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Sixteen years later, he executed more than guards in vengeance, and established Russia as a naval power. To make sure that his legacy will live, Peter established a new maritime capital, the city nowadays known as Saint Petersburg.

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Hitler Secret Voice Recording. Great Human Odyssey - Documentary Lucy will trace Peter's accession to the throne as a nine year old, when he witnessed a revolt led by royal guards and the slaughter of his uncles and close advisors. Sixteen years later, Peter would vengefully execute a thousand rebellious guards. Throughout his reign, Peter would demonstrate an unwavering commitment to establishing Russia as a naval power - Lucy will explore the lengths Peter would go to ensure this became a reality, including the creation of a new maritime capital, St Petersburg.

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Throughout this episode, Lucy will show how the Romanovs embraced and sponsored the arts on an astonishing scale - from building spectacular palaces to commissioning grand artworks that all still dazzle today. As well as studying this unique royal family, Lucy will also consider the impact the Romanovs had on the lives of ordinary Russians, who were often little better than slaves to the elite.

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Lucy Worsley concludes her history of the Romanov dynasty, investigating how the family's grip on Russia unravelled in their final century. She will show how the years were bloody and traumatic, a period when four tsars tried - and failed - to deal with the growing pressure for constitutional reform and revolution.

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Lucy will find out how the Romanovs tried to change the system themselves: in , millions of enslaved serfs were freed by the Tsar-Liberator, Alexander II. But Alexander paid the ultimate penalty for opening the Pandora's Box of reform when he was later blown up by terrorists on the streets of St Petersburg. Elsewhere, there was repression, denial, war, and - in the case of the last tsar, Nicholas II - a fatalistic belief in the power of God: Nicholas's faith in the notorious holy man Rasputin was a major part in his undoing.

Lucy also details the chilling murder of Nicholas and his family in , and asks the question: could all of this horror have been avoided? Lucy will also show how there was a growing movement among the people of Russia to determine their own fate. She traces the growth of the intelligentsia, writers and thinkers who sought to have a voice about Russia.

Speaking out came with a risk after Ivan Turgenev wrote about the appalling life of the serfs in , he was sentenced to house arrest by tsar Nicholas I.