Manual Level Elevations

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The elevation of US states may be described in various ways. Some of the common ways of describing elevation include the description by the highest point such as the highest peak, mountain or any natural feature.

Using Sea Level Elevations

The second way of describing US elevation is by the lowest point such as valley bottoms or coastal elevations. Elevation can also be judged by the difference between the highest point and the lowest point.

What Is Elevation?

If only the highest point of elevation is considered then Alaska is the highest State in the US because of Mount Denali. However, if mean elevation is taken into consideration, then Colorado has the highest mean elevation. Delaware is located in the southern part of the US and is bordered to the south and west by Maryland, New Jersey to the northeast and Pennsylvania to the north.

Delaware covers a total area of square miles making it one of the smallest States in the US.

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Delaware is on a plain with the lowest mean elevation of 60ft 20m above the sea level. Delaware has a transitional climate that supports a variety of vegetation especially mixed oak forest. Florida, which translates to land of flowers, is located in the southeastern part of the US. Florida is bordered to the west by the Gulf of Mexico , Alabama to the north and Atlantic Ocean to the east. Florida receives snow due to its tropical climate however frost is more common than snow.

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Florida hosts diverse wildlife including marine mammals, reptiles, birds and several invertebrates. The average mean elevation for Florida is ft 30m above sea level. The elevation of a city is the geographic height of that point relative to sea level. Elevations in the Greater Phoenix area don't vary all that much because the cities are close to each other and in a valley—hence the nickname, The Valley of the Sun. Keep in mind that the elevations within any city mentioned here are noted at a general point not at the peak of any mountain and elevations within cities naturally vary.

Cities that are at a lower elevation than Phoenix, where the official temperature is usually taken, may be one or two degrees hotter than Phoenix. Cities at a higher elevation than Phoenix may be up to five degrees cooler than Phoenix.

1-Mean Sea Level, GPS, and the Geoid

In the heat of the summer, the temperature depends not only on the elevation but on the environment where the temperature is measured. So, for example, areas with lots of concrete and buildings will be hotter than those with more vegetation. Some of the cities in Pinal county are considered for many discussion points as part of the Greater Phoenix area; people living in those cities often work, play and shop in Maricopa County.

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Outside of central Arizona, the elevations are much different than in the Valley. Keep in mind that the elevations within any city mentioned here are noted at a particular point not at the peak of any mountain and elevations within cities naturally vary. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.