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Caption Only: Hey, little boy! That's a gourd, not a golden delicious

Request Catalog. Contact Us. US Bulk Varieties. The ground was lifted and the strength was great. He is the brother of the seven brothers. He was born a great herd.

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  4. Chapter 03, People, Policy and Politics in Future Climates.

His body can grow or shrink at any time. But he had enough courage to save his grandfather from the mire. It was saved by sixth brothers. Ability: strength, huge.

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Omnipotent perspective eyes, hear eight parties. An orange baby has a pair of eyes and ears at birth. All the devil's secrets can't hide him. In order to save his brother, he went into the mirror house, but he was blinded by snake essence, and his ears were all deaf.

Then it was cured by mountains and forests. Skills: omnipotent perspective eyes and universal ears. The third brothers' abilities: yellow.


The third brothers are the prodigies of the iron and steel skeletons. The sword gun and the sword gun were harmless to him, but because of his stubborn and proud character, he was defeated by the soft knives of snake essence. Then it was saved by sixth brothers.

Skills: copper and iron, all knives and guns are not afraid. The fire is pure and clear.

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The fourth brothers are descendants of God and can freely devour fire. It is said that when the temperature of the fire reaches a certain level, the flame turns green. But he mistakenly drank the wine in the ice fountain and frozen it in the cold rock. Rescued by sixth brothers: the ability to extinguish, extinguish and strike lightning. Rainstorms and rivers.

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The fifth brothers are the incarnation of the water god of the river god. They can freely swallow the river. No wonder they can swallow hundreds of altar spirits instead of drunken.