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Tiny Trujillo has a huge influence.

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Holiday villas in Trujillo Step back in time to a dream destination. All Rights Reserved. Website by JET Design.

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Your Privacy on this Website This website uses Cookies. Continued use of the site will be deemed as your acceptance of this necessity. Find out more about our privacy policy. I understand. Archaeology pops up in the strangest corners, and the Moorish influence adds a grace of its own to the town. Merida preserves some of the most outstanding Roman monuments, including a colossal theatre, an amphitheatre, two aqueducts, and a bridge. A must is the Museum of Roman Art with its invaluable collection representing Roman civilization through amazing mosaic floors, statues, household artefacts and jewellery.

Summer visitors can enjoy magical evenings in the Roman theatre under the stars watching top performances of drama, dance and music.

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Additional attractions include some exceptional Renaissance palaces. Founded by Romans in 34 BC, this thriving provincial capital is the closest Extremadura comes to a big city. Named a World Heritage City in , the barrio antiguo offers plenty of architectural wonder.

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Between the 14th and 16th centuries, rival noble families vied for social and political control, each building a miniature palace to demonstrate their power and wealth. As a result, the old city is a wonderful maze of palaces, museums, and churches. The birthplace of famous conqueror Pizarro is well known for its beautiful main square. There is also a great Moorish castle and the well-preserved town-walls with seven gates.

The gem of Extremadura, hill-top Trujillo is an enchanting old-world town unspoiled by modern influences. Wines and Restaurants.

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Atrio is located in the old city centre of Caceres, serves modern variations of popular Extremaduran dishes. Torre de Sandes in the old part of Caceres is also good , especially in summer as there is a charming, ancient courtyard for eating outside. In Trujillo any of the restaurants in the main plaza are good and also Dos Orillas which is situated in an old house with courtyard.

The Extremadura region of Spain has had a long, hard history. It was difficult to extract a living out of this mountainous and remote area in past ages. Thankfully the very reason for the Extremadura's difficulties in the past is the great advantage it has now. Vast areas of the rest of Spain have been negatively affected by the industrial and tourist ages, beautiful areas decimated by unplanned development, this did not happen in the Extremadura. Here the people have clung on to their ancient traditions and most of all the great love and natural respect for nature.

It is evident where ever you travel in this region, the land is cared for lovingly, each tree, each vine , each animal is tended with care from beginning to end.

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Pottery Seller with donkey, Montanchez. The largest village in the Sierra de Montanchez. Dominated by its Moorish castle it is know as the Balcony of the Extremadura because of the splendid, vast views down into the valleys and plains towards Trujillo, the Gredos mountains and Cornalvo natural park.

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This beautiful town is dominated by a colossal Mudejar style monastery which preserves valuable works of art. It witnessed the documents certifying the departure on the American adventure. And there the first captive Aztecs were baptized. The most famous Marian Sanctuary for all of the Spanish speaking world dates from the miraculous discovery of the image of the Virgin de Guadalupe, the black Madonna, its Patron Saint, around the year This is as enchanting as any in Iberia: all steps, arcades, stately trimmings, and storks wheeling over Pizarro.

As often in Spain, there is a sense simultaneously of gravitas, fragile grandeur and impending festivity. Spanish people really know how to colonise urban space, and at all hours.

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Conquistadors finished, we romped around the rest of Trujillo, from Moorish castle and ramparts up top to the gate through which the Reconquista Christians poured in In truth, most of central Trujillo could star in any historical film you cared to shoot. It is intact because lives lived there have never generated sufficient money to wreck it. My wife burst out laughing when she saw we could have hosted the Wimbledon final in the main salon. Well, we could have, had it not been for the antique furniture, fresh flowers, chandeliers and obstacle course of treasures.

We regularly lost contact with one another through the labyrinth of other salons, reception rooms, tennis courts and a kitchen equipped to the teeth, with sinks the size of bathtubs. Then we studied a view as remarkable as any other aspect of the house. Under a vast sky, the scorched tableland rolled away enormously, interrupted here and there by tough hills, and then Portugal.

This was a land to gallop across with a band of desperate brigands. Distant farmsteads floated upon the vastness and could, perhaps, have sailed off somewhere quite different by tomorrow. Gradually, the countryside grew loftier and greener and we were curving up to Guadalupe, a fine monastery trimmed with a hillside village. He repaid them by bringing back a pair of souvenir Indians. This Virgin has, since , been patron of the whole Spanish-speaking world despite having been discovered, in the late 13th century, under a dead cow.

We were soon among more beauty than I could readily assimilate.

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You could see his point. Most of the time, she oversees the church from 80ft high in the altarpiece. But we had climbed up behind and were now on her level.