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Some suppose that this is where the custom of exchanging gifts at Christmas time came. But not so. The wise men did not exchange gifts among themselves.

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They presented their gifts to Jesus who was born king of the Jews. It was an Eastern custom to present gifts when coming into the presence of a king. But these gifts were not birthday gifts. How do we know that these were not birthday gifts? Because the Magi wise men did not come to visit Jesus until He was nearly two years old! Matthew The shepherds came from the fields to visit Jesus at His birth, but it was nearly two years later before the Magi arrived.

What would you think, if the whole world celebrated your birthday, but no one brought presents to you? What then must Christ think? Everyone comes together in the spirit of the celebration, and gives gifts at Christmas to everyone but Him. In the beginning these Many were charms as well as gifts. Did you know that the early Christians refused to exchange gifts at this time of the year?

They knew where the custom came from! It was thoroughly pagan. In the first centuries, Christians did not give each other presents in the Christmas season. What a joyous liberation the people of God experience when they forsake this pagan ritual. Then as now , it will be an anti-Christian celebration. Santa Claus. The facts of history however, prove otherwise. But the customs and traditions from which Santa Claus evolved, trace him back to Odin or Saturn — the sun-god himself! Santa has been called by many names in different countries down through the centuries, but the customs that surround him have remained steadfastly the same.

Once he was Odin But when Christianity drove away the old gods, he remained, and appeared again as St. His home is far away in Heaven or at the North Pole or in some remote country from which he comes on horseback, or in a sleigh drawn by reindeer. He may come secretly by night, or openly in the winter daylight, accompanied by a train of masked demons and strange animal forms.

They have moved me to jealousy with that which is not God; they have provoked me to anger with their vanities. As an act of devotion to their false god, they sacrificed their own children. Did you realize, that in so doing you were re-enacting an actual scenario of ancient child sacrifice? How dare we bring our children to this false god and encourage them to supplicate him for gifts and blessings?

God will hold us accountable! We must forsake this idolatrous Santa-worship immediately. The early Christians consistently refused to celebrate Christmas! The Roman Saturnalia with all of its festivities, merriment, garlands, lights, trees, exchanging of gifts, revelry, drunkenness, orgiastic sex, etc.

It is well known and well documented, that the early church did not celebrate Christmas at all. Whenever Christians longed for true spirituality and returned to the Bible as their source for all practice and belief, one of the first things they did was to forsake the unscriptural Christmas celebration. Throughout New England, Christmas was suppressed. Of course, we are not suggesting that laws be passed banning Christmas; only that sincere Christians honestly decide whether they should participate in such an unscriptural pagan festivity.

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Dear reader, if Christmas were really of God, the world would hate it! But the same sinners who hate Christ love Christmas. The biggest thieves, drunkards, liars, adulterers and hypocrites love Christmas. They love the parties, the festivities, the carols and the feasting and the merriment, but they hate everything that is truly spiritual. For whatever the world loves, God is sure to hate!

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How tragic it is that the Christian church today continues to hold this unholy alliance with the world in the celebration of Christmas. They put up the same forbidden trees in their homes Jeremiah , cover it with globes symbols of the sun — remember the Saturnalia is sun worship , they hand lights and garlands all around house and hearth pagan symbols of firs and fertility , they lie to their children about Santa Claus read Revelation and see where liars go , and engage in virtually every other aspect of this renamed pagan festival, just like the world!

Christ never was in Christmas, nor will He ever be! He never was a part of this fleshly, sensual, wicked festival. Hebrews , Do not think that this pagan holiday has been sanctified simply because it has been renamed. And so it is with Christmas. Centainly not the fruits of repentance.

Licentious behavior, wantonness, revelry, drunkenness, materialism, greed, covetousness, fornication and merriment, all supposedly in celebration of the holy Son of God. How God must grieve over the brazen sin of polluting His holy name with this abominable filth. Some Christians readily acknowledge the pagan origins of Christmas, but offer all sorts of worldly compromising excuses and participate in it anyway. Some think it to be a good time to witness to sinners about Christ.

While it is never wrong to witness, it is always wrong to sin! In fact, in order for our witness to be effective, just the opposite must be true. We must be different from the world. We must be a light set on a hill, a holy, peculiar people cf. Matthew ; I Peter God says to the church in our generation to come out from spiritual Babylon; come out from all that is false is religion. And what concord hath God with Belial? Shall we follow the world and join with those who blaspheme and cast our Lord out in drunkenness and revelry in the celebration of the birthday of our Lord Jesus?

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Deprive them of what? The truth? If you read Revelation earlier, you know where liars go. We are responsible to teach them the truth, and to walk in the truth ourselves! God is spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth. God is seeking those who will forsake the false ways, who will lay aside the traditions of men, who will worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, and will not compromise the truth!

And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth. God loves truth. He is concerned for the truth. He longs for those who will believe the truth, and worship Him in truth! But friend, there isn't a shred of truth in Christmas. Everything about this holiday is false, corrupt, idolatrous and pagan.

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It is one big lie! What will you do? What will you follow? What will you believe? And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.

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Lasley F. Gober, The Christmas Lover's Handbook, p. Ralph Woodrow. Babylon Mystery Religion , p. Christina Hole, Christmas and Its Customs , p. Alexander Hislop, The Two Babylons p. Encyclopedia Britannica , Vol. To order copies of this publication or for a complete list of books, tracts and tapes by Dr. Russell K. Tardo, write:. This post is such a Blessing to read. It will be darkness and not Light; as when a man flees from a lion, and a bear meets him, Or goes home, leans his hand against a wall, and a snake bites him.

Amos We are not to follow their example. Whatever is not Of GOD, no matter in what form it takes, no matter how many may give allegiance to it, it is practiced in futility because futility is all it is, being of no benefit to any, and cannot honour GOD. Russell: the Christian Catholic Church commemorates this day, we calls it Christmas.

Nicholas , christmas gifts, christmas tree, are the teachings of the Catholic Christian Church? Certainly dear brother bocamustang in the Christian Orthodox Church, in the early centuries of Christianity, was celebrating the birth of Christ January 7, with the Julian calendar. Dr Russell cites the hypothesis that he like them , is not correct. He need to give correct information.

Dr Russell is not familiar with the history of Christianity. I'm ready to take in the face of the stones. Russell says , " God did not want us to know the date of Christ's birth ," he says this is his opinion or speaks in the name of the Lord? Deuteronomy Proverbs Hatred stirs up strife,. Romans Colossians What has Christmas to do with this? What of this time the world calls Christmas is of Spirit And Truth? Think about it. And even the nativity is Scriptually unsound. And of this saint Nicholas. No man is a Saint by the will and the appointment of men. Faith Saves, not works. No matter what 'works' a soul may have done in the time of his flesh, works amount to and count for nought.

We will have works by our faith, but this is not works that earn Salvation. The making of saints by men is merely the praise of men given to men. So when a body of men deem themselves worthy to appoint a man to be known by others as a saint, this will count as nothing before GOD. So it is not for any man to glorify another man. And Luigi, Proverbs ? I have not spoken with hatred, have i? This Love Is Pure, undefiled by the world and its ways. There is not one verse in The Holy Scriptures that speaks of a 'Christmas day'.

This is man made, and all it contains is of man. I repeat the question : I'm not upset. I'm worried. Article Dr. Russell says , "God did not want us to know the date of Christ's birth , " he says this so -so is his opinion or speaks in the name of the Lord? I want not have a personal issue with anyone. I have always respected the brothers and sisters of the Reformed churches. I think Dr. Russell does not work , not writing articles for the collaboration between the Christian churches. I reacted to this.

So many Christian churches celebrate Christmas. Russell speaks only of the Catholic Church Carefully read the article. Catholics against Reformed. His article in Dr. Russell loves Catholic Christians? If anyone says , ' I love God , ' and hates His Brother , he is a liar. I really do not understand , why some " zealots " Unfortunately, there are many, they are all Christian churches always look at the other house? Matthew 7. I for years of work to build bridges between the Christian churches , is then a professor in what?

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Focusing on gratitude can be a powerful antidote to fear. I feel at peace with what we have. I feel safe, secure, and powerful. Telling you how to do this is beyond the scope of this post, but you can find helpful quizzes and assessment guides online. This well-known quote from The Holy Bible answers that question.

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We are stewards of all the gifts God has given us, and that includes our money. How we manage it and use it are direct reflections of where our heart is. That truth reverberates throughout many faith and philosophical traditions. Does the way you manage and spend your money reflect your highest aspirations for living a Heartspoken Life—a life of faith, connection, generosity, kindness, and love? We will all undoubtedly fall short of that lofty goal, but until we take our last breath, we can strive to move ever closer to it.

What is one small step you can take today to ensure that your finances are in alignment with the cherished values of your Heartspoken Life? Berger, Rob. Kiplinger Personal Finance Quiz. Orman, Suze. Tyson, Eric. Yes, of course, you can write your own copy on your site, and in your marketing materials.

It will be a complete waste, and your revenue will continue to slip while others manage to move up and forward. Imagine a room full of people who are chatting excitedly about a particular topic. Now imagine someone walking in who desperately wants to be noticed and liked, but instead of joining in by listening first, this person just starts shouting out things that he thinks are important. The people already in the room will do their best to ignore him; if he becomes too irritating, they will leave the room or push him out of the room.

This is how we react to spam and irrelevant advertising. It would have been a completely different story if he had come into our conversation courteously and humbly, willing to put ego aside, learn what matters to us and how we find and exchange information, and then start to participate gracefully. Before we co-founded our current company, in my role as a revenue coach, I interviewed customers for our clients in order to be that listener. So this problem has been going on for a long, long time. On the contrary, Google wants you to give your customers what they want, and will do everything possible to help you, including giving you insights into what matters to people now and where the conversations are going.

You can even see what is working for your competitors now, which is yet another way of finding out what customers are responding to. Again, SpyFu is a great tool for this — in the PPC section, you can literally see the ads your competitors are running, which ads are doing well and which ads they dropped. You can see approximately how much they paid. But something else has changed in this Digital Revolution.

Your digital marketing stuff is interactive. Anyone who comes to your site is clicking around. They are doing something with your content. You can even watch them doing it in real-time or see heat maps using Hotjar, and you can see where they came in, how long they stayed, and where they went with the SimilarWeb.

The truth is, your sites, ads, emails, and other digital efforts are functional environments, not just one-way messages. You are now marketing in partnership with your customer, who, truth be told, would be perfectly happy if you gave them the right information at the right time in their buying process, and then did exactly what you promised you would do.

That has been, and always will be, where revenue comes from. This article originally appeared on the Digital Revolution Show and has been republished with permission. Kristin Zhivago gets up every day thinking about how she can help her clients sell more. Her many adventures in business began as the first woman to sell machine-shop tools in the U. This article was written for Business 2 Community by Kristin Zhivago.

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