to Sicily of c. Dorieus' Expedition to Sicily c. The siege of Amathus c. The battle of Pedasus or Pedasa or BC was the third in a series of battles between the Persians and Carian rebels during the Ionian Revolt, and was a major Persian defeat that effectively ended their first large scale counterattack against the rebels. Probable end of the Ionian Revolt BC.

The siege of Potidaea BC was an unsuccessful Persian attempt to capture the strongly fortified city in the aftermath of Xerxes's retreat from Greece, and is notable for the first historical record of a tsunami. The siege of Olynthus early BC was a success for the Persian forces that had escorted Xerxes back to the Hellespont after the battle of Salamis and saw the city fall to assault and a large part of its population massacred. The siege of Thebes BC followed the Greek victory over the invading Persians at Plataea, and ended after the main Persian supporters in Thebes surrendered.

Sestus, siege, BC.

The battle of Akragas c. The naval battle of Cumae or Cyme of BC saw a combined fleet from Syracuse and Cumae defeat an Etruscan fleet in a battle fought in the bay of Naples. The Syracusan Revolution of BC ended a period of tyrannical rule in the city and ushered in a prolonged period of democracy and prosperity. The battle of Crastus c.

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The battle of Nomae BC was a defeat that reduced the power of Ducetius, king of the Sicels, and that eventually forced him into exile. The Peace of Callias c. The siege of Trinacie c.

Ancient Greece

The Corinth-Corcyra War of BC began as a dispute between Corinth and her colony Corcyra, but the Athenians were soon dragged into the conflict, and it contributed to the outbreak of the Great Peloponnesian War. The siege of Epidamnus BC saw the Corcyraeans capture their own former colony, overcoming a garrison partly provided by their own mother city of Corinth The battle of Leucimme BC was a naval victory won by Corcyra over the Corinthians that gave them control of the seas around the western coast of Greece and allowed them to launch raids on Corinth's allies for much of the next year.

The battle of Sybota BC was an inconclusive naval battle between Corinth and Corcyraean that saved Corcyra from invasion, but that also played a part in the outbreak of the Great Peloponnesian War. The Great Peloponnesian War BC was a titanic struggle between Athens and Sparta that engulfed the entire Greek world, and that ended with the total defeat of Athens and the destruction of her naval empire. The siege of Plataea BC was a Theban victory that saw them capture Athen's only ally in Boiotia, although only after a two-year long siege.

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The siege of Mytilene BC saw the Athenians defeat a revolt on the island of Lesbos, and is most famous for the two debates about the correct punishment for the rebels. The siege of Scione B. Although it was meant to last for fifty years, it was broken after only a year and a half, and the war continued until BC. The battle of Syracuse or of the Anapus River of BC was an Athenian victory won close to the shore south of the city of Syracuse, but one that had no impact on the long-term outcome of the Sicilian expedition, which ended in total defeat.

The battle of Cyzicus BC was a major Athenian victory won in the Propontis and that temporarily restored Athenian control of the Hellespont and the sea routes to the Black Sea, as well as restoring confidence and morale in Athens after the disaster at Syracuse.

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The battle of Notium BC was a minor Athenian naval defeat, but in its aftermath Alcibiades went into exile for a second time, removing one of the best Athenian commanders of the Great Peloponnesian War. The battle of Aegospotami BC was a crushing Athenian defeat that effectively ended the Great Peloponnesian War, leaving the city vulnerable to a siege and naval blockade. They were soon distracted by the Corinthian War in Greece, and at the end of the war sacrificed their original allies in order to maintain their position of power at home.

However the early part of the war took place at the same time as a Persian-Spartan War BC that saw Sparta lose her short-lived maritime empire, and it was quickly followed by an intervention at Thebes that ended in disaster.

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  • The siege of Mantinea BC saw the Spartans take advantage of their dominant position in Greece after the end of the Corinthian War to attack one of their long standing local rivals and a half-hearted ally in the recent war. The battle of Olynthus BC was a near defeat for a Spartan army that had been sent north to more vigorously conduct the war against Olynthus that had begun earlier in the same year.

    The Theban-Spartan War or Boeotian War BC was a conflict triggered by Sparta's attempts to impose her dominance over the rest of Greece, and that ended with a dramatic Spartan defeat that marked the beginning of the end for Sparta as a great power. The Theban campaign of BC was the second attempt by King Agesilaus II of Sparta to force Thebes to accept Spartan control, but like his first attempt in the previous year the campaign ended in failure.

    The battle of Leuctra BC was the first major defeat suffered by the main Spartan hoplite army, and played a major part in the collapse of Spartan power after their triumph in the Great Peloponnesian War.

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    • The Theban Hegemony was a short period in which the battlefield victories of Epaminondas overthrew the power of Sparta, and made Thebes the most powerful state in Greece. It began with the crushing Theban victory over a Spartan army at Leuctra, and effectively ended with the death of Epaminondas at the battle of Mantinea.

      Greek Wars: The Battle of Marathon, 490 BC

      The Satrap's Revolt c. The war significantly weakened Athens, and also meant that she was unable to intervene as Philip II of Macedon expanded his kingdom. List of every major Peloponnesian War battle, including photos, images, or maps of the most famous Peloponnesian War battles when available.

      While it is not a comprehensive list of all skirmishes, conflicts, or battles that took place in the Peloponnesian War, we have tried to include as many military events and actions as possible. All the battles on this Peloponnesian War list are currently listed alphabetically, but if you want to find a specific battle you can search for it by using the "search". Information about these Peloponnesian War battles are included below as well, such as their specific locations and who was involved in the fight.

      The Aetolian campaign, often referred to as "Demosthenes' Aetolian campaign", was a failed Athenian offensive in northwestern Greece during the Archidamian War. Arriving in the northwest, he quickly assembled a coalition force from Athens' allies in the region and besieging the city of Leucas.

      Before that siege reached a conclusion, however, he was persuaded to abandon it in favor of an attack on the tribal region of Aetolia. Leaving Leucas, he set out towards Aetolia, losing along the way several major contingents from his army, whose leaders were apparently unhappy with his change Cancel anytime. You will learn about the First Italian War like never before. The Peloponnesian War broke out in B. It pitted the all-powerful land force of Sparta and its allies against the supremely powerful naval force of Athens.

      Thucydides actually participated in this conflict, a war that he realized would have a greater influence on the history of Greece than any other. He vividly narrates exciting episodes and carefully describes tactical aspects of the war, and also provides illuminating character profiles. This course addresses three wars fought in antiquity, each of which had - even 2, years and more later - a decisive effect in shaping our communal sense of who we are, not only in Europe, but throughout the European cultural diaspora, in the Americas, in Oceania, and to some degree, at least, in Asia and Africa as well - wherever, in short, Western values hold.

      For over 20 years, a select group of Yale undergraduates has been admitted into the year-long "Grand Strategy" seminar team-taught by John Lewis Gaddis and Paul Kennedy. Its purpose: to provide a grounding in strategic decision-making in the face of crisis to prepare future American leaders for important work.

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