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You just need to keep aside the first day for rest to get acclimatized to the high altitude air of Ladakh. That done, your time here can pack in quite a punch with a plethora of activities such as visits to monasteries, motor biking, trekking, cycling, river rafting and not to forget, trips to the Pangong Lake and Nubra Valley that sure are a cherry on the cake.

Tying You Down: Riding Tall, Book 4 (Unabridged)

The Havelock Islands of this archipelago are a perfect place for you lovebirds. Boasting endless stretches of crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches and lush green forests, these are a veritable slice of paradise- something that the shutterbug in you will never tire of clicking.

The Radhanagar Beach is amazing, both above and below the water. If the weather permits, do venture into the latter. Together with its fort and the Nadia Caves, the beaches too are straight out of a pretty painting. Take a trip to the quaint Zimithang and monasteries such as Galden Namgyal Lhatse perched on the highest point in Tawang, among others. You could also try skiing on the enchanting Pankang Teng Tso Lake that lies at 13, feet above sea level. As the almanac is slowly making way for the monsoon to shower its blessings on the arid, parched landscape, everyone looks forward to welcoming the refreshing and cool showers.

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The joy and excitement of it all will be further enhanced…. Known for…. From a time when visiting Macau just meant spending time at its casinos, this former Portuguese colony has come a long way. It is today a stand-alone family destination offering a lot more than its swanky gambling houses. And the…. Related tips and articles Festivals of the month: July As the almanac is slowly making way for the monsoon to shower its blessings on the arid, parched landscape, everyone looks forward to welcoming the refreshing and cool showers.

Jo looked back at Tate. The corner of his mouth had quirked into a sexy grin. You always did like to be close to me, he said. Heat flushed through Jo and she frowned at him despite the warmth tingling through her body. His green eyes sparked with amusement. Not to mention the attraction she felt for him every time he was near.

It was hard enough when he was dressed in his finest for the wedding, let alone now in his normal cowboy jeans and shirt. Without really noticing what she was doing, she toyed with the bag of honey-roasted peanuts in her lap. She brought her attention back to Tate and saw that he was studying her.

With his muscular frame, dark hair, and light stubble on his jaws, she had to admit he was a sexy hunk of a cowboy—there was no denying that. With the exception of her sister, no one in Prescott knew that Jo had modeled during and after graduating from the private boarding school where her stepmother had sent her.

Jo had worked hard over the years, never feeling like she fit into what was considered to be a glamorous occupation. To her it had ultimately been a means to an end. Jo had returned to Prescott a year ago and had done her best to settle into life in a small town again. And now, here she was, trapped between a cute six-year-old and an arrogant cowboy. A gorgeous, completely tantalizing cowboy. She sighed and pushed strands of her long red hair over her shoulder, deciding that changing the subject was her best choice at the moment. Jenny sure is worn out. Tate looked past her and a gentle smile softened his rough features.

Still, that was then, this was now. People grew up and changed, that was all there was to it. Tate shifted his body. He was so big and tall, at least three inches taller than her five-eleven, and he clearly had a hard time getting comfortable in the narrow airline seat. Kathy decided that boarding school was the best place for me once Dad passed away.

Still grieving, Jo had abruptly lost her home, family, and friends, which had been painful and had scarred her deeply inside. New York. Her thoughts flitted to New York City. She had mixed feelings about leaving the city. It had become home after high school, a city she had grown to love. But the fast-paced lifestyle took a toll on a person, especially one who was a country girl at heart.

He looked like he wanted to press her for more, but instead asked, What made you decide to come back?

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Jo pictured her pretty, younger half-sister. I decided I was done with life in the big city, anyway. I was ready to come home. He gave her an appreciative look. She never felt beautiful, had never gotten rid of old insecurities. Still, hearing it from Tate made her feel almost shy. She looked away, through the small rain-spattered window, at the storm outside. The plane jostled from the wind buffeting it.

But then there was the long drive to Prescott from the city. The thought of being in a truck with Tate for the hour and a half long drive sent a strange feeling skittering through her belly.

At the time, owning a bar sounded like fun. Sometimes being around food made her struggles all the more difficult. She cocked her head to the side. Not that I expected it to be easy. Anything worthwhile takes some amount of work. For a moment she had the strangest feeling he was talking about her. She mentally shook her head. That was some stretch of the imagination. I went to college after I graduated from high school, did a little rodeo, played some college baseball, and then returned to ranching.

He smiled. The brilliant sight and teeming life of Times Square popped into her mind followed by an image of quiet downtown Prescott.

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She met his gaze again. The plane dropped suddenly and then steadied itself. Jo felt a pitch in her stomach but relaxed almost at once. He shook his head. I prefer my boots on the ground. About as high as I like to be is on the back of a horse. I thought you liked a little bouncing around.

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She gave him a teasing look. You were into junior rodeo when we were young. From what you mentioned earlier, I take it you continued as an adult? He nodded. Apparently you did well. She smiled. You always were good. I remember you winning a few championships even then. The easy stuff. She gave a little grin. Did you ever get into bull riding like Creed? Tate shook his head. I preferred the rodeo circuit over the bull riding circuit. Takes a special breed of man to ride a bull.

The plane bounced and rattled, causing Jo to sway in her seat. It lasted a good two minutes and she gritted her teeth. Tate was frowning when she met his gaze again. It surprised her to see such a big alpha male unnerved by a jostling plane in a storm. But then he was the type of man who liked being in control. And traveling on a plane meant being totally out of control. As she studied him, her heart skipped a beat. Damn it, why did he have to be so damned good looking? Not to mention he had a kind of charisma about him that made her feel the blossom of excitement deep in her abdomen.

Memories flickered through her mind. Mentally she sighed. Now it was that cowboy charm that attracted her. But from experience she knew that no man could ever really be trusted.