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It seems they helped you on your way to a successful career with an amazing if I'm correct 9 books in 8 years. My teachers were all successful illustrators, and had diverse skill sets, from digital illustration to traditional woodblock printmaking. The Printmaking Department was completely open to us and free to use, and I took it for granted at the time, but thinking about it now, it was an incredible resource.

I loved the mix of traditional methods and more modern techniques. There was an emphasis on drawing skills and life drawing, and sketchbook work. We had live briefs and lectures about book keeping. There was also an emphasis on independent study, which was frustrating for some visiting students who were more used to structured classes, but in my opinion, it was vital in my first few years as an illustrator to know how to work by myself without any outside motivation. Jonathan Gibbs, the Head of Department, is a talented printmaker.

I always valued my tutorials with him because he'd glance at your work and provide insights into what you were trying to do when you felt like you'd been grasping at smoke. He'd always be right! I cannot recommend that department highly enough. I am still in touch with some of my teachers such as Jill Calder. Catherine was graduating as you were entering the college and you had an opportunity to meet. What was it like to meet her and have you stayed in touch? The first time she was kind enough to talk to my Mum and I about her experience as a student at ECA, and I do not think she realised the depth of the impression she left on us.

I blushed red as a tomato and couldn't think of what to say. She is very lovely. I have emailed her a couple of times with questions, but I'm not in touch with her. It's difficult to chat with people you admire so much. This book hasn't reached Canada yet, but with a recent popular Canadian edition of the Great British Bake Off, I'm hoping it will arrive soon!

Did you get any feedback from Jamie Oliver or the TV show? He was studying to be a lawyer but he really wanted to bake. His story resonated with me, because when I had wanted to be an illustrator several family members, particularly my Grandmother, had told me I was wasting my potential and I'd never amount to anything. I wanted to write a feel good book about being yourself, and about having some sense of self worth. The dragon character was originally named Heston, but one of the team at Bloomsbury suggested Flamie Oliver and I loved that name.

I have never heard from Jamie Oliver, and I'm not sure he's read the book. If he has, I hope he likes it! You illustrated both books and took over writing duties this time around from Nick Bromley. I adore Carter the Crocodile and the interactive aspect of the books. Will there be more in the series? I have a new book coming out with Nosy Crow this year which is a bit different.

Just make sure you have a tissue handy. View all 5 comments.

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Oct 19, Mitticus rated it really liked it Shelves: children-protagonist , zreadings , short-story , fantasia-urbana , demons. Mwa ha ha. May 27, Miriam rated it really liked it Shelves: short-stories , fantasy , realism. This is my th review on this site!! I did not like this story as much as others I follow. And, it's also my least favorite cover of all the tor shorts I've read. Double sigh. But her parents think she may be a bit young to take on the responsibility of a pony, so they bring her grandmother down to buy her a pet demon instead.

Thus enters Ix'thor, an action This is my th review on this site!! That all sounds kinda scary and dark but this little guy is all bark and no bite because demons that bite wouldn't be sold as pets to young girls who want ponies. So at first Mathilde is all "Waaaahhhhh I want a pony.

I don't want a demon. I'm spoiled and obnoxious and should be treated like a fairy princess," and all that nonsense. But eventually, we can see that Ix'thor starts to wear her down. Kinda like a new puppy placed in the hands of someone who may be a cat person. Seriously, who wants a pony anyway? By the end of the story, Mathilde and Ix'thor have bonded and she no longer wants a pony. If you thought I was being sarcastic, you're very smart.

I guess that's just kind how I feel about this one. I've read some seriously awesome shorts on tor. I thought it was actually just lacking in a lot of creativity, and it felt very generic. The writing style was simplistic, and I didn't really connect with any character, but the potential was totally there. I mean, pet demons! Come on! The possibilities are endless! Plus, I just read a far superior short story about ponies recently and this one cannot compare.

The one thing I will say is that the title is kinda cool and is probably one of the biggest reasons I read this. Too bad I have absolutely no idea what brimstone and marmalade have to do with ponies and demons and dark lords and little girls heading to the dark side. Am I missing something? I am settling on 2. View all 38 comments. Damn people like Becky anyway.

The story is unusual and told completely tongue in cheek. Despite the mini dark lord only having so many lines, it was easy to get attached to the funny thing. My favorite part was probably the description of his rearranging the cage. The author tells the story well and clearly has a sense of humor.

So karen was all "Ooooh! I read this on my break. That's how short this freebie is over at Tor. Also, that is how peer pressure works. This story is sweet and sad but it is also painfully easy to relate to since so many of us went through this exact same thing only scratch the demon and put whatever replacement thing we got in its place. Typically, the replacement is a hamster, guinea pig, or turtle but sometimes it's a second-hand radi So karen was all "Ooooh! Typically, the replacement is a hamster, guinea pig, or turtle but sometimes it's a second-hand radio or a knock-off Big Wheel or a homemade Cabbage Patch Kid.

I take back my baby comment, karen. I mean, yes, I know babies really are mini-demons but they are NOT the kind you get at the demon store. Where in hell is the demon store, anyway ha ha, I'm so clever because now I, too, want to go there and get a little demon.

Not a baby, but an actual little demon from the demon store. They are delightful! Small and evil and ever-so-lovable! And ponies are for chumps, anyhow. They are so much work and you don't actually get to lie on their backs all summer long while they eat dandelions and you gaze at clouds. Here's a fantastic little short story just in time for Halloween. I've read a few of these tor stories, and, so far, this one would rank as my absolute favorite.

Such a fun, delightful, and shall we say twisted tale which perfectly encapsulates all the mixed emotions of childhood pet ownership. Sorry, I don't have the time to properly review this, but check it out if you've got a few minutes. Sometimes growing up means l Here's a fantastic little short story just in time for Halloween. View all 4 comments. Jan 12, Molly rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , hey-shorty , tor-tot-tor , childrens , paranormal. Had a blast with this one. Yeah, sorry ab Had a blast with this one.

Yeah, sorry about that. I kinda got carried away. Greatest little story. I had the stupidest grin on my face while reading this. I smirked , laughed out loud, and even shed a tear.

See a Problem?

Oh Karen This story is a wonderful little fable about a girl who wants a pony for her birthday, and gets a demon instead! I want one! Mommy, mommy can I have a demon, puh-lease?! I love this type of short story! Quick, devourable and darkly delicious Brimstone and Marmalade is brilliant! Read it :. View all 6 comments.

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Jun 18, Figgy rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewed. Mathilde doesn't want a demon, she wants a pony. You know what, kid? I get it. I relished the chance to go riding, and always wanted a horse of my own. But I, much like you, learned to love that little demon no mean feat, for a 32 page story , and know that a pony just will not do any more.

Ponies can't talk , ponies don't have voices like the truck that picks up the garbage in the morning, only smaller. Ponies can't call you minion, or threaten to destroy you enemies, or make you laugh quite like Mathilde doesn't want a demon, she wants a pony. I've come to the realisation after reading this story that ponies kinda suck, and demons are definitely the way to go.

See you at the demon store, kid. Jan 12, Ellen Gail rated it really liked it Recommends it for: foolish mortals. Shelves: read-in-a-day , short-stories-and-novellas , freebie , tor-shorts. Silly child,who wouldn't want their own demon!?! Here's how to resurrect Ix'thor: Gather the souls of 7 cockroaches, 13 ants and 3 jellyfish. Add them to a copper saucepan.

Forget Me Not

Gently muddle with a wooden spoon. Put the saucepan on Ix'thor's altar, and set the souls on fire. Complete the summoning with the words "So be it". Ix'thor will be there in no time, and you can start writing another story about him. Dear readers, this short story is about a little girl who wanted a pony for her birthday, but all she got was a miniature demon. The story is hilarious, heartwarming and a little bit sad. You can read it for free at Tor. Read it. Review also available at Booklikes This is a Tor.

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It packs a lot into that space, though, and I have to admit to being captured fast and never let go. It's a light-toned ride with a great emotional impact and fantastic character dynamic. And it goes even better with the Halloween season, while it's at it. Jun 09, Ginger rated it it was amazing Shelves: shorties , tor-com.

I think I will take a demon pony. Jan 24, Mario rated it it was amazing Shelves: short-stories. Who on earth would like to have a pony, when you can have cutest demon alive? Loved the story. Wish it was longer, though. This was fucking awesome! Jul 10, Ivan rated it it was amazing Shelves: young-and-new-adult , short-stories-and-novelettes. One of the cutest short stories I read and best one I read in while. Warm recommendation. Jan 06, TL rated it really liked it Recommends it for: everyone.

Recommended to TL by: karen. Shelves: favorites. This was a surprisingly cute story about a girl who gets a demon for a birthday instead of the pony she wanted. Her Nana says that if she can take care of a demon, her parents'll get her a pony. Mathilde doesn't quite believe her, but agrees to take him anyway. He didn't se 4.

Eat, Little Bird

He didn't seem to mind though :. Loved how Mathilde slowly grew to love Ix'thor, and was proud to show him off. Her Nana was awesome :. View 1 comment. Jun 18, GoldGato rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , autumn , e-reads , supernatural , short-story. Little spoiled girls who want and demand ponies for their birthdays don't always get what they want. Sometimes they get something they don't want but then learn to appreciate. It's one of life's lessons which is cunningly deployed in this sweet little Tor short story.

I kinda fell for the tiny demon in this read. He reminded me of cats I once had. Fun read. Dec 04, Jonnie rated it really liked it Shelves: short-stories , fantasy. Another short, exquisite read from Tor. This time, it's about a little girl who wants a pet pony, but gets a demon instead. A tiny feisty put-in-your-pocket demon. Complete with a little paper sword and a cute flame in it's wittle ittle claws. Who's a good boy? This strange little magical book realm also provides scrumptious demon treats!

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Shelves: fantasy-scifi. A short and adorable story about a girl who got a demon pet for her birthday. They actually make good pets. Simultaneously funny and sad, sweet and quirky, it was a miniature story about real people and big problems. It made me smile. It almost made me cry.

The cover art is unbelievably cute too.

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